I cannot change my account to administrator please HELPPPP!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Administration' started by lpellerin, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. lpellerin

    lpellerin Guest

    Hello, my daughter and I share the same computer. She changed my account
    that was administrator to Standard and then clicked on this : require
    password when computer wakes. Now everytime i download something the
    download works but then the security question pops up and says i require
    a password and i have to type it below but it wont let me type it below
    because the setting : require password when computer wakes needed
    administrator account to function but now because i have standard it
    wont let me type a password. i tried changing the account type but the
    same thing happens and i tried : change settings that are curently
    unavailable and its the same! please help me because it wont let me
    download stuff for my work . thank-you
    lpellerin, Feb 23, 2009
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  2. lpellerin

    H Brown Guest

    I hate to speculate! It sounds like from first time you starting using
    Vista you setup one (1) account. That would be the admin account that you
    have set a password for that both you and your daughter know. In order for
    your daughter to change that account to a Standard user account she would
    have had to create a second admin account and then change one of them to a
    standard user account. At any rate you still have at least one admin
    account on your computer. Get with your daughter and find out what she
    changed *passwords or what ever besides "require password when computer
    wakes". Get into the admin account (maybe your daughter set her super
    secret password, get her to share it) and get the control of your computer
    back through the admin account. If someone recommends a system restore you
    better know what all the old passwords were, if in fact your daughter has
    made changes that your are unaware of or she forgot to mention .

    You need to at least give everyone here that can help some more information.
    Between you and your daughter just come up with what ,when and how things
    were changed.
    If you would provide more detail it can eliminate a lot of useless
    speculation (guess work).

    Yours is a perfect example of why even the home user using a stand alone
    machine should learn what _User Account Control_ (UCA) in Vista is all
    about, so that when the time comes you or they can reap its many benefits.
    When your above situation is sorted out , someone using this *newsgroup*
    will be happy to share the proper way you should setup (UAC) in Vista so it
    can provides the greatest benefits for you and your daughter. When its done
    right it will be like you and your daughter each have your very on computer
    and with one more, lets say for any emergence.
    H Brown, Feb 25, 2009
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  3. lpellerin

    snipersk Guest

    what shoould i do to change the account to adminstrator
    snipersk, May 28, 2009
  4. Have your daughter change the account back to an administrator.
    Michael Walraven, May 31, 2009
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