IE7 Cookies policy constantly being reset to "All Cookies"

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by AliHarris, Oct 13, 2008.

  1. AliHarris

    AliHarris Guest

    In spite of repeatedly changing and applying settings to define acceptance of
    cookies in IE7 (prompt 1st party, block 3rd party), the policy is repeatedly
    being set to "accept all cookes" Pop-up blocker setting remains unchanged. I
    am running full Norton Protection and Ad-aware while disconnected from the
    internet and have removed/fixed/quarantined any threats. Is there anything
    else I can do ? Now being bombarded with dubious web pages and adverts.
    AliHarris, Oct 13, 2008
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  2. And what has Symantec Support had to say about all this?
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Oct 13, 2008
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  3. AliHarris

    Gus Guest

    Hi Ali, I have the same problem and it happened a few days back. I use
    windows xp, updated everything. I run bullguard in the background, and the
    have run ad aware 2008, prevx csi, xoftSpySE, spybot search and destroy, even
    used to clean registery stuff. I picked up loads of stuff,
    mainly minor 1 back door win32.backdoor virus, a virtuemonde thing, which I
    cleared. I even got sent hijack this, by bullguard support, which is tool
    that looks for hijacking activity in the deeper levels, and still nothing
    found. I reinstalled IE7, even used firefox browser, heck even when browser
    not opened by internet setting changes to all cookie accepted straight after
    I change it. This is a problem affected the deeper settings of the window
    internet setup. I think either there is a new virus,malware, something, or ..
    whatever malware has caused untold chnages to the windows internet settings
    (?at registry level), or something else altogether.

    It seems to much of a coincidence that this has happened exactly at the same
    time it happened to me.

    NOTE for WINDOWS FOLKS I hope windows will help please. How do you look at
    the registry level to see if the internet security cookie profile setting is
    ok ?

    Ali this problem is not a browser problem, as I have other browser. ry
    changing your setting from the control panel, and you will see the problem
    still exists.

    The one thing to note as well is when I reinstalled IE7, since then I have
    not been able to set my home page, as it keep going back to the default page
    you get when you first install it, asking for setting etc.

    Please help
    Gus, Oct 13, 2008
  4. See replies to your post in IE Security newsgroup, Gus.
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Oct 14, 2008
  5. AliHarris

    Gus Guest


    Important point is to get updates for all the programs before running them,
    so you catch the latest nasties.

    It was a lots of variants of trojan vundo. It took me the following heart
    gripping steps: (note i found everything by reading lots of info from the
    net, and google to get them)

    1. I ran bullguard antivirus, and didnt pick up much. (also ran spyware
    doctor which is paid for and found 1 TROJAN VUNDO and cleared).

    2. I ran spybot search and destroy (free) , and got a few baddies, nothing
    particularly causing the cookie prob as it was still there.

    3.I ran ad aware 2008(free) ad picked up 1 win32.backdoor virus and small
    minors. (again my problems were there).

    4. Then I ran Prevcsi(paid software downloaded) ,picked up minors, and few
    baddies, but my problems were still there.

    It was at this point I noted someone saying I should boot windows (mine is
    xp sp3) in safe mode by restaring and clicking lots of F8 as it starts, and
    choose safe mode (just the plain one). Then run anti spyware/anti virus
    things and before you clear off the nasties, you need to switch off system

    (You switch off system restore by on XP ,by right clicking on the My
    Computer button, and click on properties. Then choose the system restore
    button, and click the tick box so it cancels your system restore.)

    Restart your computer, and then go back to my computer and restart you
    system restore by unticking the box, and you see all your drives with
    monitoring on them. NOT DONE YET, IMPORTANT BIT, go to start button, click
    and go to program ,and click accessories, and click on system restore, and
    create a restore point.

    You may be wodering why we need to do this, but I am told some nasties like
    trojan actual live in the system restore in windows, and when you remove
    nasties and restart the system restore can bring back to life, as windows may
    think it is a critical restore.

    Anyhow, here were my next steps. (ideally you should heed that system
    restore point for all your scans), or after you have scanned using one
    software redo it to check it has stayed away later.

    5. I ran XoftspySE (paid) and it picked some baddies as well and lots of

    6. I got ccleaner,com a free registry cleaner at this point, and ran it
    think the bugs may have gone but maybe it broke something, but still my probs
    were there with the cookie setting.

    7. I ran superantispyware(free), and it picked up another type of vundo. AND
    my homepage was messes up, and everytime I opened my browser I had to set my
    cookie policy, but it held then) Again I though my resister is messed up , or
    something, so ..

    8. I used Regcure (which came with xoftspySE (I think) and it cleared lots
    of errors in registry, and my computer was falshing quick, but still the
    problem was there. ARRRGH!

    At this point I was about to give up.But then..

    9. I got Malwarebyte anti-malware (free), and it picked up 7-8 different
    variety of TROJAN VUNDOS, all over the place on my system. AND IT WAS

    Note I was using this system restore trick, as I wasnt taking any chances.

    10. Just to be sure I got spysweeper (, and used the 14 days
    trial, scanned and it was clear but 5 minor cookies.


    I have bullguard running now, with superantispyware(paid now so it will run
    real time checking), and xoftspySE doing occassional checks.


    Try all the free ones. I think malwarebytes anti-malware was what finally
    saved the day, but I can be sure t would have picked all the stuff the other
    did as well.

    MORAL of the day for me, is no more downloaded bits and bobs and you will
    get burned at some point.

    Good luck Ali. You can beat it
    Gus, Oct 14, 2008
  6. PA Bear [MS MVP], Oct 14, 2008
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