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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Henry, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Henry

    Henry Guest

    Running 3GHz CPU, 2 G RAM, WinXP Pro SP3, hi speed internet (Comcast)

    IE8 has been working just fine on my computer for months. IE8 about a couple
    of months ago started not loading videos from *some* sites like It does load YouTube and videos from other sites and .swf
    files from my hard drive. I've contacted Marketwatch and they have no
    answer. IE8 works just fine on my wife's computer. I opened IE8 to
    tools/internet options on both my computer and my wife's and compared the
    settings for all tabs and they are exactly the same, but her IE8 works and
    mine doesn't. I have the latest version of flash and Java. I installed
    Microsoft Silverlight 4.0.51204.0 to no avail. I disabled Windows firewall
    and Avast to no avail and enabled them again. I re-booted in Safe Mode with
    Networking and got the same bad results. I un-installed SP3 and IE8 and
    re-installed both and then got all the updates, with no luck with the
    video's. I did a clean boot and tried IE8 with no luck. I ran ie8-regeg.cmd
    and that didn't help. I switched to compatibility mode (IE7) no luck. I used
    Microsofts FixIt program with no luck. I made a new account and transfered my
    old profile over except for the ntuser files. IE8 would not play videos in
    my new account.

    Anyone got any other ideas please?
    Henry, Apr 19, 2011
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  2. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    What's in your 'hosts' file? Unless you update and manage your own
    hosts file to use in blocking unwanted content, you won't know what's
    included in a pre-compiled hosts file you got from elsewhere (ex., MVP's
    hosts file) unless you look in it to see what's listed. Even if isn't listed, content there may be sourced elsewhere and
    that's what gets blocked.

    What security software do you have running? Uninstalled it during test?
    What spam/ad blockers did you install?

    Whose DNS server are you using?
    Have the TCP settings in registry been tampered?
    Keys under here define the TCP interfaces and malware can change these
    so you end up using a different DNS server than you think you are.

    Have you uninstalled and reinstalled the Adobe Flash Player (from
    Adobe's web site, not from somewhere else that claimed you needed a
    newer version and "offered" it to you from their site)? Got any other
    FLV/SWF players installed?
    VanguardLH, Apr 19, 2011
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  3. Henry

    Henry Guest

    One entry for localhost

    I'm not comfortable about giving out the number.
    Avast ver 5.0.667
    Yes and it didn't help
    None running in background. SuperAntiSpyware, SpywareBlaster,
    MalwareBytes'Anti-Malware Again, I'm not comfortable about giving out the number.

    Went there and couldn't find anything about TCP settings. I must be using
    the right DNS server because everything else works. Correct?
    Cam Studio, FLV Player, WinAmp

    I've had all of the above for as long as I've had IE8. IE8 worked just fine
    up to about 2 months ago. It still plays video's on many sites and on
    YouTube and on .swf files on my hard drive and on There are
    other sites it won't play video's on like
    works fine except for not being able to play video's there. Their updates,
    text, pictures and sound all work OK.
    Henry, Apr 20, 2011
  4. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest
    It's the same for EVERYONE.
    Why do you care about the IP address for Comcast's DNS server? It's the
    same suite of servers used by all Comcast users and can be found
    published many places.

    I never asked you for *your* IP address, did I?
    A phish/scam site's DNS server doesn't lie about all IP address lookups.
    Which makes it appear you installed an update (or you authorized it by
    allowing automatic updates).
    That's why I'm wondering what is the *source* for those .flv videos that
    won't play. Just because you're visiting doesn't mean
    the videos come from there. Got an example video (web page and where is
    the video in that page)?
    VanguardLH, Apr 20, 2011
  5. Henry

    Henry Guest

    The only updates have been for Microsoft, Avast and my malware. No new
    programs installed.
    Go to http:/ and click on any of the video's. IE8 doesn't
    play any of them. Go to or YouTube and IE8 plays all of them. I
    don't know if they are .flv video's or what they are.

