I have completely screwed up my Permissions/Sharing settings...HELP PLS!!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista File Management' started by RD, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. RD

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    two separate, but inter-related stories.

    1. A few months ago we had a visitor stay from Europe (I am in Perth,
    Australia) so I decided to 'hide' my files (kept on a separate D drive) so
    that IF he wanted to use my PC he wouldn't see them.

    2. Almost at the same time I decided to partition my C drive into 2 separate
    drives (creating a drive I named "W", and installed Windows 7 onto W.

    That left me with a C drive (Vista), a D Drive (files and I-tunes) and W
    drive (Win 7).

    Of course I screwed up the settings and permissions...now I - as the only
    user of this PC - cannot see my own I-Tunes folders and songs on D drive
    when I am using Win7, and when using Vista cannot access my other files
    (Word and Excel files predominately) . And when using ANY program on my
    Vista HDD, I have to run them as administrator.

    This I have done by setting permissions (from within Win7) to have "All
    Authenticated Users" be able to use my files on D Drive (and I HAD to do
    this to every folder on D Drive and EVERY file in these folders!).

    I am thinking that, when using Vista, I have to copy all I-tunes files FROM
    the D Drive and into the Public Shared folder on my C Drive and likewise,
    when I boot to my Win7 o/s, I have to copy all files (Word, Excel etc) from
    D Drive to the Public shared folder in the W Drive. Then FROM Win7 I can
    see the files in the public shared folder on W drive AND the I-tunes stuff
    in C Drive's Public Shared folder, and likewise when using Vista on C Drive
    I can see and use I-tunes stuff on the C Drive and all my other files on W
    Drive's Public Shared folder.

    Seems awfully messy.... so...IS there anyway to resolve this mess by
    'restoring" file settings/drive settings etc so no matter which operating
    system I use, I CAN access and use everything that's on my own D Drive?

    Windows7, incidentally, works like a dream! Though my Vista does too!

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

    RD, Jun 6, 2009
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