IDT Audio IDT High Definition Audio CODEC ERROR

Discussion in 'Windows Update' started by JAK71454, May 1, 2008.

  1. JAK71454

    JAK71454 Guest

    I have Vista and ran the IDT - Audio - IDT High Definition Audio CODEC
    update yesterday and now I get the following on the volumn control:

    I checked "installed updates" to remove this and it is not there.

    I tried to restore back to several restore points and I got an
    unspecified error for all the restores.

    What should I try next? Jim
    JAK71454, May 1, 2008
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  2. JAK71454

    L_tree Guest

    I have a gateway with the sigma tel sound driver that is preventing the
    update to sp1. I installed this windows update, which is some manner removed
    the sigma tel driver. I contacted gateway chat support, who pointed me to an
    unsigned driver on the gateway site, which I downloaded, this provided
    instructions to reload and I got sound back. HOWEVER, it remains to be
    seen if windows update will then "find" the sp1 update for me, one concern
    already, when I reselected windows update, it found the same IDT CODEC update
    already installed on the machine.
    L_tree, May 1, 2008
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  3. JAK71454

    Centriton Guest

    System Restore should solve the problem at least for most people with this
    I suggest you "hide update" (I mean this particular driver update) and don't
    turn System Restore off because System Restore is very useful.

    I wonder when they will stop pushing this driver and test it to work
    properly before pushing it through Windows Update again. At the time of this
    post I checked for update and was offered this broken driver again.

    I also think that the feature "Roll Back Driver" should be made to really
    roll back the driver as in this case using that feature doesn't help. There
    is no sound after that even when you reboot.

    Some people at their Support should try to take customers complaints more
    seriously. Still pushing this driver will just cause more people to fall into
    this mess. Stop and test the driver.
    Centriton, May 3, 2008
  4. JAK71454

    pedro_s Guest

    Having the same issue here with Windows Vista - System Restore fails to
    Windows update does not show this as a driver that you can Uninstall

    Interestingly enough - today "Windows Vista SP1" shows as an Important
    Update available to install.

    I'm giving this a try now.
    pedro_s, May 4, 2008
  5. JAK71454

    GWC1946 Guest

    Mick I fought with this for a couple of weeks with my dell and ended up just
    buying a sound card for $25.00. It works fine and sounds good. The amount of
    time spent on this ended not being worth it. I don't believe there are any
    current drivers to get anywhere. I got my Dell in 05 and it basically works
    fine untill a major crash (Blue Screen) First was the hal.dll corrupt or
    missing then pci.sys ( and $50.00 bucks to dell for nothing. They said my
    mother board was bad in the end. BUT I ended up loading a new XP program and
    WALLA it worked fine all except for sound. I am sure it was a driver problem
    but like I said I searched and searched everywhere and could not get the
    sound working and I tried everything. My son who is an expert was helping and
    had the same problem. He finally said dad go buy a sound card. I did and it
    all works fine. Dell was wrong. Every help site didn't work WITH PEOPLE WITH
    THE SAME PROBLEM. Take my advice and just buy a sound card They're cheap and
    you get good sound. That was my fix and I don't believe the right drivers are
    anywhere. I just went through all of this to maybe help someone from wasting
    to much time. Gimme some feed back-I'll be Baak
    GWC1946, Jan 13, 2009
  6. JAK71454

    GWC1946 Guest

    As stated above buy a new sound card and save yourself a BIG headache.
    I really hop this helps someone after what I went through.
    GWC1946, Jan 13, 2009
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