IE7:Too much pain. Finally removed and installed Firefox

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by mabra, May 25, 2007.

  1. mabra

    mabra Guest

    Hi All !

    Just my two cents ....

    If one wishes to save space, reducing the number of lines for buttons,
    then the old favorites must be come back, which use the simple >> arrow
    pull-down to open your links folder. Otherwise you'll need the
    additional line for the menu :-(

    Additionally, there is no shorthand to open the "search in this page",
    like a button, if you don't have the menu.

    The back button is too far on top, the old position was much better.

    The favorites management is a pain. If you have a huge amount of
    subfolders, you must open each, just to see/remember, if there is
    something in it:The usual plus sign in front of the folders is missing.

    Opening the favorites view is also bad;you have additionally to click
    the arrow to extend the window, because it is usually too small.

    But, what is really an affront is, that IE now disables the possibility
    to change the font-size in my chm-based e-books, I naturally don't have
    the source of them to recompile. So I de-installed IE7 :-(

    I was a big fan of IE most of the times, but times are changing. I now
    installed firefox, to have a browser which allows me to change the
    font-size on fixed fonts .... although it's favorite management is bad
    too [such simple like on IE]. The zooming-idea is'nt bad, not not really
    needed, if you can chnage the font-size.

    The only thing I've expected from IE is integration with RSS feeds. Tabs
    are something I never need, I prefer to have multiple pages open most at
    the time. Since tabs are born this type of mess comes to all MS GUIs,
    which is much worse in comparsion to have multiple windows open, for
    example in SQL Server manager or something like this.

    And it was and is always a pain to work with MS-Help, any version. There
    is not one change to set a system-wide minimal font-size. Additionally,
    html-help/chm even until to day [!!!!] - and they tell uninterrupted
    about usablility - is without any button to change the font-size in the
    current document. If you use IE to change fonts-size, even your e-mails
    appear larger or smaller. What please, has a e-book, a web-page any my
    e-mail to do with another?????????????

    Thanks, no IE!

    mabra, May 25, 2007
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