    Henry, Apr 20, 2011
  6. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    That's not Comcast's DNS server. 192.168.x.x is an internal IP address
    somewhere in YOUR network, like maybe the one in your router (which
    really isn't a DNS server but merely fails the lookup to then pass it up
    to whatever it is configured to use as its DNS server).
    I found lots of links that took me elsewhere. No videos on their home
    page (when I happened to visit their site). One link took me to:

    The videos didn't load there. Looks like their streaming source is dead
    or the link to it has failed. Or it could be they restrict some content
    until you establish an account and log into their site (I'm not going to
    bother creating an account there). Did you login and retest?
    VanguardLH, Apr 20, 2011
  7. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I don't know how to find it.

    Here's two:

    I logged in and went there and your example wouldn't play. There are many
    places on with videos. They are all marked with a little camera.

    This has been going on for a couple of months on my computer. On my wife's
    and our laptop, IE8 works great on so I don't think their
    link has failed. I think it's a problem with *my* computers IE8.

    As I said above, yes I did login. I thought of that when it started acting
    up a couple of months ago and established an account then.

    Henry, Apr 20, 2011
  8. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    With my real OS instance, in IE8 there is no right-arrow (indicating a
    Play button) and the videos won't play. With my guest OS instance
    (running WinXP+IE8 in a virtual machine), the videos play. The
    difference is my IE8 on my real OS instance is configured to block many
    ad content sources along with cookie blocking. I don't block cookies
    from specific sites because IE8 is configured to delete all cookies when
    it exits. I have cookie management configured in IE8 to disallow 3rd
    party cookies. These are cookies written by the domain you are visiting
    but specify a different domain within them. The web browser prevents a
    domain from accessing a cookie that isn't for its domain but it does
    permit writing cookies for a different domain (so when you visit there
    then that other domain can open that cookie). This is one way to trace
    your web navigation (it's an old tracking scheme). I suppose it is also
    possible to open a frame within a web page on one domain that is
    actually for another domain but I configure IE8 to block that. If a
    site isn't willing to route all of their content through their domain,
    even for ads from another domain, then I don't want to see that piped
    content (for which the domain will disclaim responsibility regarding
    content and effects).

    I notice in my real host that IE8 shows me it is blocking cookies from
    doubleclick, atdmt, imrworldwide (a multi-magazine publisher), and wsod.
    I know many sites demand that you save all they cookies they want to
    puke onto your host for their site to function but I don't care. I'm
    not interested in them tracking my web navigation and most of this crap
    is for advertising which is funneled through their domain rather than
    being sourced from there.

    Because I have IE8 delete all cookies on exit, I no longer bother with a
    custom cookie management setup (Internet Options -> Privacy ->
    Advanced). I just use the Medium cookie management scheme. It could be
    that policy level is too restrictive for the Marketwatch site to get
    their 3rd party (other domain) cookies on my host for which they punish
    me by not delivering all content. If you setup a custom cookie policy,
    that can cause cookies to get rejected. Also, if you go under the
    Internet Options -> Security tab and look at the Restricted Sites list,
    maybe those 3rd party domains are listed. If so, no content will be
    accepted from there. I happen to use SpywareBlaster which includes a
    Restricted Sites list that I add to IE8. Doubleclick and ATDMT are in
    the Restricted Sites list (after using SpywareBlaster to put them
    there). Those are big media content providers. Sites will funnel
    through the media content but it comes through these 3rd party content
    providers, so if you block content from those 3rd party media content
    providers then you won't see it at the site it gets funnelled through.
    This funnelling lets the site not have to deal with setting up the media
    delivery while letting the 3rd party content provider track who (which
    site) is using their content, who (by user) is using their content (for
    demographics), and restrict what gets delivered if, for example, users
    choose to block that content. You might not want everything that a site
    wants to dump into your web browser but they can see what you omitted
    and decide not to give you all their content if you block some of it.

