Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by crusherthedrummer, Nov 25, 2006.

  1. this is the very worst browser I ever used. I want to put tools where " I "
    want them not work wherever "you" put them. you have made my working
    invironment awkward and unessecerily tedious. Please adjust your software
    with an update allowing full articulation of docking browsers and the ability
    to turn features off, or revert to a "classis" view. I dont need a search
    bar, I want all the control radio buttons on the top left of the screen l;ike
    all the other software we use is, I want the file menu ON TOP of the address
    bar, and my arrangement of icons below. Oh yes, so it loks like IE 5 and 6!
    the new software is obviously a security improvement, but your design is

    This post is a suggestion for Microsoft, and Microsoft responds to the
    suggestions with the most votes. To vote for this suggestion, click the "I
    Agree" button in the message pane. If you do not see the button, follow this
    link to open the suggestion in the Microsoft Web-based Newsreader and then
    click "I Agree" in the message pane.
    crusherthedrummer, Nov 25, 2006
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  2. crusherthedrummer

    Gordon Guest

    Then stay with IE6. Presumably you want Windows XP to look like windows
    95 or 3.11??????
    Gordon, Nov 25, 2006
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  3. crusherthedrummer

    BillyG Guest

    I didn't see or hear of anyone complaining about the looks or appearance of
    IE7. I think the real problem is that it simply doesnt work. It can't be
    relied on to get you where you want to go, it can't be relied on to work in
    any real sense other than some web sites might work ok sometimes. I can't
    even get windows updates to work now since i installed IE7. Would like to
    'cause I know there's some information in there to re-installing IE6. Is
    the problem with IE7 a glitch in a new system, or the wat ahead for those who
    opt to try keeping their software up to date.
    Mozilla Firefox has been a savior over the last week.
    BillyG, Nov 25, 2006
  4. crusherthedrummer

    Glenn S. Guest

    That's what I did, and I'm happy with my decision.
    How can you presume that, when he said nothing of the sort?
    He didn't complain about Windows XP at all. When someone writes
    about an orange, you always try to compare it to an apple. Your
    "presumptions" aren't presumptions at all. They're just efforts keep
    end users and non-computer nerds from posting complaints about IE7
    here, seeing that others who do are put down with condescending
    remarks. Your attempts to take the focus off of the multitude of
    IE7's problems are transparent. Your goal of keeping complaints about
    IE7 to an absolute minimum here are thinly veiled, too.
    Glenn S., Nov 25, 2006
  5. crusherthedrummer

    Gordon Guest

    My presumption, if you'd read what I posted, was that the OP just wants
    everything to look like the previous version! Hence the (sarcy) comment
    about XP looking like 95....
    Gordon, Nov 25, 2006
  6. crusherthedrummer

    Max Burke Guest

    BillyG scribbled:
    It works fine (and better than IE6) for me. What are the EXACT problems you
    are having?????

    PS: Not liking the new UI is NOT a problem with IE 7, neither is it a bug
    that Microsoft needs to fix, or something that makes IE 7 worse than any
    other browser.
    Those are thing that only YOU can fix, it is not something that can be fixed
    by anyone else in this forum, at Microsoft, or in the real world...

    Customised IE 7
    Max Burke, Nov 25, 2006
  7. crusherthedrummer

    Max Burke Guest

    Glenn S. scribbled:
    Complaints abot the way the NEW UI in IE 7 looks are BS complaints, and
    cannot be fixed in this forum, at Microsoft, or in the real world.

    The only ones who can fix that problem are the people that have the problem
    with IE 7's NEW look.
    The source/cause of that problem is the attitudes aqnd perceptions of the
    people making the complaint, and then demanding others/Microsoft needs to
    fix THEIR problem.
    They/you should stop wasting bandwidth, and post any REAL problems they/you
    might have running IE 7.

    snip rest...

    Fully customised IE 7
    Max Burke, Nov 25, 2006
  8. crusherthedrummer

    Glenn S. Guest

    Now there's the arrogance of Microsoft, all packed into one
    paragraph. Only a company with a near monopoly would be so arrogant.
    What other company could survive with such an attitude?

    Glenn S.
    Non-computer nerd user of IE6.

    If you don't like Internet Explorer 7, and want to go back to IE6,
    go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
    Find Windows Internet Explorer 7, highlight it, and click "Remove".
    That will take you back to IE6. It worked perfectly for me, for
    which I am grateful to Microsoft.
    Glenn S., Nov 25, 2006
  9. crusherthedrummer

    Glenn S. Guest

    So, if we end users don't like the Google Toolbar being shoved
    into a corner so it can't open search buttons for each search word, as
    it's designed to do, we're simply full of shit, huh?
    You're right about that. The only way I could fix IE7's
    slowness and crappy interface was to delete it.
    So Microsoft is perfect, huh? That's exactly what you're

    Years from now, other companies will take advantage of the
    arrogance of Microsoft, which you so aptly demonstrate. I hope I live
    to see their stock dive.

    I don't hate Microsoft. I've been a customer since the early
    '80's, and I'm still a customer. I just hate arrogant jerks.
    They can't. All their complaints are in their head, right?

    You're right about one thing. Someone here is full of shit.
    The bad news for you is, it's you.

    Glenn S.
    Non-computer nerd user of IE6.

