IE 8 not displaying some websites

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Keith, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Keith

    Keith Guest

    I have Windows XP, SP3 and IE8. When I access the TomTom website, all I get
    is 'Waiting for' in the notification area. Several most other
    sites display, secure (https://) ones also hang.
    Microsoft Security Essentials and SpyWare Blaster are running. I've tried
    with SpyWare Blaster removed - still the same result.

    Checked machine with Microsoft Security Essentials & Malwarebytes - no
    nasties detected.

    Suggestions please.

    Keith, Nov 8, 2010
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  2. You are waiting for the server you are connecting to to do something.

    If YOUR machine was the problem, you'd not connect to any server instead of
    not connecting to some servers.
    Jeff Strickland, Nov 8, 2010
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  3. Keith

    Keith Guest

    That is exactly how it looks to me. So how come my neighbour can connect
    (and re-connect) to the TomTom site at the same time that I get the Waiting
    Keith, Nov 9, 2010
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