I keep losing restore points!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Performance' started by TGL, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. TGL

    TGL Guest


    Do you know where the original product key might be located in my
    computer(the product key that Microsoft compare keys was showing that I
    had)? I mean,what file would it be listed under? Microsoft compare keys
    only showed me the last 5 digits which was different from the last 5
    digits located on the product key sticker on the bottom of my computer.
    I'm just afraid I might need the original product key that is located on
    the motherboard of my computer for some reason. Because I may perform a
    clean install using the operating system disc that came with my computer
    instead of using the full factory recovery option that's available on my
    computer-would I need it to do that? I think it is weird that the
    product key on the sticker of my computer is different from the one that
    Microsoft compare keys was reading from my computer. Was it probably a
    mistake made by the computer manufacturer?

    TGL, Jan 23, 2009
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  2. TGL

    Brink Guest


    You can use the program in this tutorial to find out what your curren
    product key number being used is


    Your original product key number that came with your OEM computer woul
    be the one on the sticker though


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    Brink, Jan 23, 2009
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  3. TGL

    Mike Guest

    Mike, Jan 24, 2009
  4. TGL

    TGL Guest


    It's 2 weeks later and I am still having problems with system restore.
    Today,there were 6 restore points created today due to Windows Updates
    and I manually created a few and they all disappeared shortly after
    being created(These restore points were created at different times today
    and they all one by one disappeared shortly after being created). When I
    check system restore about an hour or so after a restore point has been
    created,the system restore screen says,"No system restore points have
    been created on your computer system's disc."

    I performed a google search on how to reinstall system restore and I
    could only find instructions on how to reinstall it on Windows XP. The
    instructions say to go to the Inf files under the Windows files and the
    file is called sr.inf and you are suppose to right click it and click
    install. Well,I could not find that particular file,but I did find the
    sti.inf file-Is that what it is called in Windows Vista?

    I'm ready to just reinstall system restore-I just need to know where
    the file is located in Windows Vista.

    TGL, Feb 13, 2009
  5. TGL

    Rick Rogers Guest


    There is no reinstalling System Restore, it's an integrated part of the
    system. You can only turn it on or off, and that might be your first step.
    Turn it off, reboot and delete the existing System Volume Information folder
    on the root of the drive, then turn it back on. A corrupt index or folder
    could be causing the issue you're having.

    Other possible causes include dual booting with XP, as when it's booted on
    the same system it will destroy and Vista restore points even if that volume
    is not being monitored. Certain AV application settings have also been shown
    to conflict with the creation of restore points.

    If the above steps don't help, then next we need to see how much space is
    being allocated, please post back for additional instructions.
    Rick Rogers, Feb 13, 2009
  6. TGL

    Vistanoob Guest

    Hi, read the post because I am also having problems with vanishing restore

    No dual boot or Norton products. I am running Acronis TrueImage.

    To follow the directions below: where is the System Volume Information
    folder? I don't see anything like that in c:\.

    Vistanoob, Feb 14, 2009
  7. TGL

    Mike Torello Guest

    That won't cause your system to drop restore points.
    It's a hidden system file. You need to enable showing hidden files.

    Mike Torello, Feb 14, 2009
  8. TGL

    Rick Rogers Guest

    Control Panel/Folder Options/View tab,

    Uncheck "Hide protected operating system files"
    Check the option to show hidden files.

    You should then be able to see it.

    Rick Rogers, Feb 14, 2009
  9. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Rick(It's me-TGL,I started this forum in Vista Forums),

    I did turn off system restore and followed your steps,but when I tried to
    delete the System Volume Information,I did not succeed because it did not
    show up in the recycle bin and it is still listed under the partition C
    folders(everything is still there).
    When I right-click the folder and then click delete,it says,"Are you sure
    you want to move this folder to the recycle bin?",then I click Yes and when I
    check the recycle bin,the System Volume Information folder is not there and
    it is still listed as a folder under Partition C.

