ICS Between XP SP2 and Vista.

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Networking' started by Chris S., Jan 31, 2007.

  1. Chris S.

    Chris S. Guest

    I have a question regarding ICS between XP and Vista. I have a desktop
    system running XP SP2 that is using a dialup connection to the internet
    (unfortunately broadband isnt an option for our area yet). That system is
    setup for ICS on the dialup. I have a laptop that is dual booting between XP
    and Vista currently that is connecting to the XP box via a linksys router
    that is basically configured to be a dumb hub to connect the wireless to the
    wired network. When using XP on the laptop I am able to control the dialup
    and disconnect of the ICS on the main XP system by clicking on the internet
    gateway that shows up in network connections. it also displays a network
    icon on the task bar by the clock when it is dialed up and I can click it to
    disconnect when I'm done. Since setting up Vista I seem to not be able to
    take control of the modem on the XP box with ICS. I see a resident gateway
    pop up in the Vista network window and can right click on it for properties
    and it says that its the ICS connection on the XP box but no control of it.
    The XP box will dial out when vista makes a request by launching IE or
    another internet app just fine but I have no control to make it hang up when
    I'm done unless I boot back into XP and tell it to disconnect there. I
    disabled UPnP on the linksys router since it was displaying 2 of the resident
    gateways with it enabled thinking it was getting confused but have not had
    any luck gaining control of the modem from Vista.

    I have the XP box wired into the router and the laptop connects to the
    router via wireless and obtains the IP from the XP box running ICS (DHCP on
    the router is disabled on the LAN side). This setup runs flawless when its
    XP to XP but the solution to getting vista to let me control the modem
    connect disconnect eludes me. I do have the options set to let others
    control the connection on the XP box and nothing has changed on that side so
    its definitely vista not cooperating very well

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to get control of the ICS connecton
    inside of Vista so that I dont have to dual boot just to disconect the line?

    Sorry for the lengthy post :)
    Chris S., Jan 31, 2007
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  2. Chris S.

    Ravi K Guest

    Disabling ICS public connection from ICS client is supported in Vista also.
    In Vista network window, right click menu on "Residential Gateway" has the
    option to enable/disable ICS public connection. For this option to show up in
    right click menu, Network sharing need to be enabled and machine should have
    got 192.168.0.X address.

    Does right clicking on Residential Gateway icon couple of times helped in
    getting the required option?
    Also please check if connecting laptop directly (without router, using wired
    connection) to XP machine, makes the option appear in right click menu.

    The above information might help in understanding why disable option is not
    coming for you.
    Ravi K, Feb 2, 2007
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