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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by RichmondDon, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. RichmondDon

    RichmondDon Guest

    Running IE7 under Vista Business, IE7 doesn't know how to open PDF files
    obtained from a secured webpage. This is the scenario:

    1. The website is You navigate to the "Company" documents
    that you want.
    2. Clicking on the document you want (a news release, for example) brings up
    a security window with the usual jumbled letters and numbers.
    3. The "accept" button is pressed once the security question is answered.
    4. In XP, the underlying document then opens in the appropriate reader.
    (They're all PDF files.)
    5. In Vista, a security warning window pops up, giving "CheckFile" as the
    name of the file, with an unknown file type, and the question asking whether
    you'd like to search online to open the named file or save it.
    6. Sometimes, the security warning windows pops up and the file name is
    given as "", with the message options to save it to desk or find a
    program to open the alleged file.

    I came across a similar problem using IE7 under XPHome at a different
    secured website. That problem was fixed by messing with the enable / disable
    settings under the "Download" part of the Security tab. But I haven't found
    the particular settings that work for Vista.
    RichmondDon, Jul 2, 2008
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