I keep losing restore points!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by TGL, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. TGL

    TGL Guest

    For about a month now,I have been losing restore points every 2-3 days
    I am set up for automatic Windows Updates and any restore points tha
    appear over a 2-3 day period completely disappear after that period-(
    can only hold restore points for 2-3 days in other words). I do hav
    plenty of storage left on my hard drive-243 GB free,so I have plenty o
    room on my hard drive. I use to retain at least a whole month's worth o
    dozens of restore points,but now I can only retain 2-3 days worth.
    wonder if it could have something to do with Norton Internet Security-
    activated the 60 day trial about a month ago on my laptop computer an
    it seems like my system restore points have only been disappearing sinc
    I activated the trial. But,the same thing happened with my Window
    Update History about 2 months ago-I had completely lost my updat
    history,but that was before Norton Internet Security

    When I go to System Restore after the 2-3 day period,the syste
    restore window says that no system restore points have been created o
    your disc-something to that effect. I do receive Windows Updates almos
    on a daily basis,so I know that I receive restore points almos
    everyday. I check system restore everyday and there is always restor
    points,but any restore points that I receive disappear usually after
    days. Also,that box that you check to see system restore points olde
    than 5 days is no longer on the system restore window. I'm open to an
    suggestions. Don't be afraid to get too technical with me

    Thank You in Advanc
    TGL, Jan 20, 2009
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  2. TGL

    Rick Rogers Guest


    Did you install SP1 two months ago? That would account for removal of older
    restore points at that point.

    Otherwise, it sounds to me like you've already identified the cause of the
    problem. Open a case with Symantec support.
    Rick Rogers, Jan 20, 2009
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  3. TGL

    Brink Guest

    Hello TGL

    Do you dual boot with XP by chance


    You may also need to adjust the maximum disk space usage for Syste
    Restore to a higher size to allow for more restore points to be store


    Hope this helps


    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not as
    '*Windows 7 Forums*
    (http://www.sevenforums.com/) *and* '*::Vista Forums::*
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Jan 20, 2009
  4. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Thanks for your reply Brink

    No,I don't dual boot with XP

    But,I checked out the tutorial on adjusting the maximum disc space fo
    System Restore as you suggested. And,I pulled up the command promp
    window that states the Used,Allocated,and Maximum Shadow Copy Storag
    space and here's what I got

    Used Shadow Storage space: 430.547 M

    Allocated Shadow Copy Storage space: 2.441 G

    Maximum Shadow Copy Storage space: 43.076 G

    I think that my Maximum Shadow Copy Storage is big enough. I did try t
    increase it to 150 GB by following the instructions,but the comman
    prompt window said: (Error: Invalid Command) when I did that. As
    stated earlier,I have 243 GB free on my C hard drive and I have use
    only about 43 GB which corresponds to the Maximum Shadow Storage Spac
    stated above

    Could there be some type of registry error or could Norton Interne
    Security be the cause for me losing restore points?

    Is there a way I can repair system restore so that it will wor

    Thank You
    TGL, Jan 20, 2009
  5. TGL

    Mike Torello Guest

    If you're using a third-party defragger, that may well be the problem.

    Are you?
    Mike Torello, Jan 20, 2009
  6. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Thanks Mike

    No,I am not using a 3rd party defraggmenter.

    Thank You,
    TGL, Jan 20, 2009
  7. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Thanks Mike

    No,I am not using a 3rd party defraggmenter

    Thanks Anyway
    TGL, Jan 20, 2009
  8. TGL

    Brink Guest


    That would certainly be large enough to hold more than a few restor

    Did you use Disk Cleanup by any chance and cleaned out the restor
    points that way un the "More Options" tab, or any other disk cleanu
    type program that has the option to clean restore points on a schedule


    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not as
    '*Windows 7 Forums*
    (http://www.sevenforums.com/) *and* '*::Vista Forums::*
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Jan 20, 2009
  9. TGL

    TGL Guest


    No,I haven't used Disc Cleanup or any other disc cleanup program tha
    would clean restore points. I do occasionally,once a month,use Ascentiv
    PC SpeedScan Pro to check my computer for errors,but I have found tha
    when I do the scan and/or fix the errors that it has found,it hasn't ha
    any affect on system restore points. The Ascentive Software comes fro
    finallyfast.com-I saw the commercial and went online to purchase it i
    October-I've only been having a problem with restore points for only
    month now,so,if the Ascentive software caused me to lose restor
    points,it would have done it back in October and November

    The reason I felt the need to purchase the Ascentive software i
    because back in October(October 15th to be exact),my laptop's scree
    became black with a mouse cursor in the middle of it that would mov
    after automatic installation of 5 Windows Updates. After that,I turne
    the computer off and then turned it on and I was presented with th
    screen that said Launch Startup Repair or Start Windows Normally and i
    said something to the effect that my computer has been damaged o
    something. To make a long story short(I'll try),I called Gateway tec
    support after launching startup repair and trying to start window
    normally-they failed and my computer kept rebooting over and over agai
    trying to repair itself to no avail,but anyway,Gateway tech rep. took m
    through most of the F8 options: system restore,last goo
    configuration,etc. and none of those worked(my computer would not star
    up or take me to the logon screen) and what I was left with was ful
    factory recovery or recovery with automatic data backup,and I chos
    recovery with automatic data backup even though Gateway told me t
    choose full factory recovery because I had never backed up any of m
    files prior to my computer failing,so I had no choice and nothing t
    lose. If I would have chose full factory recovery,I would have los

