Ideal Blu-ray Copy 1.11 is released

Discussion in 'Windows Vista Music, Pictures and Video' started by David, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. David

    David Guest

    Ideal Blu-ray Copy 1.11 is released. In this version, Ideal DVD
    Software just do some minor fixes and improvements.
    1.Solved memory dump issue when copying on some system, especially on
    XP OS.
    2.Solved the issue that burned bluray "Buffy (season 8)" stopped
    playing at some point.
    3.Improved BD J handling.

    Download link:
    For more information, visit

    Ideal Blu-ray Copy is an ideal and efficient blu-ray copier, backup
    and burner software, but also a powerful blu-ray decrypter. An great
    and ideal software to protect your original blu ray discs being
    scratched, saving money on buying the same bluray movies.

    Key Features of Ideal Blu-ray Copy:
    Remove AACS, BD+, BD-live copy protection - Automatically make
    region free, remove all bluray DVD copy protections, including AACS, BD
    +, BD-live, now can break BD+ MKBv25.
    True 1:1 blu-ray disc copying without losing any quality - Copy
    entire blu ray disc to your computer hard drive or blank blu-ray disc
    with the original quality and size. You won't lose anything. Also
    means Copy blu-ray 50GB to bluray 50GB, copy blu-ray 25GB to blu-ray
    25GB with the original quality.
    Only the main movie copy mode - Omit unwanted audio tracks,
    subtitle, prevue, extras, trailers etc, only get the main movie of the
    blu ray movie, save your computer space.
    Burn blu ray disc to blank bluray disc - support burning from blu-
    ray drive to blank blu-ray disc directly.
    Burn blu ray iso file from hard disk to blank bluray disc - with
    virtual drive, you can burn an iso file of a blu-ray movie to blank
    blu-ray disc.
    Copy blu ray dvd to ISO file - copying blu ray disc to computer
    hard drive as ISO file, so that you can appreciate the bluray movie on
    your computer by bluray player software like powerdvd, save money on
    blank bluray disc.
    Copy blu-ray dvd to hard disk as BDMV folder - if you only want to
    stream the m2ts file to some player, this function is quite suit for
    Copy blu-ray dvd to network drive - You can map a network drive to
    local machine, then rip your bluray movies to other hard drive in the
    Fast copying speed - Finish copying a bluray DVD within 20-50
    minutes, depending on your system performance.
    Very easy to use - Simple user interface, backup your blu-ray
    movies just by one click.
    David, Nov 7, 2011
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