I woe everyone an apology. Can someone help me please?

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Mail' started by reallytickedoff, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. Well everyone, I have made a complete fool of myself. No excuses other than
    exhaustion and frustration over the very same WinMail.exe error that many
    here have had to deal with.

    This is my first day here and I guess I thought I was in a Live Tech help
    type forum. I'm really exhausted and have to get my email up and running
    because this is how I run my business, send invoices pay and get paid.

    After an epic battle of over 6 weeks and easily as many techs with another
    application I decided to buy myself a new gift, a real nice hp pavillion a
    1710n with lots of memory and hard drive, dual processors etc and have had
    nothing but problems that make the previous ones look like a walk in the park.

    If anyone has any sound advice as to how to go about ridding myself of
    this error that stops Windows Mail from working properly I sure would
    appreciate your help. The program was working fine till I tried to transfer
    contacts and now I cannot access Windows Mail anymore. The error keeps
    telling me that it is engaged with another program or app, such as a scanner.
    I'm sure you've all heard of it by now.

    Most of all I just want to say that I was wrong and apologize to everyone.
    reallytickedoff, Mar 20, 2007
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  2. reallytickedoff

    bilglas Guest

    When I was at the end of my rope with WinMail, RTO, I found a helpful
    technician at Microsoft. This is what we did, PER HIS INSTRUCTIONS: First, I
    removed all virus protection from my computer ... in this case, it was the
    brand-new pre-installed McAfee suite. Completely uninstalled. Then the
    Microsoft guy had me reboot ... then I got into the Control Panel, into User
    Accounts, and I set up a BRAND NEW Profile. (Choose the NAME of your profile
    wisely ... you can't change it, later ... I learned this, 'cuz I called my
    new profile "TEST1" ... and that's who I *am* from now on ... TEST1.) Then
    you will have to go through the admittedly laborious process of moving your
    entire BEING from your old Profile into the new one ... including setting up
    WinMail again, from scratch. (If you've got lots of e-mails already stored
    in your nonfunctional WinMail, you SHOULD be able to safely IMPORT it.)

    But that solved it ... getting rid of McAfee. Problems with WinMail were

    No guarantees ... just sharing my own experience; your mileage may vary.

    Best o' luck,

    Bill ... a fellow Vista guinea pig
    bilglas, Mar 20, 2007
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  3. reallytickedoff

    Max Guest

    If you want advice, this would be mine (others may not agree):
    Without knowing what may have been done to the system--I believe you said at
    one point that WinMail was searching for and not finding msoe.dll which is a
    component of Outlook Express (which will never run on Vista, so something
    went horribly wrong when you attempted something)--and after establishing
    that there is nothing critical to you currently on your Vista installation,
    I would follow whatever the procedure is from HP to return the system to
    their factory state and overwrite everything. Whether you accomplish this by
    booting from some disc they provided you, or some other procedure, you will
    have to find out.
    Then disconnect the machine from the internet.
    Once the system is up and running again, proceed directly (do not pass Go,
    do not collect $200) to Control Panel/Programs and Features and uninstall
    anything that has Norton, McAfee, or HP in it's name listed there--at this
    point, there will be nothing critical to your system from Microsoft listed
    there--most likely only the scrap that HP has kindly provided you with that
    may cause you problems. If you see something in the Programs list that you
    don't even know what it is, ask here or just choose to uninstall it.
    Reboot (possibly a number of times depending on what is uninstalled--do what
    the machine tells you to do).
    Now connect back up to the internet with whatever means and settings you
    need to. I would not install *any* 'kitchen sink' security suite at all.
    Rather, go with something less heavy like AVG or Avast (both free) for
    Anti-Virus, and let the built in Windows Firewall and Defender take care of
    the rest--you can always change your mind later.
    Open up Windows Mail, set it up with your account(s), and establish that it
    is working correctly.
    Now stop.
    Your problems seemed to rear up when you attempted to import something from
    Come back here to ask how to do this, and somebody will help you with the
    *correct* procedure.
    Max, Mar 21, 2007

  4. I don't know whether HP is currently installing Norton or McAfee, but
    they're both disasters. Get rid of them as a first step.
    Frank Saunders, MS-MVP OE/WM, Mar 21, 2007
  5. I will expand upon what I told you in your first post from yesterday.

    If I were you, I would start with a clean state. I would get my computer
    back to the state it was in when you removed it from the box.