    Also,I don't dual boot with XP. As for AV application settings,I don't know.
    What is AV applications? I do have Norton Internet Security and I do know
    that system restore has been messed up ever since I activated the Norton 60
    day trial in December-could that be the cause?

    But,I did turn system restore off and turned it back on again and restore
    points are still disappearing. Actually,I don't believe restore points are
    being created for Windows Updates anymore,because I check right after updates
    are installed and no restore points are appearing for the Windows Updates.

    TGL, Feb 15, 2009
  10. TGL

    Malke Guest

    I'm not Rick but I don't think he'll mind me popping in. Yes, your issues
    can be caused by the Norton software. To be sure, uninstall Norton
    entirely. If your computer is not behind a router but is connected directly
    to a cable/DSL modem, disconnect the ethernet cable first so you aren't on
    the Internet. If you're behind a router, you'll be fine for now - just
    don't go surfing.

    Once Norton 360 is completely uninstalled (and to be sure, run the Norton
    removal tool after doing the normal uninstall from Control Panel>Programs
    and Features) and you have rebooted, test System Restore and see what
    happens. If it works, then all you need to do is replace the awful Norton
    software with a better antivirus. Frankly, I would do this in any case. I
    recommend NOD32 (commercial) or Avast (free version).

    Norton Removal Tool -

    Malke, Feb 15, 2009
  11. TGL

    Vistanoob Guest

    Same problem as TGL - cannot delete System Volume Information folder either.

    I tried running Windows Explorer as admin - same result - and I can't see
    the folder in a command prompt.

    Any suggestions?
    Vistanoob, Feb 18, 2009
  12. TGL

    TGL Guest

    Update:I have been able to keep restore points for over a month now! :)

    I was correct in my assumption that Norton Internet Security was
    deleting my restore points. I read in another forum/thread that you need
    to turn off the protection for Norton products. I did so by going to the
    Norton Internet Security Online Options window and I cleared the
    checkbox where it says,"Turn on protection for Norton products
    [recommended]",and ever since then,for a whole month,I have been able to
    keep all of my restore points except for the first few since system
    restore is setup to use only about 40gbs of my harddrive space.

    :confused: But,it is probably not a good thing though,because since I
    turned off the protection for Norton products,the Norton software is
    vulnerable to hackers and unauthorized changes to Norton files and
    settings or so it says. I'll try to figure out a way around this. I
    guess Norton views system restore points as threats because restoring to
    an earlier restore point might cause your computer to become reinfected
    which will,in turn,cause unauthorized changes to the files and
    settings,I guess. I'll see if I can alter how it views system restore
    files-I'll go to the Norton site and see what it says about it.

    But,thanks a lot everybody for responding to my posts! I really
    appreciate the help!

    I still have other problems with my computer that I will address in
    other threads if I can't figure them out myself:

    :eek: For the past 3 months,occasionally,my Windows Explorer and
    Internet Explorer Windows have become black,distorted and/or
    nonresponsive and I end up just having to restart my computer,and if I
    let it go long enough,it spreads to the taskbar items and startmenu
    also. I'm going to try downloading Internet Explorer 8 and see if that
    fixes the problem. Plus,I have lost Windows Update History twice since I
    done the recovery with automatic data backup in October,but I can still
    find all of the windows updates under installed updates. Also,my laptop
    occassionally fails to read a disc it has burned. My laptop's warranty
    ends on May 10th and in addition to the problems I have mentioned in
    this thread,I have already had 2 batteries and an adaptor replaced
    because battery indicator in taskbar stated that it was "plugged in,not
    charging" and this would result in my computer shutting down. And,to top
    it off,the fan had to be replaced in February and this all happened in
    the first 9 months of having my laptop. I'm hoping none of these
    problems are due to motherboard or hard drive issues. My hard drive does
    make a sizzling type a noise which may be normal-I don't know?

    But,anyway,hopefully,I have helped someone with Norton Internet
    Security who is losing restore points. All you do is,just turn off
    protection for Norton products and that should stop it from deleting
    restore points.

    TGL, Apr 20, 2009
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