I want PIO mode but the option suddenly doesn't exist

Discussion in 'Windows Vista General Discussion' started by CaptHerp, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. CaptHerp

    CaptHerp Guest

    Not sure what I did, but suddenly my computer has decided that my ATAPI DVD
    ROMs are now ATA devices, and I can't run any of my CDs/DVDs. Going into
    Device Manager doesn't help. I now just have a generic "dual channel PCI IDE
    controller" where before I had two channels with settings I could change.

    Any suggestions would be helpful. This is an AMD X2 processor, and the
    motherboard is an nForce4 Ultra chipset board. I've loaded the latest
    chipset drivers from NVIDIA but they don't change a thing. Is it time for a
    new board, a format, or is there a fix?

    Thanks in advance...
    CaptHerp, Oct 21, 2007
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  2. Just a stab in the dark, but ... you could try forcing a re-detection of the

    Run Device Manager and highlight the DVD ROM drive. Then right-click and
    choose Uninstall. This should remove the device from the registry. Then go
    to the Action menu, and choose "Scan for Hardware changes" to detect teh
    device. This "should" create fresh entries for the device, based on the
    hardware detection. If you want to be really bolshie about it, reboot the
    machine after you uninstall the device and before you do the hardware

    If it gets recreated as the same ATA device, then ... sorry, I dunno. Other
    folks may have additional (or better) ideas.

    Hope it helps a bit,
    Andrew McLaren, Oct 22, 2007
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  3. CaptHerp

    CaptHerp Guest

    Thanks, Andrew. That wasn't it, but just messing around I noticed that the
    one thing I COULD do on those drives was uncheck the DMA access box. I did
    that, and I got PIO mode. I have no idea what I did to change it in the
    first place, and someday I will have to graduate to SATA stuff, but for now
    I'm stuck with the standard wide cable gear.

    In any case thanks for getting back to me. Taught me a trick -- I have
    ALWAYS uninstalled and then rebooted, and never knew about the
    Action/Hardware Changes thing. That in itself was a great answer.
    CaptHerp, Oct 22, 2007
  4. Cool! Glad it was somewhat useful.

    Andrew McLaren, Oct 22, 2007
  5. CaptHerp

    Jume Guest

    mmm not sure why your cds/dvds wont run, but i can tell you for sure that
    the drive will be much faster with dma turned on

    (somebody correct me if i am wrong, just extracting from my memory not from
    a chart)
    pio less than 4 -> dont even bother about them
    pio 4 -> 16mb/s
    ultra dma -> 33mb/s
    ultra dma 2 -> 66mb/s
    ultra dma 3 -> 100mb/s
    ultra dma 4 -> 133mb/s
    ultra dma 5 -> 150mb/s
    sata -> 185mb/s (1.5 gbps)
    sata 2 -> 370mb/s (supposedly, 3gbps)
    of course, theorical numbers which you never will actually reach

    typically, cdrom drives will be in udma2
    Jume, Oct 22, 2007
  6. CaptHerp

    Peter Guest

    This is the first time I've ever seen anyone actually wanting PIO mode. The
    question is usually "help, I'm stuck in PIO mode"!!
    Peter, Oct 22, 2007
  7. CaptHerp

    Ishaichi Guest

    [email protected]!

    I need to enable DMA mode on my DVD drives but it is greyed out!!!
    The only device in my IDE channel is ATAPI CD-ROM and it is in PIO4 mode.
    I can't run any securom-enabled software until I fix this...


    Rig in "About Me"
    Vista Home Premium 64 2xDVD-RW IDE
    Ishaichi, Dec 31, 2007
  8. Andre Da Costa [ActiveWin], Dec 31, 2007
  9. CaptHerp

    BruceM Guest

    BruceM, Dec 31, 2007
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