    Since doing the recovery with automatic data backup,I have had man
    problems with my computer that have mostly been fixed. For 2 month
    after doing the recovery with backup my computer had blue screens,wa
    freezing constantly,losing Windows Update History even though I had se
    it up for updates after the recovery with backup,and most importantly m
    computer was doing an automatic disc check about everytime I turned o
    my computer-The screen would say "Checking file system on C,One of you
    discs needs to be checked for consistency." Then it would proceed t
    recover orphaned and lost files,delete corrupted files,something wit
    bad sectors and on and on. But,it doesn't do any of this anymore afte
    doing a complete disc check on December 9th-it went through all 5 stage
    and that nicked these problems in the bud-no more freezing,blu
    screens,automatic disc checks etc-a Gateway tech had me do the full dis
    check-it took 2-3 hours to do that. But,the only problem I am havin
    right now is with the system restore and occasionally internet explore
    stops responding,but that's about it

    I do believe there's some lingering corrupted and lost files issue
    because I ran the full disc check a couple of weeks ago,and the scree
    during the disc check is still showing that it is recovering lost file
    and deleted corrupted files,etc. And I just ran a scan with th
    Ascentive software yesterday,and it says that I have 8 Class errors,
    Missing Shared files errors,and 15 Invalid File extension errors. I hav
    not clicked the button to fix the errors yet,though. What all thi
    could mean?-I don't know. Maybe,there are missing files or registr
    errors(Class errors) that could be causing me to lose restore points-
    don't know. What do you think? I do have all my old preOctober 15t
    program and window files in my C backup folder from doing the recover
    with automatic data backup,so I might could replace the system restor
    program or repair it with a corresponding file in that C backup folder
    I was able to do that with the SensApi(system 32 file) that was causin
    problems-I was getting a popup error screen saying that there was a
    error with the SensApi file and I deleted that file and replaced it wit
    the exact system 32 file in my C backup folder,and it fixed it-no more
    pesky SensApi error screens! Could I do something like that with the
    system restore program that is not working correctly? Could I replace
    some of the System Restore files with the same corresponding files that
    I have in my C backup folder like I did with the SensApi file?

    Thank You,
    TGL, Jan 21, 2009
  10. TGL

    Max Goldman Guest

    And all the problems you had since then probably would not have
    Max Goldman, Jan 21, 2009
  11. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Max Goldman

    Do you work for Gateway?:sarc: I get the feeling that you do or yo
    know someone who does? Look,I had very important files on my computer.
    had NO CHOICE but to do the recovery with automatic dat
    option,besides,in the Gateway Starter Guide,it says that the recover
    with automatic data backup is (recommended). I was told by a phon
    Gateway tech that the only reason they tell people over the phone to d
    the full factory recovery is because people have trouble opening thei
    personal files afterwards-THAT'S THE ONLY REASON!-that's exactly what
    Gateway tech told me. They even said the words,"that's the only reason"
    But,I had no problems opening up any of my files because the files I ha
    on my computer were only associated with the programs that come on m
    computer-NO PROBLEMS THERE

    Besides,who's to say that the recovery with automatic data backup i
    the cause for the problems that I have had anyway? Who are you to sa
    that,huh? What do you know about the recovery with automatic data backu
    option? The full factory recovery and recovery with automatic dat
    backup both install a new copy of Windows and the copy of Windows come
    from the same source: D recovery partition.O.K. Anyway,I was told by
    few Gateway techs that my hard drive may be failing or there might be
    problem with the motherboard or memory because the restore wit
    automatic data backup installs a new copy of Windows,they even asked m
    if I had anything connected to my computer when I was doing the recover
    with automatic data backup because that can cause problems afterwards
    Anyway,they said I shouldn't be having trouble after doing the recover
    with backup. But,before I send it in for repair or do a full factor
    recovery after backing everything up on to DVDs,I would just like to se
    if I could repair the system restore program-that's basically the onl
    problem I'm having now,get it
    You know what? The recovery with backup option has done me some good,a
    I mentioned,I was able to replace the SensApi(System 32) file with th
    same exact file that I had in my C backup folder-that solved those pesk
    error screens that I had mentioned

    Max,look,if all you were going to do is blame me for my compute
    problems,why did you even bother posting?:mad

    I'd appreciate it,if someone really wants to help me,please do not mak
    remarks like Max Goldman just did-don't blame me for my compute
    problems,what has been done has been done! Let it be,thank you! I have
    few more choice words for him,but I am not going to say them her
    because I really need help and I don't want my posts to be deleted.

