IE7 Beta 2 issue ver 7.0.5296.0

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by WRXGuy02, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. WRXGuy02

    WRXGuy02 Guest

    Just noticed a couple of things after installing this new beta version.
    I was attempting to use a 3rd tab to look for a car part on this parts
    dealers website. I had 2 other tabs open with pages already loaded. When I
    typed the domain in on the 3rd tab & hit CTRL + Enter to complete the
    fully-qualified URL, IE7 Beta 2 completely closed. The URL I was attempting
    to go to was I re-opened the browser & used the first
    address bar to try again & this time, with no other tabs open, it worked OK.

    Also, I just noticed while trying to submit this post on the discussion
    forum that when I clicked the drop-down for a "new" post, the last entry in
    that list will not show as it's behind the discussion listings. I can only
    see "Question" & "Suggestion for Microsoft."

    Anyone else experiencing these things??


    WRXGuy02, Feb 14, 2006
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  2. WRXGuy02

    orion603 Guest,1995,1918084,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535

    The link explains about some issues with the new beta release.
    I didn't experience any crash personally tho with 3 or more tabs open.
    However, it doesn't seem correctly working with php webpages.

    This beta was not able to open some of my company websites running on php (I
    believe php running on apache server).

    I also am looking for an option to remove this beta version but I don't see
    any option to remove this. Does anybody know how to remove and go back to
    version 6.1?

    orion603, Feb 14, 2006
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  3. WRXGuy02

    A John Guest

    add/remove programs - click show update and you will see ie7. i tried
    uninstalling it, but i could not use my previous ie (ie6sp2).
    A John, Feb 14, 2006
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