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Discussion in 'Windows Server' started by Bob, May 26, 2008.

  1. Bob

    Bob Guest


    in windows 2003 IAS has written information about connections into a

    This was done in realtime... so at the moment when IAS has authenticated a
    connection a record was written to the IAS-Logfile.

    It seems that Windows2008 IAS version (now in NPS) does not write connection
    information to a logfile in realtime but it it does cache it somehow and
    write it with some delay.

    We have written a monitoring software that scans the IAS logfile for changes
    in realtime... so we can see changes in connections in realtime.

    Now that Win2008 does not update the logfiles immediately our
    realtime-scanning software doesnt work anymore.

    Is there a change to force IAS2008/NPS to update the logfile without any
    delay - like it as with IAS2003 ?

    Thank you very much
    Bob, May 26, 2008
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