I must be doing something wrong because vista WORKS for me!

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by vistamagic, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. vistamagic

    vistamagic Guest

    I have been fed up with all these Vista Naysayers whining about Vista,
    that its not good.. well I am here to tell them all that they are all
    wrong because I tested it!

    Here is how I did it:

    I did a fresh install of vista on a $3000 machine,
    I then updated everything, but was careful to not install anything else.

    Then went to the screensaver and power settings and disabled everything
    so that the computer would be on all the time...

    Just to be sure I unplugged the network cable too!

    then I pointed my webcam that I have on my laptop to record that
    computers activity...

    After 1 whole week nothing has happened to vista! Its still there
    running! I CALL THAT ROCK SOLID!!!!

    I dont allow anyone near it in order to not disrupt my test!

    I guess thats a big blow to all those stupid vista bashers.. THEY KNOW

    Oh I love you vista.. sliced bread now is second in my choice of best
    things in the world!
    vistamagic, Jan 12, 2008
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  2. vistamagic

    Ron O'Brien Guest

    You are not alone, I did a fresh install on a rather aging PC by today's
    standards (AMD 64 FX53 2 gig RAM ASUS A8V deluxe mobo) and it has been a
    huge improvement on XP Pro.
    My only gripe is that my beloved Winfax software won't work and then there's
    the well documented moan about copying and deleting times and the fact that
    Winmail likes to show me the rotating blue circle for several seconds before
    the program fully opens (but it makes a changed from seeing an hourglass!).
    Having said that, I never used Outlook Express in XP to know if that would
    have been in the same in XP.

    Of course I'm only a couple of weeks into Vista, so lots that may go wrong,
    but I rather think this is stable and it's more likely to be people that
    make it go wrong...will I eat my words?????

    Ron O'Brien, Jan 12, 2008
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  3. Okay, I'm trying to figure out if you are being sarcastic and finally
    decided you were.

    Honestly, my Vista Home Premium runs flawlessly on my $800 HP Pavillion
    laptop with wireless
    networking, printing, and about 30 programs installed from business to games
    (the oldest being Quickbooks pro 2006) with no problems whatsoever. Oh and
    my power settings and screensaver are enabled and fully functional too. My
    sister's $500 HP Pavilion laptop runs flawlessly on Vista Ultimate btw with
    1 Gig of ram.

    However, I traded in a Toshiba Satellite Pro I had less than 30 days for
    this HP and the Toshiba had TONS of problems even though it was a very
    similar configuration (2 gigs of ram, same dual core processor, etc). Main
    difference is the Toshiba had ATI graphics, the HPs has nVidia.

    So I think Vista problems are less about Vista and more about the hardware
    it is installed on. It also seems to make a huge difference if it is an
    upgrade install or clean install so as I've told friends, always do a clean
    install if you upgrade to Vista.

    LAB Enterprises, Jan 12, 2008
  4. vistamagic

    ray Guest

    Don't you find it a bit limiting to not be able to install any software?
    ray, Jan 12, 2008
  5. Well, a year ago I installed Vista on my home-built machine, which cost me a
    few hundred quid. I then installed a whole stack of software, and I've left
    it switched on and connected to the Internet ever since.

    During that time I've thrashed its balls off (graphics editing, software
    development, video editing, plus endless hours of editing gigantic documents
    in Office 2007, but no games at all); installed and uninstalled all sorts of
    crappy and good software; and made sure it damn well worked for its living.

    No, I didn't install any anti-virus software, but yes, I let it install all
    the automatic updates.

    Pretty well all the settings are as "out-of-the-box", but I did make my
    account an administrator so I don't have to type anything at the UAC
    prompts. Talking of which, they are now rare and no bother at all.
    Meanwhile it silently defrags the disk, the search facility works great, and
    the interface is SO much more sophisticated and professional than that
    hideous Fisher Price joke that came with XP.

    No crashes, no blue-screens, no serious problems (the few minor problems
    disappeared as the updates came through).

    So yes, I agree - VISTA IS GREAT!

    Steve Thackery, Jan 12, 2008
  6. vistamagic

    Slap Guest

    Me too, only I hit the Boxing Day Sale (Future Shop, Canada) and picked up a
    nice HP Dual Core jobby (E4300, 1.8) for $299.00 - came with Vista Home
    Premium on it already installed. I think that's what Vista costs by itself.
    It only had a GB of ram so my next stop was the local computer store that
    had 1GB sticks on for $12 each. I splurged and bought Kingston for $15
    each, now up to 3GB.

