I have the same problem with Toshiba Satellite 5205-s705

Discussion in 'Windows Media Center' started by Stylianos, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. Stylianos

    Stylianos Guest

    the tuner work for 1 week and then stop and i am getting the video
    I used the recovery cd and restored the system but nothing.I contacted
    toshiba support but they were unable to give me a solution and they
    want me to send them back the notebook to fixed it.Tey said its
    harware failure.

    Pls reply me as soon as possible if you found a solution with this
    because isnt a solution to send back the notebook because i really
    need it for the university.

    I am angry and desperated i paid 2500 for this machine ,for one

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    Stylianos, Sep 17, 2003
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  2. Stylianos

    Jeff Griffin Guest

    Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling your MPEG2 decoder software. If
    this does not work try uninstalling and reinstalling the tuner card.

    Jeff Griffin
    Jeff Griffin, Sep 17, 2003
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