    If you don't like Internet Explorer 7, and want to go back to IE6,
    go to Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
    Find Windows Internet Explorer 7, highlight it, and click "Remove".
    That will take you back to IE6. It worked perfectly for me, for
    which I am grateful to Microsoft.
    Glenn S., Nov 25, 2006
  10. Are you kidding? This newsgroup is littered with people complaining about
    the layout and customization options. My problem is that the big advantage
    of a GUI interface and the one provided by microsoft is that it is Intuitive.
    That means that users will know how to use it because they've used other
    software that all has the same look and feel. I don't have a problem with
    changing the look and feel if it matches what we'll see in Vista but when
    releasing it for a prior Windows version, it should be able to match that
    interface. It's not natural for people to look for icons in odd places. The
    second problem I have is that I can no longer fit the toolbars into two lines
    at the top of the browser. Now it takes three or four and wastes space.

    As for functionality, the only real problem I saw was that it had trouble
    rendering some pages. While at first I may have thought that these were due
    to the way the page was written, I found that it rendered fine in IE6 and
    Firefox and Opera so I have to assume it's a problem with IE7. Some of the
    page elements (Don't know for sure if they were iframes or table cells)
    actually overlayed half a line of text above them so that it was very
    difficult to read.

    I only had IE 7 installed for about half an hour and gave up on it. I'd
    love to use IE7 but have not need for tabs (I'm one of the few that prefer
    not to use them) and don't like the fact that it takes up neary twice the
    real estate in my browser window and that the toolbar layout is not
    consistent with any other application on my system.
    George Slater, Nov 26, 2006
  11. crusherthedrummer

    Max Burke Guest

    Glenn S. scribbled:
    Naaa it isn't. Why should anyone, including Microsoft have to waste time
    and money either in this forum trying to fix the BS complaints of a FEW
    users who dont like new look of IE 7.
    Any 'monopoly' Microsoft might have exists because there is simply no other
    'entity' or nothing that can replace the OS'es or software that Microsoft
    provides to the ordinary computer user.
    Max Burke, Nov 26, 2006
  12. Le Sun, 26 Nov 2006 15:17:42 +1300, Max Burke a caressé son clavier pour
    nous dire :
    provides is not the right word .... sells is a better one.
    Michel Doucet, Nov 26, 2006
  13. crusherthedrummer

    Max Burke Guest

    Michel Doucet scribbled:
    Yes it is. As is selling...

    Linux certianly cant provide the ordinary computer user with any sort of
    viable alternaive to Windows, and the other products and services Microsoft
    provides and sells to their customers.
    Max Burke, Nov 26, 2006
  14. crusherthedrummer

    Gordon Guest

    Absolute RUBBISH. Tell me what "Linux cannot provide".
    Gordon, Nov 26, 2006
  15. crusherthedrummer

    Alias Guest

    Why the Windows Product Activation and Windows Genuine Advantage
    programs of course! Not only that, Linux doesn't provide Internet
    Explorer 7 or Windows Media Player 11!

    Alias, Nov 26, 2006
  16. crusherthedrummer

    Alias Guest

    Naive is right.
    Oh, I can live without WGA/WPA/SPP/IE7 and WMP11 just fine, thank you
    very much.

    Alias, Nov 26, 2006
  17. Le Sun, 26 Nov 2006 14:14:18 +0100, Alias a caressé son clavier pour nous
    dire :
    Is not it better to choose ff and Mediaplayer amongst other nice softs ?
    Michel Doucet, Nov 26, 2006
  18. crusherthedrummer

    Gordon Guest

    Or BSODs or susceptibility to malware trojans and viruses. Of course!
    Gordon, Nov 26, 2006
  19. crusherthedrummer

    Max Burke Guest

    Gordon scribbled:
    WAY OFF TOPIC for this forum...

    Where do I start....

    Lack of driver support for common hardware, or alternatively bug ridden
    drivers for common hardware.
    Easy installs of software. (having top use the command line and VERY
    confusing commands to install software is NOT a good user experience)
    Lack of support for Linux and OSS bug fixes. (it is NOT a good user
    experience to have to do google searches to find out what the bugs are let
    alone to find if there is a fix available)
    A simple reboot of the computer to install updates to the OS. (Having to
    recompile the OS to update it is NOT a good user experience.)
    A simple 'line of evolution' for the OS. Having every man and his dog
    decide they can do a better OS just leads to user confusion when deciding
    what is the best version of the Linux OS for ANY user.
    Not needing the 'source code' of the OS to fix the bugs in the OS.
    Ordinary users should not need the source code let alone need to required to
    read and understand the source just to have their computers work the way
    they want to...
    Support for the the most commonly used pruductivity suite of software used
    by most ordinary computer users all over the world. Having to run a
    'emulator to run MS Office doesn't cut it. Neither does OO.

    If you want to continue this 'debate' take it to COLA....
    Max Burke, Nov 26, 2006
  20. Le Mon, 27 Nov 2006 10:30:27 +1300, Max Burke a caressé son clavier pour
    nous dire :

    You're right, stay with your black box OS, your virus, worms, spywares,
    malwares, IE7 is really a great soft, the soft which put troubles in other
    softs .... it is NOT a good user experience.
    Michel Doucet, Nov 26, 2006
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