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Discussion in 'Windows Vista Help' started by Juan Kerr, Nov 22, 2008.

  1. Juan Kerr

    Juan Kerr Guest

    I have a 2008 Vista (Home, SP1 fully updated) laptop that refuses to
    correctly enable Java for IE7.
    The Java settings are just not there in IE7.

    The Java console is working, and the Control panel option for Java use in IE
    and Mozilla is enabled.

    We uninstalled all java, reset IE to default settings and uninstalled all
    add-on toolbars and extra activeX components.
    We then reinstalled the latest java, (6 up10) successfully according to the
    installer and the Java website.

    Still, there are no Java settings under tools, internet options, advanced.
    Scripting is enabled under security options.
    The (now reinstalled) Java toolbars are now enabled, but most java enabled
    websites still report java disabled, yet the java site itself says its ok.

    Anybody come across this before?
    Any other group to post this to?
    Any ideas?
    Juan Kerr, Nov 22, 2008
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