Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Don Williams, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Don Williams

    Don Williams Guest

    NEVER, NEVER again!

    That's my last Beta for Microsoft. Finally got it off and IE6 installed,
    and all the broken pieces throughout my system are back in working state.

    IE7 may be a nice advance and I'll try it again whenever it is well proven.

    Back again to my motto "Stop being an early-adopter".
    Don Williams, Feb 11, 2006
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  2. Don Williams

    Cheryl Guest

    Well, Don, I certainly hope you can help me then. I installed IE7 and it
    wouldn't not run. So I went to uninstall, about half way through the
    uninstall, it just totally bombed out. Now I can't reinstall 6, cause it
    reads that "there is a newer version" and I can't reload 7 to try and
    uninstall. I am currently using my internet access from the office.

    Can you please help me. I too will never use the beta again.
    Cheryl, Feb 11, 2006
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  3. Don Williams

    Don Williams Guest

    Hang in there, I am on the way out. Later today if it's O.K. with you.

    Don Williams, Feb 11, 2006
  4. Don Williams

    Cheryl Guest

    Probably going to have to reformat. I am currently reinstalling windows, but
    don't believe that will work.
    Cheryl, Feb 11, 2006
  5. Don Williams

    Don Williams Guest


    I found the uninstall for the Beta at the bottom of the Windows XP update
    list. Forgot the name but it was obvious.

    The program did an un-install, deleting files, adding files, and then asked
    for a re-boot.

    When it came back up was up an running just as it was before I got
    into this mess, and all the links and favorites were back in the order I had
    left them in.

    In my case, I have more links than fit across the screen, so they extend
    down the side when you go to the >> indicator. Getting them back up to the
    main area is a serious pain and I had spent a lot of time getting most of
    them back up with IE7 Beta. When I went back to everything was
    peachy keen.

    I believe I did see a similar comment about how to find IE7 uninstall so I
    can't take credit for finding it.

    I did like some of the features in IE7 Beta but think I will wait for the
    full release, since it did so many bad things to my system. The update will
    probably cost money for folks who don't follow up on Beta reports, but that's
    the price I am willing to pay.

    Don Williams, Feb 11, 2006
  6. Don Williams

    Cheryl Guest

    Don, the only thing I have in Control Panel, Add & Remove Programs, Checkmark
    by Show Updates, scrolling down to Windows Updates is Windows Media Format

    Like I said, it went through the uninstall and stopped in the middle and now
    I can't get IE6 or even install IE7 again to try a second time.

    I don't know what else to do, except reformat. I have considered running
    Netscape and then going out there to download but, it says it is currently
    running IE7 and it really isn't running anything.

    Is there a way to get the uninstall part of the program emailed to me?
    Cheryl, Feb 11, 2006
  7. Don Williams

    Don Williams Guest

    My guess is that uninstall is specific to your system, and in any case I
    would guess that the uninstall process for IE7 has been deleted from my
    system. I will look and respond, but only if I find it.

    Are you in the same boat I was, that is that system restore was locked out
    by EI7 Beta?

    I would go the Netscape or Mozilla route temporarily if you can't get a
    download any other way. I agree that it would be nice if somehow you could
    get back all your data, however.

    I would guess you can't even get to a "repair" installation screen.

    Maybe someone will remember how to do a re-install from your CD, I've long
    forgot how to re-install modules, but please don't re-format your hard drive
    until you hear from Microsoft. There is a way to ask them questions on this
    Don Williams, Feb 12, 2006
  8. That is correct. It will not.
    Sandi Hardmeier - MVP, Feb 12, 2006
  9. To reinstall IE7:

    1. While you are logged on as an administrator, click Start, and then
    click Run.
    2. In the Open box, type regedit, and then click OK.
    3. Locate the appropriate registry subkey, right-click the IsInstalled
    (REG_DWORD) value, and then click Modify.

    To reinstall only the Internet Explorer 6 browser component on Windows
    XP, use the following registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed
    To reinstall only Outlook Express 6 on Windows XP, use the following
    registry key:
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Active Setup\Installed
    4. Change the value data from 1 to 0, and then click OK.
    5. Quit Registry Editor, and then install Internet Explorer 6.
    Sandi Hardmeier - MVP, Feb 12, 2006
  10. Don Williams

    Andy Marston Guest

    I personally haven't tried to uninstall. I've had a few errors, and a few eb
    pages don't render as they should. To overcome that, I installed FireFox,
    though the lack of Active X and Scripting can be a hinderence.
    Anyways, Cheryl, if you see if the following exists, I think this should
    sort you out...


    I've seen a few posts where the uninstall isn't listed in Add/Remove
    programs. Hope this helps.

    Andy Marston, Feb 12, 2006
  11. BTW, references to IE6 should have been changed to IE7. References to OE6
    should have been removed.
    Sandi Hardmeier - MVP, Feb 12, 2006
  12. Don Williams

    Don Williams Guest

    I think Cheryl's problem is how to install IE6. Can you clarify that for her?
    Don Williams, Feb 12, 2006
  13. Don Williams

    Don Williams Guest

    Please clarify "It wil not" . . . . do what?
    Don Williams, Feb 12, 2006
  14. Her problems will not be fixed by reinstalling Windows. If anything it may
    make things far worse.

    Sandi - Microsoft MVP since 1999

    Sandi Hardmeier - MVP, Feb 12, 2006
  15. I don't think she can safely do that (install IE6 when IE7 is still hanging
    around). Better to reinstall IE7 safely, and uninstall safely.

    If all else fails, roll back to an old restore point.

    Sandi - Microsoft MVP since 1999

    Sandi Hardmeier - MVP, Feb 12, 2006
  16. Don Williams

    Tom M Guest

    beta means just what it says TEST
    Tom M, Feb 12, 2006
  17. Don Williams

    Don Williams Guest

    Test, yes, understood-

    Destruction, no, not understood.

    This product is not a Beta release and probably wouldn't even qualify for an
    Alpha release to selected users.

    It's just as I said before, I did some beta software testing on Microsoft
    products some time back with results that didn't trash my system. There were
    problems, however, so I made the decision to not try Beta software from
    Microsoft any more, at least software that is so integrated into their basic
    operating system.

    On the other hand, stand-alone software, such as their Malware Removal Tool
    are not tightly integrated and easily removed.

    It was indeed my mistake to jump back into the Beta mainstream.
    Don Williams, Feb 12, 2006
  18. Don Williams

    Cheryl Guest

    Well, a total install of Windows XP wiped out everything I had, but did make
    a folder labeled FILE TRANSFER buried in C:\ and put all my data, documents,
    pst files, etc in there. Made a new install of Windows XP, did a file
    transfer back into the appropriate spots and now I'm back up and running with
    all software as it was before. Yes, took a little time, but with patience you
    can usually find a way to make it work. As for the Beta, I agree with Don,
    this one wasn't quite ready for beta I don't believe. Seems to have many more
    bugs than normal. Not sure what made it go to blank screen in the middle of
    the uninstall, but at that point, I was not able to reinstall 6 or 7. I was
    dead in the water.
    Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and attempts to help me out.
    Cheryl, Feb 13, 2006
  19. Even a beta – no, wait - ESPECIALY a BETA should be set up so that it can be
    easily removed or the old version re-installed over it without having to fish
    around the registry. The web is littered with thousands of people who cannot
    get IE7 off (usually because something has deleted the rollback folder) and
    they can not get any help with it.

    IE 6 install should recognize that 7b is a beta and install back over it
    without assuming it's a "new" version.
    Lyman DeKoquonut, Feb 14, 2006
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