IE7 RC1 drop down menu problem with bbc world web site

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by FreeToErr, Oct 8, 2006.

  1. FreeToErr

    FreeToErr Guest

    The row of drop down menus (the row starting with "TV Listings") does not
    work with IE7 RC1 (under XP Pro SP2 all patches).

    The cursor does not change to a hand and passing the cursor over them either
    does nothing or generates various Runtime Errors (eg. Line 46 'qmim0' is

    I still have IE6 on another computer and that works fine. Has anybody else
    seen this?
    Any ideas much appreciated.
    FreeToErr, Oct 8, 2006
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  2. FreeToErr

    Rob ^_^ Guest

    Hi Free,

    Works fine 4 me except for a scripting error on the page. Hand cursor and
    drop-down menus work fine.

    Must be a security setting in your browser - Scripting enabled?

    Rob ^_^, Oct 8, 2006
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  3. FreeToErr

    FreeToErr Guest

    Thanks for your interest Rob.
    Scripting is enabled but, as you say, it could be one of the other
    parameters that's blocking the drop down. I have NIS 2006 installed which may
    also be causing problems (I tried switching this off to no avail). I guess
    the fact that we both have scripting errors may show that the site is not
    fully IE7 ready. Maybe I'll take it up with the beeb or see if it fixes
    itself with the "definitive" IE7 release sometime this month. Thanks again.
    FreeToErr, Oct 12, 2006

  4. The first error that I see is apparently caused by lack of awareness
    of IE7. E.g. in DQM_Script.js


    and then there is an error because a variable doesn't exist based on that.

    That happened once. Then there was another apparent coding error
    in the main page's body onload="init();" when there is no function called
    that defined. Again, this could be due to the code being unaware of
    IE7's User-Agent so that function would not be included for some reason
    but it's call would still be left in either as an oversight or under the assumption
    that it would be ignored by the browser class it concluded yours was. Etc.

    You could try using the IE6 User-Agent spoof
    E.g. download and install the ie6sp2.reg mod linked from this page:

    Or just disable scripting on the site.
    E.g. use Disable: Script with the IE Developer Toolbar

    The particular code that you are interested in is this
    (one line intentionally broken into three lines to avoid
    breaking any tokens due to linewrap.)

    <a href="template_tvlistings.asp?pageid=668"><img alt="TV Listings" src="../images/top_navigation/tv_listings.gif"
    width="104" height="22" border="0" name="menu0" id="menu0" onMouseOver="showMenu(event)"

    I have no idea why that wouldn't at least appear as a link
    with scripting disabled. It doesn't even appear as a link
    if I disable: Script, Images and All CSS. Sometimes
    disabling the latter two as well can expose a usable link.

    However, the IE Developer Toolbar's Validate Local HTML
    indicates that there are quite a few syntax problems
    so perhaps they are contribute to confusing or upsetting
    IE7's parser. IE7 is much less forgiving of such
    syntax errors than IE6 is.

    If nothing else you can use View Source to extract the href=
    parameter and then replace its parent document name
    in the Address bar after the current path.
    E.g. the one I extracted then becomes

    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle
    Robert Aldwinckle, Oct 12, 2006
  5. FreeToErr

    FreeToErr Guest

    Thanks Robert. Yes I have already tried the spoof and the page works without
    problems. As you say, clearly this site is not IE7 "ready". I also did a bit
    of debugging and saw that the site was confused about the browser (user
    agent). I decided to wait to see if the bbc fix the problems in time for the
    "official" release of IE7 later this month.

    I think a lot of sites will be caught napping by a fast IE7 takeup this
    month when Microsoft push it as an "automatic" update.

    A shopping site that I use was happy when I spoofed to IE6 "recognising" the
    browser as IE6 but in IE7 mode it thought I was using Netscape 4.0 and told
    me the site may not function correctly!
    Many Thanks.
    FreeToErr, Oct 15, 2006
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