I feel like an idiot! couldn't get outlook express to work and windows mail is the same if not wors

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by DEE, Feb 11, 2010.

  1. DEE

    DEE Guest

    I cannot figure out how to get any of the e-mails to work other than yahoo,
    hotmail and my isp MSN.
    I need help PLEASE???? I keep reading all of the Q'S that I see
    others share with me yet do not know where and how to find the kind answeres
    that others must surely be sending all of us frustrated pc users out here

    of course this is surely silly even trying to send you this since every
    single thing I have tried to send have come right back undelivered. but try
    I shall.

    Thanks so much,

    DEE, Feb 11, 2010
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  2. Windows Mail doesn't support webmail, which for a long time was the
    only allowed access method for free Hotmail/MSN accounts.

    Microsoft has now enabled POP access for free Hotmail/Live/MSN accounts.
    Follow the settings given here:
    Use port 587 rather than port 25 for the SMTP server.

    Although it accepts the newer Live.com addresses, Windows Mail's
    account setup wizard is hard-coded to reject Hotmail and MSN addresses.
    To get around that, when you enter your Hotmail/MSN email address initially,
    use a fake one, such as . After the account setup is complete,
    go back and correct your email address.
    Gary VanderMolen [MVP], Feb 12, 2010
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  3. DEE

    Bob Guest

    Say what?
    Bob, Feb 12, 2010
  4. DEE

    slk759 Guest

    Dee, you managed to get an account setup for NGs so we ought to be able to
    help you with email. Follow Gary's instructions and if you get errors, copy
    and paste them into your next post and we will help you figure out how to
    correct it. Many people are using WM with Yahoo (must be a "PLUS" account),
    Hotmail, and MSN. You can too - it must just be something is not entered
    quite right and the error messages will help to diagnose.
    slk759, Feb 12, 2010
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