    Any help is appreciated(No Blame Game,Please)

    TGL, Jan 21, 2009
  12. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Max Goldman

    It's people like you who make people afraid to ask questions on thes
    forums. People come here for help and not to be treated like you jus
    treated me. If you can't offer help,don't post

    TGL, Jan 21, 2009
  13. TGL

    TGL Guest


    I'm still here open to suggestions about fixing system restore(I'
    still losing restore points). I may have done something wrong with m
    computer that's caused this,but there's nothing I can do about it now
    What has been done has been done,and,unfortunately,you can't choose
    restore point in real life and go back to a previous point in time t
    undo something you did. If only that were true

    TGL, Jan 21, 2009
  14. TGL

    Larry Crites Guest

    Why would you receive updates every day? Also, you don't receive restore
    Larry Crites, Jan 21, 2009
  15. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Actually I do "accrue" restore points on most days,at least every othe
    day from automatic Windows updates. See,when Windows updates ar
    installed,a restore point is created under system restore right befor
    it is installed. My computer is fairly new,I purchased it in May 2008
    Since I had to do the recovery with automatic data backup in October du
    to my computer failing,I have had a lot of Windows Updates to make u
    for. You lose all of your Windows Updates when you do that. In the mont
    of December,Windows updates were installed almost on a daily basis
    And,since December I have not been able to retain system restore point
    for no longer than 2-3 days at a time. Before that,I would retain syte
    restore points for a month or more-I'm talking about like 30-40 restor
    points that would be retained under system restore. Now I can't eve
    hold on to one or 2 restore points even though I have 242 GB free on m
    hard drive-makes no sense

    Today,I have restore points listed under system restore,but in 2 day
    when I check system restore,those restore points will be gone and th
    system restore screen will say,"No restore points have been created o
    your computer's system disc."-that's almost exactly what it says-It'
    been doing this since December

    TGL, Jan 21, 2009
  16. TGL

    Kotuku Guest

    Turn off System restore. Purchase Rollback Rx and everything will be
    sweet and you will NEVER get into hassles again. And no, I have no
    alegience to Rollback <smile>. It just saved me countless times, as I
    have a problem where Restore points are not being created at all (as
    many others are also having the same problem).

    Kotuku, Jan 21, 2009
  17. TGL

    nomadic Guest

    probably not the cause but worth checking that Volume Shadow Copy i
    set to automatic.
    click "Start" and in "Start Search" type services.msc. That will ope
    the list of services and you can check it there.
    Had a similar problem and found that Volume Shadow copy was set t
    manual. Setting it to automatic sorted my problem.
    nomadic, Jan 22, 2009
  18. TGL

    Mike Guest

    TGL.Do you have an external usb hard drive?
    If your data is that crucial,I would recommend it.They are cheap enough.

    Just a suggestion,for a little cash,you can have allot of peace of mind.

    I would just back up all of my data on an external drive,and do a complete
    system restore.Your computer should be factory fresh after this.
    Mike, Jan 23, 2009
  19. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Thanks Mike

    I probably will have to do a full factory restore because Gateway tol
    me that in order to weed out whether or not there is some type o
    hardware failure,I need to do the full factory restore. My 1 yea
    warranty ends in May. They said that if my computer is still messed u
    after the full factory restore,they'll know that my computer had som
    type of hardware failure. I did puchase an extended 2 year warrant
    plan,so I can put it off for a while. (Really,the only thing that i
    wrong with it is system restore). I would just like to get that workin
    beforehand in case a problem arises before I do the full factor

    I just dread the whole thing of backing up all my files and the
    redownloading programs like Picasa 3 etc. and then restoring all th
    files that I backed up and hoping that I will be able to open them

    One thing that I am concerned about though is,I went to the Microsof
    website a few weeks ago and went to the compare keys part of the websit
    where they read your product key off your computer. Well,the last
    digits of the product key they were showing for my computer was not th
    same last 5 digits shown on the product key sticker on the bottom of m
    laptop. The last 5 digits did not match the last 5 digits of my produc
    key. So,I followed their instructions to update my product key:
    right-clicked Computer,clicked Properties,clicked Change Product Key,an
    then entered the product key listed on the sticker on the bottom of m
    computer. And after that,I clicked the Validate Windows button on thei
    website and now when I go on there,it is showing the correct last
    digits of my product key.

    But,is this going to pose a problem,(the fact that I changed my produc
    key on my computer),when I do the full factory restore or a clea
    installation with the operating system disc I received from Gateway
    Obviously,based on what Microsoft was telling me,the product key on th
    motherboard of my computer was different from the product key listed o
    the sticker on the bottom of my computer. When I do a full factor
    restore,will it take me back to my old product key that was on th
    motherboard when I received my computer? Or,when I changed my produc
    key to the one that is on the sticker on the bottom of my laptop,di
    that change the product key on the motherboard

    TGL, Jan 23, 2009
  20. TGL

    Brink Guest


    When you do the factory restore, it will use the product key that yo
    had originally instead. You will need to change your product key to th
    one you have again afterwards if you do not want to use the origina
    one. You would use the same way to do so. :


    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not as
    '*Windows 7 Forums*
    (http://www.sevenforums.com/) *and* '*::Vista Forums::*
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Jan 23, 2009
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