IE7 proxy not passing user credentials to ISA04

Discussion in 'Windows Small Business Server' started by Tristan McElhinney, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I have 2 problems with a client. We are running SBS03 R2 Premium and the
    workstations are a mix of Vista business and XP Pro. Recently the users
    have been complaining that some websites that host streaming video popup
    asking for their workstation login credentials when they try and play a

    They can browse most websites fine, just not play the videos.

    I monitored the traffic for one of the Vista machines and I'm seeing this in
    the logs

    Action: Denied Connection
    Rule: SBS Internet Access Rule
    Username: Anonymous
    Source: internal
    Destination: External
    Method: Get

    It happens on both Vista and XP workstations. All the machines are using
    the latest ISA04 client and have the proxy settings configured in IE7.

    If I modify the SBS internet Access Rule and remove 'SBS internet users' and
    change it to 'All Users' it works fine. All the rules above this rule are
    set to 'All Users'.

    But since all the users were set up using SBS connectcomputer wizard and are
    all members of the 'SBS Internet Users' group, shouldn't this be working?

    The other problem which I think maybe related is when I generate an ISA web
    traffic report, it displays IP addresses instead of the Username which makes
    it hard for management to figure out who is doing what on the report.

    Any idea what is wrong?

    Tristan McElhinney, Nov 2, 2007
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