IE7 will not allow certain words in search..

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Elaine, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    I am unable to use Greek in the search box, IE shuts down.
    What's the deal with that?
    That's inexcusable.
    You want to worry about "American collegiate non-humor at its finest." ?
    Now you ARE wasting my time.
    Elaine, Nov 5, 2006
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  2. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    Try it.
    I am trying to look up Greek Mythology. In the search box I get to Gre and
    then IE crashes.
    How lame is that?
    Elaine, Nov 5, 2006
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  3. Elaine

    rocky Guest

    It doesn't happen to me. I can type "Greek Mythology" and press Alt+Enter to
    open it in a new tab without any problems. There must something wrong with
    your IE7 installation. Does it do the same thing in No Add-ons Mode?
    rocky, Nov 5, 2006
  4. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    I'm sorry, I don't know how to access No Add-ons mode. I was typing it in
    the search bar, if that helps?
    Should I normally be in No Add-ons?
    Thanks, Elaine
    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
  5. Elaine

    PA Bear Guest

    Right-click on the blue IE icon on your desktop > Select "Start without

    You may have a horked install of IE7. I suggest reading the following

    Sandi's notes on "IE7 Gold", including Installation Tips

    ....and then uninstalling and reinstalling IE7 per Sandi's tips.

    Also see:

    IEBlog : IE7 Installation and Anti-Malware Applications

    What's New in Internet Explorer 7
    PA Bear, Nov 6, 2006
  6. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    Say what? I appreciate your help but....
    A. I don't have A blue IE icon on my desktop. I have a bunch of IE icons on
    my desktop, which are short cuts. I never did keep any version of IE on my
    desktop, a waste of space, and redundant.
    I do have one in my start up menu, and one in my quick launch bar, that's
    B. Right clicking does not give me any start up choices, It gives me
    properties, send to, etc....
    C. what in gods name is "horked"?
    D. reading through that site....don't tell me we are on the genuine windows
    crap again. Is that what you mean by horked?
    E. Was working fine for the last week, and I bought my windows xp pro. Also
    bought all three of my kid's genuine copies, with all three of their
    laptops. so don't even go there with me.
    F. If you are that is <s>
    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
  7. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    Just looked up "horked" in the search *bar* of IE7, opposed to whatever we
    are calling the other search box:
    1. hork 2 up, 16 down

    To sell something. ie, auction, pawn, or peddle.

    I just horked my old skates on eBay.

    by Mark Feb 13, 2005 email it
    Send to a friend
    your email:
    their email:

    2. hork 91 up, 34 down

    v. to steal something, though not usually applicable to shoplifting or
    grand theft.

    I turned around for five minutes and someone horked my pepsi from the
    fridge at work.

    by aksarah Aug 24, 2003 email it
    3. Hork 58 up, 36 down

    1. To vomit.
    2. The summoning of phlegm, in preparation for spitting.

    "My cat horked a big hairball on the sofa"

    And gosh, I just spent 5 days getting everything customized so I could
    post and view stationery and make IE functional, and now I am supposed to
    uninstall, and re-install??

    Who are you? The Microsoft HORK police? If so, you people are

    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
  8. Elaine

    rocky Guest

    Go to Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->System Tools-->Internet Explorer
    (No Add-ons). If everything works fine in No Add-ons mode, then it must be
    an add-on causing the problem. Read for troubleshooting
    information. If it still doesn't work, then something else must be the
    cause. Try typing Greek Mythology into the address bar and see if that
    works. If it does, you could hide the search box using a registry file at and simply using the address bar to
    rocky, Nov 6, 2006
  9. Elaine,

    Many of us have confirmed no problems with the search bar, so perhaps there
    is something on your system that isn't quite right. In fact, there are a
    few of us here for whom IE7 is working perfectly.

    You may be able to access "Start without add-ons" this way: Start > All
    Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

    My guess is that "horked" means corrupted. Perhaps your installation of IE7
    didn't work correctly and that uninstalling and then reinstalling it might
    fix the problems.

    John Blaustein, Nov 6, 2006
  10. Elaine,

    There's another thread: "Re: [Blank page] Connecting..." It says:

    "I went through all Add-ons in Start > Control Panel > Internet Options >
    Programs > Manage Add-ons, disabled all then enabled them one at a time. In
    my case the slowness was caused by SSVHelper Class. I disabled it and
    enabled the rest. The problem is gone.

    You might try disabling add-ons one at a time and see if you can find the
    culprit. In IE7, click the Tools dropdown menu, the Manage Add-ons,
    Enable/Disable Add-ons. The rest should be self-explanatory. Turn them all
    off and see if the problem goes away. Enable them one at a time to isolate
    the "bad guy."

    John Blaustein, Nov 6, 2006
  11. Elaine

    PA Bear Guest

    A. See Rocky's reply: Start-->All Programs-->Accessories-->System
    Tools-->Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).

    B. If you've chosen not to have the default IE icon on your desktop, yes,
    that's what you'll see.

    C. To foul up; to be broken; See

    D/E. I didn't go there, you did.

    F. I'm not.
    PA Bear, Nov 6, 2006
  12. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    It worked perfectly for over a week. In fact it just stopped this evening.
    My search BAR still works just fine.
    Thank you for directing me to IE(no add-ons), I was able to find that,
    although the search box still freezes IE, but not the search bar. I have
    added a few different search engines....perhaps that's part of my problem?
    Will let you know if I find the solution. I tend to stick with something and
    work out the bugs, when possible, opposed to uninstalling and reinstalling.
    I figure there is always plenty of time to uninstall.
    Elaine :)
    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
  13. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    Thanks Rocky!
    no add-ons still doesn't work, but typing it into the address bar, and the
    search bar, works fine.
    I will use the hide registry fix, after all, how many searches does one
    person need? <s>
    Thanks all.
    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
  14. Elaine

    PA Bear Guest

    It worked perfectly for over a week. In fact it just stopped this evening.

    Such sudden changes are often due to hijackware, Elaine.
    PA Bear, Nov 6, 2006
  15. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    I apologize for taking any frustration out on you PA Bear.
    And actually, I like IE7 and working out bugs is fine. I have had a few
    phone call issues with MS, and spent hours on the phone proving I have
    legitimate software, so I'm sorry for over reacting.
    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
  16. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    Thanks John, I will do that, and thanks for your time. Something must have
    been added on to make such a sudden change.

    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
  17. Elaine

    PA Bear Guest

    No problem. I understand and can empathize with your frustration.

    Should you continue to have problems authenticating/validating, try
    following this simple troubleshooting procedure, courtesy of MS MVP Carey

    1. Download and install the WGA Diagnostic Tool

    2. After running the WGA Diagnostic Tool, click on the "Windows" tab and
    then click on "Copy to Clipboard".

    3. Next, visit the following website and create a post in the "WGA
    Validation Problems" forum and paste the results of the WGA Diagnostic Data
    in a detailed post:

    4. A WGA troubleshooting specialist will analyze the data and recommend an
    appropriate solution.
    PA Bear, Nov 6, 2006
  18. Elaine

    Elaine Guest

    Thanks, I sent this to myself.
    Silly to get angry at a computer.
    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
  19. Elaine

    PA Bear Guest

    Careful, your computer might get angry with you in restribution. <w>
    PA Bear, Nov 6, 2006
  20. Elaine

    Elaine Guest


    Elaine, Nov 6, 2006
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