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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Brett A., Feb 25, 2007.

  1. Brett A.

    Brett A. Guest

    There are many suggestions around Find on this Page, some excellent, a few,
    very bad. For us who use this a lot, it's a pain to go to the small
    pull-down tab, mouse down to "Find on this Page", and then have the dialog
    hide the results. Here are my suggestions, for IE7 or later, in order of my
    1. Allow "Find on this Page..." as an Available toolbar button to allow easy
    one-click access for those wishing to put it there (i.e. via Customize
    Toolbar). Cntl-F should stay as an option, but this is inefficient for those
    of us mainly using a mouse for browsing (and my left hand is on my MS Office
    Keyboard Back/Forward buttons.)
    2. *Never* let the Find dialog box hide found items (my suggestion here is
    to use the right-central part of the Status Bar - *not* above it like
    Firefox, as that wastes real estate.) Other solutions, such as a moving
    Dialog box (kinda like now, but automatically move to avoid hidden found
    item), are acceptable but not perfect.
    3. An incremental "Find", like many tools (Firefox Find, Google Desktop) is
    needed to more quickly display the first hit on the page (and without having
    to take any other action - mouse to click on "Next" or hit <Enter>.).
    4. Some indication - needing no user action to bypass - of wrapping is
    needed. It's a major pain when we've found, say, 22 occurences, not to know
    when we're starting at No. 1 again. This was available on mainframe searches
    decades ago. This should *not* require hitting something like "OK" to
    continue (see next).
    5. A count of the number of items found on the page is needed for several
    business and efficiency reasons, and could be integrated with the above. As
    an example, if you implemented the Find dialog over the Status Bar, a
    succinct "14 of 22" would be great when you were on the 14th occurrence of a
    total 22.
    6. The auto-population from the Search is good, but there should be an easy
    way to keep the last Find String there. For example, after doing a web
    search, I may want to find a different string on several of the web pages,
    but you always make me reenter the Find string, as the Web Search string is
    always there instead.
    7. Firefox's "Highlight all" is sometimes useful and would be an appreciated
    8. (Please do *not* merge this Find with the Search Box unless there's a
    one-click way to change back and forth (and I don't mean one extra click).
    Also keep the "Match whole word only option", unlike Firefox.)

    My $.02. TIA.

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    Brett A., Feb 25, 2007
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  2. Hello Brett,

    There are various add-ons available like the Quero Toolbar
    ( that improve the find on page experience

    Tip: keyboard shortcuts in Quero: F3 find next; F2 find previous

    Best regards,

    Viktor Krammer
    Viktor Krammer, Feb 25, 2007
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