IE7 Problems - Right click and logging not working

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Simon Smith, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Simon Smith

    Simon Smith Guest


    I've installed IE7 RC1 on a few machines as IE6 and my firewall weren't
    playing fair and IE7 seemed to fix an issue I was having. I used the IEAK kit
    to make an install and it seemed to be okay except now the right click
    doesn't show up at all and I am unable to open links on intranet sites as
    they say restrictions are in place.

    I used the Group policy templates that came with IEAK to turn off tab
    browsing and it seems to have locked other things up.

    It doesn't reset the browser when I move the computer out of the test OU
    either so I have baulked it if I can't find the settings.

    I've turned on the compatability logging too which doesn't log anything for
    the blocked website restriction.

    Any pointers?
    Simon Smith, Oct 9, 2006
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  2. Simon Smith

    Rob ^_^ Guest

    Hi Simon,

    Enable Context menus is a IEAK setting. Use the IEAK Profile Manager to
    change this option in your inf files before creating the distribution

    There is the IEAK6 newsgroup where you may find additional help for IEAK

    Rob ^_^, Oct 9, 2006
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