I meant RC2 Build 5744 is the last build unless ms find more bugs before the RTM build and gold vers

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by Drew, Oct 12, 2006.

  1. Drew

    Drew Guest

    Drew, Oct 12, 2006
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  2. Drew

    Tom Ziegmann Guest

    Can you please stop putting everything in the subject line. It's really hard
    to read it that way. CPP will not be getting anymore builds. RTM and the
    Gold build are the exact same thing and it is not being released to CPP.
    TechBeta was told also that RC2 was the last externally available release
    Tom Ziegmann, Oct 12, 2006
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  3. Drew

    Intel Inside Guest

    Intel Inside, Oct 12, 2006
  4. Drew

    humphry Guest

    If RTM is like RC2, then RIP MS!

    humphry, Oct 12, 2006
  5. Drew

    BillD Guest

    it's not the last build, but the last public build. On every day Microsoft
    releases a new internal build
    BillD, Oct 12, 2006
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