IE 7 better than Firefox in Inspiron 8200!

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Winsaurus, Sep 24, 2006.

  1. Winsaurus

    Winsaurus Guest

    I just have to say it... Right now I'm using the IE 7 RC1 in a Dell Inspiron
    8200 with 1GB RAM and P-4 Mobile, and it works great. Faster, efficient and
    so far less cluttering in toolbar space than Firefox (latest version). So far
    no problems. Not even those mentioned in the forums. True, I did experience
    some minor issues with McAfee Site Advisor and Windows Live Toolbar (by the
    way, don't use them combined they are incompatible); but so far who needs
    extra toolbars when IE 7 RC1 offers the same? Okay, don't get me wrong, I'm
    not saying is perfect, but it does offer huge advantages over IE 6 and in my
    opinion over Firefox.

    First, let's start with velocity... On my laptop IE 7 RC1 was faster than
    Firefox. At the time IE7 ended, Firefox was still loading images and showing
    empty spaces. Of course, this could depend of the site or the connectivity.
    Using broadband or EVDO shows IE7 loading quite faster than IE6; but in dial
    up connections, velocity will be affected by the phishing filter. Anyway, you
    can do the phishing filter manually.

    Security... I love the fact that's is easier and more secure than IE6! Even
    better is that after installing it I have seen a complete improvement on my
    i8200 in terms of internet memory usage, stability and no more empty
    "about.html" each time I closed the browser. Even McAfee Internet Security 7,
    Windows Defender, System Mechanic 6, Lavasoft Adware and SpywareBlaster are
    working perfectly with it.

    Applications... Well, I have heard problems with Windows Live Messenger, but
    in my case that hasn't happen. Live Messenger, Office 2003, Outlook Express,
    Frontpage 2003, Nvu, Microsoft Time Zone, Visual Express 2005, Encarta 2004,
    Quicktime, Adobe Reader 7.0... are just some of the programs that I have used
    to see if they can update or work with IE7 RC1. None of them reported any
    problems. I did however saw a problem with Freshdevices Freshdownload which
    according to IE7 security's is not certified or something like that. Anyway,
    I'm now using Free Download Manager which is compatible with IE7. In short,
    IE7 does have a stronger security and perhaps that was the problem behind
    FreshDownload, Site Advisor and others. Perhaps is only about security
    settings, since mine are in their default state.

    Search Engines... What can I say? I love them! I love even more the variety,
    and it was about time to have it in IE7! Firefox have it, but hey, is open
    source that means everyone can look at it. Nonetheless, it will be great to
    see more providers in the future and not only limited to IE7's regional
    location (If you have a IE7 in spanish there are less providers than IE7 in
    english). By the way, if you look at Windows Vista Beta 2 IE7 is more stylish
    that Xp's version. Another thing, I was surprised to see that IE7 alerts you
    if a provider is available on certain site, like

    Toolbar... Although I do miss the old IE6 version, IE7's toolbar put the
    most common tools right at your hands without taking too much view space.
    Finally the print feature works perfectly differently from Beta 2. Sadly it
    can't be customized as IE 6 but at least it seems more secure.

    Is all about looks... And IE7 RC1 looks pretty well. So well that in my
    opinion, it leaves other browsers in Stone Age. The "loading graphics", the
    IE7 icon and in general, everything looks modern and yet organized. Of
    course, this is only a matter of taste.

    Thankfully, I didn't have any problems with flash applications or by browser
    crash. Sorry by not be specific, but IE7 does work under my working
    conditions. None the less, I have found something peculiar and is not about
    internet-related but with the folder icons inside a cd. After installing IE7
    RC1 the folders are no longer the "yellow classic" in any cd but rather they
    have an "e" icon for IE7. I can access them without problems, but sometimes
    this behavior occurs with CD-RW/Rs but not with CD-ROMs. After some time,
    they return back to normal. I don't know if this is a bug or part of the new
    securities so it will be interesting to check it out. Other than that, it has
    been a great experience and I looking forward to IE 7 Final version.

    Here are some specs:

    Dell Inspiron 8200
    Intel Pentium 4 Mobile at 1.8 Ghz
    1GB RAM
    Primary hard disk: 30 GB
    Secondary hard disk: 60 GB
    OS: Windows Xp Home Edition SP2 (updated with all patches) (Spanish Version)
    IE7 RC1: 7.0.5700.7 (Spanish)

    PS. I know many persons are having problems with IE 7 RC1, so I wanted to
    share my so-far-experience with it; and hopefully those persons can find/make
    a solution to their problems. Good luck to all!
    Winsaurus, Sep 24, 2006
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  2. Winsaurus

    Ray Guest

    That's actually quite refreshing to hear.


    Ray, Sep 24, 2006
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  3. Winsaurus

    xfile Guest


    I use it with Dell I8600 and it's pretty much like you stated - working

    One note - I like the little thing that IE 7 does when opening a link with a
    new tab without losing the focus of the current page and quietly put the new
    tab to the next one. This way, we can continue to read the original page
    without switching back and forth.

    Taking advantages of its OS, IE 7 is also much better on handling "foreign
    characters" that are included in other language versions of Windows.

    And yes, it is not without problems and many said it has borrowed some
    concepts from other browsers (who cares as long as it's improved), but it's
    much faster and better than IE 6.

    One final note as mentioned by some reviews and experienced by myself, for
    "foreign domain names" using local languages, IE 7 now can recognize it
    without redirecting to the annoying VeriSign site, it is however still
    showing the site's English domain name as FireFox and Opera will do for
    showing the domain name in local language.

    Hope the final version will enhance this so that we finally can let our
    local customers to use domain name in their languages to reach our site.

    Overall speaking, IE 7 is really a nice browser.
    xfile, Sep 24, 2006
  4. Winsaurus

    FrankV Guest

    I have an older Dell (XP4400 w/500MB) and I agree with you. The fastest
    "other" programs I have tried is Maxthon, much better than Firefox but I see
    basically no difference in speed now with RC1.

    FrankV, Sep 24, 2006
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