IE7-Vista Tabbed Browsing Rendering Bug Still Not Fixed

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by HostMasterX, May 9, 2007.

  1. HostMasterX

    HostMasterX Guest

    I notice we got an IE7 patch yesterday, and a bug I've witnessed is not
    fixed. I won't bother reading the rest of the 400 pages to see if it has
    been reported here. When using tabs in IE7, tabs after the first one are not
    in full color. They may be in 16-bit color instead of 24-bit. To make this
    obvious, go to - it is a popular technology news site run
    by the guys from AnandTech. View how the site uses gradations of gray and
    white. Now open some news articles in other tabs and then go to the tabs.
    Notice the gradations are not correct. They're posterized is the graphical
    term, using less colors than they're supposed to. I find this to be an
    obnoxious bug. I'm using an nVIDIA GF7 graphics card with the latest
    drivers, and I have to doubt it's an nVIDIA problem. Also, I like to know
    Microsoft cares. I don't want to wait until Fall for Vista SP1 to fix it.

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    HostMasterX, May 9, 2007
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