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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by The Kat, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. The Kat

    The Kat Guest

    I just spent 45 minutes trying to configure IE7 to allow me to print a
    shipping label from the USPS.

    I TRIED to deactivate every possible 'safety' feature on IE7 - no luck. In
    fact, IE7 would not let me get back to ANY site. (that's way TOO much Big
    Brother control for me, by the way). I put USPS on my 'safe site' list. No
    luck. I shut down the time- and space-eating phishing scan (a waste of space
    if you think before you answer personal questions on line), I shut off the
    popup blocker. I set every possible level to 'enable'. Nothing worked.

    Nothing I could do was goig to stop IE7 from protecting me from what I
    wanted to do.

    Every time I reach the point for USPS to call up Adobe crobat, IE7 BLOCKED
    access to the program with that cursed bleep and the warning bar. Give me a
    break! I did this same thing on Ebay shipping for MONTHS under IE6. What's
    going on? How do I get around all this Big Brother stuff and get some work

    Finally I used my husband's computer - he didn't play 'early adopter' like I
    did and he still has IE6. It took less than five minutes to print the label.

    Hello Microsoft! Is anybody listening? I don't want that much control in my

    I like tabbed browsing, I like the neat features in IE7, but I don't want
    Big Brother to keep me from getting my job done! I'm about to revert to IE6
    and wait until IE7 SP3 to upgrade. I've got too much stuff on Ebay to waste
    time on every shipment!

    How do I choose what I want to run instead of IE7? How do I work around this
    hyper-protection and regain control of MY internet?

    I'm not just 'The Kat' right now' I'm The MAD Kat.
    The Kat, Sep 6, 2006
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  2. The Kat

    The Kat Guest

    Acrobat is a mixed bag. Some sites that access Acrobat have no trouble with
    IE7 - or at least the PRE-SP1 version. Two sites have accepted the IE7 RC1
    but I haven't visited all the sites since the recent update. I have a life.

    I've had no need to print USPS labels for several months and I can't
    remember whether that was before or after the IE7 download. I DO know that
    the eBay toolbar does not work with ANY version of IE7 and will not be
    modified until the final release. That is a minor inconvenience compared to
    the USPS problem. I can access eBay without the toolbar; I can't access USPS

    Thank you for your query, but how is your knowing the answer supposed to
    solve the problem of the annoying and restrictive pop-up that blocks access
    by the site? There must be some switch in the Internet Tools that will permit
    a site on my Safe List to run Acrobat Reader on my computer. How do I get
    around Big Brother? Go back to IE6?

    If there is no setting or override, WHY NOT. If I list a site as 'safe', it
    is no business of IE[anynumber] to tell me I cannot use the site or it's
    features. For that matter, there is no logical reason for IE[anynumber] to
    prevent my access to the internet should I choose to use 'unsafe' settings,
    but that is how IE7 RC1 works!

    Let us hope this 'We know better than you do' approach disappears in the
    final version.

    Meanwhile, I still have to print labels. What settings should I change?
    The Kat, Sep 6, 2006
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  3. Hi Kat,

    Just wondering...did you try adding USPS site to your firewall exceptions?

    blueridgetires, Jan 26, 2007
  4. Kat,

    You didn't mention checking the add-ons for one of the Adobe ones being in
    the disabled list.
    (tools - manage addons - enable or disable addons)

    As problem seems to be associated with Adobe you might be try going to the
    Adobe site and downloading their latest Adobe reader software. Versions
    previous to their latest were not happy with IE7, many people had to diasble
    the Adobe Addons to get things working in IE7. Add/remove all of adobe in
    control manel and then fetching the latest from Adobe cleared up many a
    Michael Walraven, Jan 26, 2007
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