IE7 and Macromedia

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Jonny C., Mar 13, 2006.

  1. Jonny C.

    Jonny C. Guest

    I have some problems viewing macromedia flash presentation (.swf files).

    I have no idea about the why but some .swf presentation dont work. Simply
    IE7 dont show the file. I tried with IE6 and other browsers and all work
    fine. I have installed the macromedia player 8.

    Some know inconpatibility?

    Jonny C., Mar 13, 2006
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  2. Jonny C.

    swarktec Guest

    Since IE7 is in the beta process, Macromedia and most other vendors probably
    haven't performed any development for their software to interfaee with it.
    Wait until IE7 is released, and Macromedia has had time to develop a "patch"
    to work
    with IE7.....NOTE: Macromedia is SLOOOOOWWWWW about this process, may be a
    swarktec, Mar 14, 2006
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  3. Jonny C.

    mkh Guest

    Hi swarktec
    Do you not think that perhaps the onus should be on Microsoft to make their
    product work with pre-exisiting sites rather than steam ahead and break the
    lot of them in the misguided belief that we will all follow along like sheep.

    Having been unable to open .swf files under ie7, which I need to do for
    development, teaching and training purposes, I am uninstalling forthwith!

    mkh, Mar 27, 2006
  4. Jonny C.

    swarktec Guest

    short answer:: no, Microsoft should not be responsible...

    longer answer:: think a minute about what you're implying...if i read your
    corrrectly, you're saying that Microsoft should be
    responsible for
    every piece of software written by 3rd party vendors
    that is
    "supposed" to work with their operating system /
    Microsoft manufacturers a very good operating
    system, they
    release "BETA" software, which is intended "FOR
    purposes. Folks need to understand the concept of
    "BETA" before
    they trash Microsoft. If you're trying to incorporate
    IE7 Beta 1 or 2
    into your teaching/classes you are probably going to
    regret it later.
    I sure hope i'm wrong but i don't think so. I work
    for a large
    university and i see this every time some "beta"
    software is
    released. They have to have it NOW and want to start
    teaching it,
    long before it is even released. We've had quite a
    few teachers
    "made a fool of" because of this. Wait a while, let
    Microsoft release
    an official build of the IE7. Then if it doesn't do
    what they say by all
    means trash them. IF you still can't open .swf files,
    trash ADOBE
    or Macromedia, or whoever sold you the third party
    betting on Microsoft releasing a good product.
    I have doubt's about, at least for a while to come....

    Trying to put a Ford engine into a Chevrolet just
    ain't gonna work...
    swarktec, Mar 30, 2006
  5. Jonny C.

    Wali Guest

    I have to agee with both of you but not fully.
    I think that all the noice about the New IE7 has overwhelmed the cautious
    users to wait till the official release. This is definitely a shameless P.R.
    from the monopoly.
    However, it just provides opportunities for faithful Microsoft users, like
    US, to provide feedback, and try making the new IE better, and more up to
    what we want.
    I surely bet, the new IE 7 final release will be a blast, and I have
    encountered some minor faults, e.g. inability to change keyboard layouts via
    Shift+Cntrl hotkey, and even a ridiculous Flash incompatibility.
    Yet I believe the Microsoft developers know what they are doing, and soon
    enough we shall receive the brand new, user-friendly IE7.
    p.s. Strongly agree, that trying to teach with it is a little rushy, because
    the compatibility is one of the worst fauts of this Beta.
    Regards, Wali. all-time IE user.
    Wali, May 3, 2006
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