I messed up Vista. Won't boot. Windows boot manager error.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Installation' started by brjoon1021, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. brjoon1021

    brjoon1021 Guest

    I have an HP Pavilion laptop with Vista 64 and a recovery partition for
    the OS and drivers. I set out to dual boot Linux and Vista on this
    laptop and everything went badly. I used a Linux LiveCD to:
    1. resize Vista - did not know that this was a problem. Did it many
    times to XP.
    2. I deleted the recovery partion after I burned the recovery Disks.
    3. I made a small 750MB partition before Vista where I want to place
    GRUB for the dual-boot. Maybe this step messed up the Vista bootloader ?
    4. So, now I have a small ext2 Linux partition of 750 MB, followed by a
    large NTFS partition where the dead but supposedly intact Vista lies
    sick, followed by a 35 GB Linux partition where I want to put Ubuntu.

    I am not sure which step first made Vista unbootable - the resize or
    the placement of a partition in front of it. After resizing Vista and
    partitioning, I did use a Linux LiveCD to check the Vista partition and
    I found it to be fine as far as data integrity is concerned. I could
    explore all of my files and folders. *** So, up until now, the data was
    safe, I had not tried to boot Vista, but I suppose that it was already
    unbootable due to one or all of the steps taken *** It gets worse.... I
    then began the recovery process by using the recovery DVDs that I
    burned. After booting the recovery Disk 1, the display said "loading
    files". This went on for long enough that I became concerned and
    shutdown the laptop for fear that it was Installing the recovery OS and
    drivers without asking me whether I had data that I wanted to retrieve.
    This is important: I never got to the selection screen of the Vista
    recovery disk, the process was halted at loading files. HP tech support
    assures me that the data has not been erased. But...

    The problems now are:
    1. Vista won't boot. I get a Windows Boot Manager error screen that
    implies that \windows\system32\winload.exe can't be found. * I imagine
    that either the resizing or shutting down of the recovery disk caused
    2. I have tried every Linux LiveCD that I have and I can't mount that
    partition to check the data now. I WAS able to do so before the recovery
    sequence began. The error message tells me that the partition was
    shutdown improperly and seems to imply that it is scheduled to do
    something and therefore can't be mounted. I am given the option to force
    mount but that sounds hazardous to me. I want to repeat that HP tech
    support said the data is still there because I did not get past "loading
    files". - I just have not found a way to get to it.

    3. HP tech support thought that they could help me entirely if I could
    get a DOS prompt. He kept having me try tapping f8 during bootup to get
    a command prompt. We could not get that. We just had the same Windows
    Boot Manager error come up over and over again. I don't know what he was
    going to do but he thought that it would be game over and victory if we
    could get the prompt.
    *** I am just looking for a fix. Ideally, I would like to get this
    installation bootable again. If not possible, I would like to at least
    rescue the data. HP is sending me a special recovery disk in the mail.
    It should be able to help recover data - should - but I don't trust it.
    The tech on the phone sounded dicey about it. I think that it only
    recovers sytem files and folders not my files and folders - the ones I
    care about.


    brjoon1021, Sep 23, 2008
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  2. brjoon1021

    Peter Foldes Guest

    Did you try Knopix
    Peter Foldes, Sep 24, 2008
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  3. brjoon1021

    Fuzawuza Guest

    First consider the repair disks you made, have a look at the files on
    them on another computer. either you may just have your data on there
    which you can ascess in which case just copy it off, or if there is only
    1-3 files on each disk its an image backup. if its an image backup you
    need to work out how large the total image is i.e add if youve used
    multiple dvds, or you can add up the sizes of the image files on the
    basically the backup youve made if you think its large enough to cover
    all of the data stored on the disk then it probably has your data.

    Aso if you used the windwos backup utility that backs up everything.

    failing that:
    Ok to get the vista build to boot again you need a vista x64 disk, boot
    of this and before the install there is a repair option this sould sort
    the vista install out and make it bootable again, depending on how
    serious it is it may just have to repair the BCD file or a complete
    install but. if its a repair it will only overite the original vista
    files leaving your original file system in tact. If there is nothing to
    repair ie your file system has been corrupted youl need software like
    r-studio wihich will
    allow you to recover the data if you plug the disk into another
    Fuzawuza, Sep 25, 2008
  4. brjoon1021

    John Barnes Guest

    Do you have any disk with the command prompt on it? Maybe an old XP disk
    you can use the Recovery Console. If you can get to a command prompt, you
    should be able to reach the startup process if you make the Vista partition
    the active partition.
    John Barnes, Sep 25, 2008
  5. brjoon1021

    pooch Guest

    pooch, Sep 28, 2008
  6. brjoon1021

    SIW2 Guest


    There is something similar when using gparted - this tutorial says

    "First make sure that you have a bootable Windows Vista installation
    DVD, as you will be unable to use your computer if you don't."

    'Using GParted to Resize Your Windows Vista Partition :: the How-To

    As you don't have the install dvd, you may be able to use recovery disc
    you can create using this tutorial instead


    Hope it helps

    SIW2, Sep 28, 2008
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