I just want my pictures left exactly the way i want them - obviously!

Discussion in 'Windows Live Mail' started by JethroUK©, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. JethroUK©

    JethroUK© Guest

    When inserting pictures in email, WLM randomly enters this 'picture editing
    mode' and screws up my whole email & it's driving me insane - Is there
    anyway i can blow up the world so it can never happen again?

    I just want my pictures left exactly the way i want them - obviously!
    JethroUK©, Sep 20, 2008
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  2. If you want to send an exact copy of the picture, you need to use
    Insert, File As Attachment. But then you won't be able to mix the
    pictures in with the text.

    If you use Insert, Image into an HTML message, WLM is going to modify
    the file that is sent into what it thinks is best.
    Michael Santovec, Sep 20, 2008
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  3. JethroUK©

    .Chris Guest

    more like what microsoft thinks its best.

    I dont understand microsoft's problem with the live service. We tell them
    what we want, they do half the job and go a whole different direction in the
    next wave. We wanted the live services to look and fell like vista, we got
    that sort of, now we are going a whole new direction with bakgrounds that
    look like they are aimed at 13 year olds and nothing matches vista.

    Though they do match windows 7. but still..
    .Chris, Sep 21, 2008
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