    Then I would clean the slate further. I would remove any HP
    installed/branded utilities as I have seen them cause problems.

    I would uninstall/remove "ANYTHING" on the computer that is connected with
    either McAfee or Norton/Symantec. They are disasters just waiting to happen.
    Remove them even if they are not activated and you are not using them. Get
    the defective code off of your computer.

    I would remove/uninstall anything connected with AOHell or YaZoo. All they
    do is add extra toolbars into Internet Explorer that reduces the size of the
    space where you can actually read your desired web page.

    I would remove anything labeled "Google". You don't need their Google
    Toolbar for the same reason as above. You also do not need Google Desktop.

    Remember, these computer manufacturers get PAID to include CRAP on every
    computer they sell. They do not really care about the difficulties it causes
    the customer.

    If I were you I would also get in the habit of rebooting "every single time"
    I either uninstall a program or install a program. In many cases you are not
    instructed to do so, but over the years I have found that by doing so it
    releases those temporary files that are locked in the temp folders, waiting
    to do something on reboot.

    Then, I would get the necessary account setup information from my ISP and
    set up the email account. Then I would send a couple of test messages to
    "myself" in plain text AND in HTTP. Some would include attachments of
    various types. If I receive these test I know that the program is doing what
    it must do.

    Lastly, if I were you, and was still banging against a brick wall, I would
    take the computer to a technician and ask him to get it working for you.
    More than half of the computers I work on are brand new. In some cases I am
    the one who opens the sealed box from Dell, that was received by the
    customer. I clean these computer up, Install the necessary utilities that
    are known to work without causing any problems, set up their email accounts

    Yes, they pay for this. But they get back a computer that is fully
    functional - without any crap on it.



    Richard Urban MVP
    Microsoft Windows Shell/User
    Richard Urban, Mar 21, 2007
  6. OK- have gone to registry amd have removed every last bit of Norton-symantec.
    In other words- when the registry check said it was finished searching,
    another search was initiated with the same clause either "Norton" or
    "Symantec"-each time another search was initiated more and more norton and
    symantec would become unhidden-this process took at least 4hrs-maybe more.
    Everything except the legency device for symantec could be removed.

    This accomplished-a reboot was initiated-startup could not be completed-the
    cause was a patch that found its way onto the harddrive boot sector H-0. I
    believe that when the original start up was executed and the option of
    automatic updates or let me choose or ask me later came up the option to
    choose is to ask me later.
    If automatic update is allowed-as you are rebooting-auto updates are
    happening which are applying to Norton.

    I did another recovery-to start from scratch-this time not allowing auto
    updates-this is when I realized that the HP advisor is Norton, PC health is
    Norton OS Checkup which is embedded very deep into the system.

    Okay-took another approach-went to add/remove programs-and attempted to
    remove Norton anti-virus-needless to say patience did no good because the
    program froze and would not complete uninstall. I do believe waiting 3hrs.
    for the program to uninstall is being at least a little patient.

    I am still researching this problem. On this system Windows Live
    Care was installed. It is an anti-virus program. When the average user goes
    to the HP advisor-Norton is inadvertantly activated-so know there are two
    antivirus programs working against each other-each wanting to be the primary

    Win Mail uses msoe.dll- Norton antivirus also uses msoe.dll--hello conflict!

    I know that some will disagree w/me, but Norton is a very good program if
    one knows the proper way to configure the access list on the firewall--if not
    all hell can break loose. So what I am going to do is to once again do a
    clean recovery. No other anti-virus programs will be installed on the system.
    I will activate Norton through HP. Hopefully there will no longer be a
    conflict with the msoe.dll.

    At this point, I do not know if problems will occur with win mail.exe only
    time will tell. But this I do know-everything was working fine until the HP
    advisor was open and Norton activated and began conflicting with Windows Live
    One Care.

    Research continues-will keep posted with results.

    CSegura, CCNP, CCNA, A+
    reallytickedoff, Mar 22, 2007
  7. reallytickedoff

    Warren Guest

    Well, I started Vista with a brand new clean machine, installed Norton
    internet sec. suite, and turned OFF the e-mail checking. No problems at all
    here, so I know Norton works with no issues so far (2 months)
    Warren, Mar 22, 2007
  8. reallytickedoff

    LindaAnn Guest

    LindaAnn, Apr 15, 2007
  9. reallytickedoff

    ...winston Guest

    Use the tool after software removal via Add-Remove(especially in Vista)
    ...winston, Apr 15, 2007
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