I have a problem with Vista - Windows Explorer keeps crashing

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by Michael, Feb 28, 2007.

  1. Michael

    pwolsty Guest

    It's not the Dell or ZipGenius that is at fault. It is definitely Vista
    I have a brand new Toshiba laptop that does this regularly
    unfortunately it also appears to be random. Following the Window
    solution from the web site is no help whatsoever because there is n
    particular file that is corrupt, and I have run disk checks and defrag
    regularly without anything being reported
    pwolsty, Jan 20, 2008
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  2. Michael

    smehaffie Guest

    Still crashes with ZipGenius (v. I did not have this issue
    until I installed SP1 for Vista. Matteo, can you please check this the
    latest version on a Vista SP1 machine. I have taken your suggestion and
    unregistered the dll and let you know what the results are.
    smehaffie, Apr 16, 2008
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  3. I am having exactly the same problem. I am using an external database that I
    am accessing through the internet - it has crashed 4 times in the last 30
    minutes - I have to reboot and start all over again. My work colleague got
    fed up with this and re-installed XP. I know nothing about computers so I
    guess its back to Circuit City! I can add this failure to the error I found
    in excel a few weeks ago that Microsoft say they are sorting with a patch -
    no too good eh!
    Windows Explorer keeps Crashing, May 8, 2008
  4. I just purchased a brand new Lenovo I-Pad about two weeks ago with Vista
    Home Premium pre-installed. It took me less than an hour after I first
    fired up my new machine for the "Windows Explorer is not responding"
    [hungapp] crashes to start. Since then, this hungapp message, followed
    by the ". . . checking for problems" and then "no (known) solutions
    found" messages have been a consistent & constant source of computing
    joy for me.

    From the various posts I've read here on the Vista Heads site and some
    other sites, including ZDNet & PC World, it sounds like Vista Home
    Premium may have some inherently faulty registry keys [????] and is
    particularly susceptible to a whole host of bugs, including "registry
    fix" malware invasions. Even those who have "stripped down" their OSs
    to the bare bones of Vista Home Prem still seem to be reporting this "W.
    E. . . not responding" problem.

    fwiw - for the time being anyway - I have run CA Internet Security
    Suite's virus and spyware scans on my system and, after I quarantined
    three problems caught with the latter scan, my system seems to be
    running a bit more smoothly. I had earlier downloaded and run RegCure
    by ParetoLogic, but that did not fix the ". . . not responding" crashes.

    Short of going back to XP or ditching my current laptop for a MacBook,
    I want to know if there are some general solutions, e.g., a list of
    known registry bugs in Home Premium, out there that newbies like me can
    refer to in case my recent CA spyware scan fixes haven't adequately
    resolved my hungapp issues.

    Thanks and good luck to everyone else out there who has been dealing
    with this "Windows Explorer is not responding" problem with their Vista
    Home Premium OSs.
    CLoweWithVistaWoes, Jun 28, 2008
  5. Michael

    Rick Rogers Guest


    As I have three Vista installs here at home that are over a year old that
    have never had an instance of WE "not responding", I can safely say that
    there is not an inherent problem with the registry settings that relate to
    it. These include 2 custom builds of my own as well as a preinstalled HP
    laptop, so it's nothing special I did other than practice safe hex.

    The single biggest cause of this problem is malware (including both
    spy/adware and viruses) that the user has allowed to be installed on the
    system. The second is incompatible software, mainly those that include shell
    enhancement features. Registry cleaners themselves are more frequently the
    cause and not the solution and can often make matters worse.

    As your installation is not that old, the easiest solution would be to
    follow Lenovo's instructions for a factory recovery and start with a clean

    "CLoweWithVistaWoes" <>
    wrote in message
    Rick Rogers, Jun 28, 2008
  6. Rick [Nutcase]:

    Thanks for your reply. You may be right about the "Windows Explorer i
    not responding" problem being caused by inadvertently installed spywar
    and malware. I say this because it seems that my CA Security spywar
    scan and fix a day or so ago has resolved this hungapp issue on m
    machine. Still, it is concerning that so many Windows Vista Hom
    Premium users have reported this problem when initially starting thei
    newly purchased computers. Does this mean that new machines like min
    are being sold to consumers with spyware and malware pre-installed?

    Thanks again for your post
    CLoweWithVistaWoes, Jun 29, 2008
  7. Michael

    Charlie Tame Guest

    If you are still around it has been my experience that add ons and
    toolbars almost all upset IE eventually. You would think Yahoo and
    Google for example should be alright, but I have found they are not. I
    suspect that this is a kind of merry go round, the toolbar is written
    and works, Microsoft update IE which breaks the relationship, Yahoo or
    whatever updates their software but breaks some other relationship and
    so it goes on.

    A lot of the stuff manufacturers put on there is designed for the
    version of Vista that ships with the machine, but of course as soon as
    you get it there will be updates, and quite likely there is some
    guideline that hasn't been followed or has had to be changed for
    security reasons between shipping and first use. Microsoft can't
    possibly know where these missed guidelines are, and the OEMs can't
    possibly predict where Microsoft will be forced to change something, so
    best to avoid add ons unless you actually do need them. Many people
    clean off OEM stuff right away.
    Charlie Tame, Jun 29, 2008
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