IE7 ADM template help and questions.

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Barkley Bees, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Barkley Bees

    Barkley Bees Guest

    I am planning to implement a GPO change to disable the phishing filter in
    Internet Explorer 7 for our client computers (all Windows XP SP2 clients).
    Our Domain controller hosting group policy (Win2003 SP2, not R2 with IE6)
    does not appear to support IE7 and will require the ADM template to support

    If I go to Microsoft's download page for the IE7 ADM template
    it shows the supported OS as being: Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1;
    Windows XP Service Pack 2. Our server is running SP2 so this presents an
    issue and I cannot locate an SP2 compatible version of this template.

    Downloading this ADM template and extracting it, I see the file
    "inetres.adm" which is dated 2006/10/3. In our SYSVOL/<fqdn>/policies
    subfolders I can see two different existing versions of this file:

    inetres.adm - 2006/3/22
    inetres.adm - 2007/2/17 (I believe this was included with the SP2 upgrade we
    performed earlier this year).

    So, with the 2007/2/17 version being of a newer date than the IE7 one, won't
    this cause a problem when FRS replicates the file as the one I am adding is
    dated as older?

    Also, our domain controllers still have IE6 installed (we have no need to
    upgrade it to IE7 as it never browses the web).
    Does it matter if this new ADM is added and the domain controller itself is
    not running IE7 (I am assuming not)?
    If I upgrade the browsero on the domain contoller would this do away with
    the need to install the IE7 ADM template?
    Appreciate any advice.
    Barkley Bees, Jun 19, 2009
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  2. Howdie!

    Just use the one you find. ADM template files are simple stupid text files
    with an ADM extension. You can open them in notepad and look into them. They
    have a specific syntax the Group Policy Editor is able to parse and eat.
    Don't put yourself into so much burden. Why not use a GP management station?
    Setup a machine with the newest OS around. If Vista SP2 is the OS some
    clients use, set up a machine as such and install/use Group Policy
    Management Console (GPMC) on it to administer the GPs. Microsoft recommends
    using new machines to manage GP as new ADM templates and functionality in GP
    ship with new OSes (that you often cannot manage out of the box if you have
    a "legacy" DC)

    Florian Frommherz [MVP], Jun 19, 2009
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