I miss Zone Alarm

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Security' started by Walter_Slipperman, Feb 9, 2008.

  1. I am running Vista Home Premium 64 and there is no 64 bit version of Zone
    Alarm so I am depending upon the Windows Firewall instead. It may be a
    safer product than Zone Alarm. I have no way to know. But I miss Zone Alarm
    because I could always see when something was initially trying to send data
    out of my computer. With Zone Alarm during or directly after installing an
    app I would get a pop up message from ZA asking me if I wanted to let a
    specific app go out through the fire wall. Maybe I have something set up
    wrong with the Windows Firewall but I don't recollect that I have seen this
    with the WF. When I go to the WF window it says that it is turned on.

    Plus I am confused how to understand the Exceptions list. I don't see all
    the applications that I have installed on my computer that I would normally
    see in ZA. In fact I don't see most of the apps, including some that I know
    go out to do autochecking for updates.

    Plus when I look in the exceptions list I see that Skype is unchecked but
    Skype does work. So what does the check mean?

    Walter_Slipperman, Feb 9, 2008
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  2. Why would anyone want to put crap like ZA on a 64-bit machine?
    Well, if you don't know, then why even consider installing ZA in the
    first place?
    Ahhh.. you miss that good nice feeling of being in control...
    Yes, it would. Now, please explain how this is in any way security
    The Vista firewall wisely doesn't try to copy the stupid behavior of
    3rd party firewalls.
    That's because you don't understand what exceptions mean. Your brain
    has been badly influenced by the so called "outbound control" feature
    of ZA.
    Of course.
    It means that Skype is not allowed to receive incoming connections.
    That doesn't prevent Skype from working in any way.

    Now, how can you expect to gain any security from installing a crappy
    packet filter like ZA when you don't understand networking in the
    first place?
    Straight Talk, Feb 9, 2008
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  3. Walter_Slipperman

    Brink Guest

    Hi Walter

    COMODO Firewall is a great free program. You might give it a go an
    see how you like it.

    'Free Firewall Protection Software Best Firewall Computer Security Fre
    Personal Firewall

    See these leak test results on firewall programs to help determine wha
    is best for you

    'Leak-tests results - matousec.com



    *There are no dumb questions, just the people that do not ask them.*
    '*Vista Forums*
    *Please post feedback to help others.*
    Brink, Feb 9, 2008
  4. Walter_Slipperman

    C.B. Guest


    Try Comodo. It's free.

    C.B., Feb 9, 2008
  5. Walter_Slipperman

    Kayman Guest

    You are not going to find anything better than the Vista FW and Vista in
    itself due to the advanced features the FW and Vista are using.

    "Personal Firewalls" are mostly snake-oil.

    Jesper's Blogs-
    At Least This Snake Oil Is Free.
    Windows Firewall: the best new security feature in Vista?

    Exploring The Windows Firewall.
    "If you try to block outbound connections from a computer that’s already
    compromised, how can you be sure that the computer is really doing what you
    ask? The answer: you can’t. Outbound protection is security theater—it’s a
    gimmick that only gives the impression of improving your security without
    doing anything that actually does improve your security. This is why
    outbound protection didn’t exist in the Windows XP firewall and why it
    doesn’t exist in the Windows Vista™ firewall."

    Vista Firewall Control.
    Protects your applications from undesirable network incoming and outgoing
    activity, controls applications internet access.
    Kayman, Feb 9, 2008
  6. Walter_Slipperman

    Kayman Guest

    And since you're so concerned about outbound traffic, this may assist also:

    Tap into the Vista firewall's advanced configuration features

    "...once you discover the secret of accessing its advanced configuration
    settings via the MMC snap-in, you'll find it to be far more configurable
    and functional. At last, Windows comes with a sophisticated personal
    firewall that can be used to set up outbound rules as well as inbound,
    with the ability to customize rules to fit your precise needs."
    Kayman, Feb 9, 2008
  7. Sure. Replace one broken concept with another.
    Most crap is.
    Straight Talk, Feb 9, 2008
  8. Walter_Slipperman

    Kayman Guest

    On Sat, 9 Feb 2008 16:49:35 -0600, Brink wrote:

    Firewall LeakTesting.
    Leo: So the leaktest is kind of pointless.
    Steve: Well, yes, that's the problem is...
    Steve: Well, it's why I have not taken the trouble to update mine, because
    Leo: You just can't test enough.
    Steve: Well, yeah...
    Read the entire conversation and be "astonished" and "educated" :)
    Kayman, Feb 9, 2008
  9. I'm downloading it and installing it now. Should I eventually go into
    Vista's Windows Firewall and turn it off?

    - Walter
    Walter_Slipperman, Feb 10, 2008
  10. coincidentally I recently listened to that podcast. I've probably heard
    about 25% of the shows that Leo and Steve Gibson have done since they
    started doing them and that was one of them. I don't kow what to make of
    the leaktest stuff. From another posting I see that the Comodo firewall
    appears to do the best job but I take from the podcast that the exploits
    could be configurable so just because Comodo can block an exploit it doesn't
    mean that it would catch it if the exploit was slightly tweaked, which it
    would be. But I'll still install it and give it a try, knowing that it
    might not make my machine any more secure.

    BTW, I just listened to the latest Security Now #130 and heard about the
    "banking trojans". Wow.
    Walter_Slipperman, Feb 10, 2008
  11. Walter_Slipperman

    Paul Smith Guest

    For everyone's benefit....

    Take everything Steve Gibson says with a pinch of salt, above all else he's
    a journalist and not a "researcher". Anybody who has predicted the death of
    the internet so many times, and been wrong doesn't have all screws fully

    Paul Smith,
    Yeovil, UK.
    Microsoft MVP Windows Shell/User.

    *Remove nospam. to reply by e-mail*
    Paul Smith, Feb 10, 2008
  12. Walter_Slipperman

    Kayman Guest

    On Sun, 10 Feb 2008 23:39:24 -0000, Paul Smith wrote:

    Quite right! It must have caused him (Steve) some 'agony' basically
    admitting that outbound traffic features in fw are next to useless. Pity
    that others (inexperienced users) are still blinded by all the marketing
    hype, oh well. At least the makers of Kerio fw have admitted that the
    feature is not worth having.
    Kayman, Feb 11, 2008
  13. Walter_Slipperman

    Ray Guest

    From what I read of his podcast transcription, his point seems to be
    that there are so many ways around an outbound traffic filter that it's
    not worth bothering. Is that the general idea?
    Ray, Feb 11, 2008
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