IE 7 GPOs not being applied?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Sir Timbit, May 17, 2007.

  1. Sir Timbit

    Sir Timbit Guest

    Hi all,

    Hoping someone has seen this...Have a number of XP labs with IE 6 and
    Win2003 domain servers. We use AD GPOs to configure all our IE settings such
    as proxies, pop-up management, etc, and everything is working as expected.

    At a couple of locations, we've been testing IE 7 and have found some
    problems re: GPOs. I've copied over the updated inetres.adm file (2,347kb)
    from the local XP PC to the server. (This is what we had to do when XPsp2
    was released--there was an updated version of the inetres.adm for XPsp2
    which we copied from the local PC to the server, and THAT worked fine.)

    The problem is that any changes we make to the IE7 GPO settings on the
    server are not applied to the local PCs UNTIL a user with admin privs logs
    on at each station and does a gpupdate /force. Then the settings take. With
    IE6, this step isn't necessary, or at the most we just reboot the XP PCs to
    get the new settings.

    Any suggestions? I'm hesitant to roll out IE 7 without being able to get the
    GPOs working (without requiring any manual visits to each station!)

    Thanks for any suggestions,
    Sir Timbit, May 17, 2007
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  2. Sir Timbit

    Jorge Silva Guest

    Jorge Silva, May 17, 2007
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