Idle processes high and CPU usage high at the same time

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by Kira, Sep 5, 2006.

  1. Kira

    Kira Guest

    My XP SP2 laptop computer has been downloading updates for the past few
    hours. It was being serviced for several weeks and I just connected it to the
    outside world for the first time in three weeks.

    Although the Idle process is in the high 80's the CPU usage is in the high
    90's. I have turned the pc off a couple of times, and updates have
    installed. When the computer reboots, the Downloads begin slowly again with
    little progress. The fan is spinning continuously, so I am concerned about

    Has anyone experienced this before? Is this just backed up updates trying
    to download or is there a larger issue?

    Any help is appreciated!
    Kira, Sep 5, 2006
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  2. Kira

    ~b Guest

    ~b, Oct 23, 2006
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  3. Kira

    ~b Guest

    I am seeing similiar behavior. It first started when installed IE 7. So I
    rolled it back. However, windows update installed the patch KB918899 for me
    this morning, and ever since I have seen that my CPU usage is up around 80%
    when the only processing using any CPU time is the idle process.

    This doens't help, but maybe it narrows it down.
    ~b, Oct 23, 2006

  4. You expect that statistic to be high. In fact 80% is relatively low.
    So more significant than either the System Idle Process
    or the Task Manager or the Explorer processes is whatever else
    you have running which is taking most of the remaining 20%.
    E.g. sort your processes by CPU and select taskmgr.exe;
    is there anything which is consistently appearing between it
    and the System Idle Process? Then that's the one which
    you should be concerned about.


    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Oct 24, 2006
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