    Now I'm at $330. As luck would have it the ol 15 inch LCD just plugged
    right in and works just for now. Certainly not the fastest machine but she
    has been running 24/7 since Boxing Day with zero problems. I installed a
    few programs that my wife uses.
    I didn't do that... did set the screen to off in 15 minutes of inactivity.
    I use the network... darned if the $299 box didn't have a network card built
    I don't have a web cam.
    Mine since Boxing Day... 18 days?
    My wife's computer... she, like you, won't let me near it. I did get to set
    it up tho.
    I edited out some stuff on your line above. I think most people have
    problems when they try to upgrade on suspect, older hardware. They should
    probably stay with XP.
    I like 'pockets'.
    Slap, Jan 12, 2008
  7. vistamagic

    Frank Guest

    Nothing like making a fool out of yourself right ray?
    First, you don't have Vista so you don't really have any idea what's
    it's capable of running right?
    You're an MS hating linux loving troll, right?
    Frank, Jan 12, 2008
  8. vistamagic

    cashable Guest

    If you're doing it wrong, so am I. I loved Vista Home Premium so much
    this week I bought Vista Ultimate. By-the-way, I watched my wife's
    reaction to the new OS and she took to it like a duck to water. What's
    with all the wining.... _____Cashable
    cashable, Jan 12, 2008
  9. vistamagic

    Frank Guest

    It's the last dying breath mainly from the MS hating, linux loving
    trolls who just can stand the fact that Vista is the best OS available
    Frank, Jan 12, 2008
  10. What took so long?
    thetruthhurts , Jan 12, 2008
  11. About the only way to get Vista working is to a) buy new hardware to
    avoid device driver problems, b) don't hook it up to anything, and c)
    avoid all apps that are not M$.

    Looks like it work for you.
    thetruthhurts , Jan 12, 2008
  12. vistamagic

    Frank Guest

    hehehe...wrong...first you need to actually have Vista...LOL!
    Frank, Jan 12, 2008
  13. vistamagic

    john Guest

    Woah, in that case, I feel I'll be forced to completely reevaulate my

    If YOU tested it, well then it MUST be OK and anyone who says otherwise is
    just flat out WRONG.

    I guess we can close the books on this discussion once and for all.
    Good work... really.
    john, Jan 12, 2008
  14. vistamagic

    John Smith Guest

    this post was ment to be sarcastic, doing exactly what you said in order for
    it to work and be stable!

    LOL its funny that only a few caught on to this....

    I mean really, putting a camera to watch a vista box just sitting there???
    John Smith, Jan 12, 2008
  15. vistamagic

    Rich Guest

    Vista is Rock Solid, fast and enjoyable.

    Newsgroups of this kind are for people looking for help.
    However this does not limit those who come here to solely those people ..

    You get legitimate problems with questions asked.
    You get questions easily answered with two minutes of research.
    You get old wives tales asked about.
    You get disinformation tossed into the group.
    You get 12 year olds with their "watch this" posts.
    You get 90% litter and 10% value.
    You get 90% OPINION and 10% "ah ha" useful info.
    You get what you pay for ;)

    Usenet is NOT for the gullible.

    All in all its a good resource for information, sort of like panning for

    Rich, Jan 12, 2008
  16. vistamagic

    forty-nine Guest

    It's just more lies from you.
    Like every other Vista complaint from you, you just make it up.

    99% of the time ...its user error. (100% of the time for you)
    Stupid Dork...tell your mom I said Hi
    forty-nine, Jan 12, 2008
  17. vistamagic

    marz Guest

    my experience is of flawless compatibility with hardware and software,
    even all the old games i had on xp work fine, although a couple needed
    a patch, no problems with hardware drivers either, i like vista a lot,
    i think that a lot of the negative vibes came from vista beta days,
    since then microsoft appear to have pretty much patched it up to be a
    great OS
    marz, Jan 12, 2008
  18. vistamagic

    John Smith Guest

    I am sure the OP was making fun of vista.. because he is me.
    John Smith, Jan 12, 2008
  19. While I wouldn't call them wrong, as Vista does have some issues with some
    setups, I haven't had any problems, either. I love Vista and recommend it to
    anyone that has the hardware to run it. If you have 512MB of RAM on a P4
    1.6, obviously it will be slow and probably not worth it. But, a new
    Core2Duo with 2 GB of RAM (or 4 GB, as it's so low in price now! WOW!) hauls
    some serious butt!

    And for those that say XP is faster. Uh... Really? Of course it is! Windows
    3.11 is faster, still! That's how progress works in the computer world. You
    want your software to keep up with the hardware.

    I run mine 24/7 and very rarely have to do a reboot. And for those that do
    the same, look into [email protected] (http://www.hardfolding.com). It uses your
    spare CPU cycles for the good of humanity.
    Dustin Harper, Jan 12, 2008
  20. I have no problems installing software.
    If you are, what have the manufacturers of your problematic software
    said when you asked about Windows Vista Compatibility?
    Jupiter Jones [MVP], Jan 12, 2008
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