IE Freezing when download finishes or clicking download links

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Temperamental69, Mar 1, 2008.

  1. I have Vista 32-bit, and IE came bundled with my computer. IE worked
    perfectly normal for ages, until roughly a few months ago. This is what

    1. When I click any file on the internet to download by right clicking save
    file as, or if it pops up and gives me an option to click OPEN, SAVE AS,
    CANCEL, it downloads as it should, but when the download finishes the
    download box freezes and stays on my screen for about 5 minutes. The
    download is complete and where I saved it to and I am able to access it and
    do what I want with it, but the IE download box will not disappear until 5
    minutes later, and it happens randomly . I cannot click cancel or the red X
    on the box, but I am able to continue to browse on IE and such.

    2. If a download link I click on happens to be a streaming file and it auto
    loads in the download window, or if the link I click on is a file that uses
    another program on my computer (for example, clicking on a streaming audio
    file that quickly downloads in seconds and auto opens winamp from
    or any website) the download box again freezes as it did before, but in these
    cases it also freezes my entire computer for roughly 5 minutes.

    At no other points in using any programs on my cpu, or when using IE even,
    does this happen, except for when a download finishes. It's becoming very
    aggrivating, and since I am unable to uninstall IE7 with Vista, I am also
    unable to download and "re-install" IE 7 again to see if that fixes it.

    Anyone have any ideas? I don't want to use Firefox or something else.
    Temperamental69, Mar 1, 2008
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