    SpywareBlaster (the free version) does not stay resident. You update it
    and use it to add entries in the registry. One of these registry
    updates is to add domains/hosts to the Restricted Sites in the web
    browser. There are other security products that do the same thing by
    either adding the entries in the registry which configures the web
    browser to block that source for content or they filter it on-the-fly by
    interrogating your web traffic. You mentioned using Avast but not which
    version. Back in Avast 4.8, there was a URL blocking feature which they
    removed in v5 but restored in v6, so it's possible some sites and
    thereby their content is being filtered out by Avast (or some other
    security product you aren't aware you used or are using).
    VanguardLH, Apr 20, 2011
  9. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I'm sorry but your last post lost me entirely. I'm sorry for being so dumb.
    Would you be so kind to take the time to walk me through what my settings
    should be please? Are there places that I should look for problems from any
    of the antivirus/malware products that I have/had? I have Avast 5.0.677
    presently. So as an example where would I look to find problems from that? I
    don't understand about your comments on hosts either. As I said before I only
    found the one host file and it had only one entry "local host"

    I didn't mention that I had Spybot S & D and Adaware on for many years before
    IE8 started acting up. I deleted them on the advice of another person but
    perhaps they did something before I deleted them. If I go to IE8/Tools there
    is still an entry "Spybot-Search Search Destroy Configuration" even though
    I've deleted it and when I click on it nothing happens.

    The confusing part is that I have my computer, my wife's computer and our
    laptop all running WinXP Pro SP3 and IE8 with the same antivirus/malware
    products and it's only my computer that is having problems. I opened IE8 in
    both my computer and my wife's computer and went to Internet Options and
    compared each and every tab and they are exactly the same on both computers.

    Thanks for hanging with me. Henry
    Henry, Apr 21, 2011
  10. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    Internet Options -> Security -> Restricted Sites security zone Anything
    listed there?

    Internet Options -> Privacy -> Advanced What's the settings there?

    I no longer have Avast. I think v4.8 was when they removed the URL
    blocking feature (where you could list domains from where it blocked
    content) and then they restored it in v6. You're in between at v5.0 so
    you probably don't have the URL blocking feature. Have you yet
    uninstalled Avast and retest?

    I remember seeing someone else complaining that S&D was still listed as
    an add-on for IE although they uninstalled it. I think one of its
    components is sdhelper.dll and users complained IE didn't work
    correctly after an incomplete uninstall of Spybot but with this add-ons
    still listed in IE. Go to the Spybot forums to ask how to completely
    eradicate that program from your host. I found an article on their
    site ( but it
    doesn't address how to edit the registry to remove lingering add-on
    definitions for IE. I haven't bothered using Spybot S&D for many years
    (and it doesn't appeal to me now, either, since other products are

    Have you yet tried rebooting Windows into its safe mode (with
    networking) and ran IE8 in its no add-ons mode?
    Having the same software suite doesn't preclude differences in
    configuration or differences in update state. You may have to
    temporarily all the security software to see if the problem gets solved
    except leave the Windows firewall (and the one in your router) enabled.
    VanguardLH, Apr 21, 2011
  11. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I don't have a security zone option but under sites there are hundreds listed.
    Override Automatic Cookie Handling is Un-checked and all the other boxes are
    grayed out.

    I re-installed Spybot and then un-installed it and S&D was no longer listed
    as an add-on for IE. I'll go to the Spybot forum and ask about completely
    uninstalling it.

    Go to the Spybot forums to ask how to completely
    I went to the above URL and it said to go to C:\Documents and Settings\All
    Users\Application Data\Spybot - Search & Destroy\ and delete that also. I did
    that but IE8 still wouldn't play video's.

    Yes to both.

    I have disconnect from the internet and disabled Avast to no availe. The
    malware programs I have are only running when I call them up, they are not
    running in the background.

    Thanks, Henry
    Henry, Apr 21, 2011
  12. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    Are you saying there is no Security tab under Internet Options? If so,
    how could you see hundreds of listed sites if there's no tab to view
    them? WHERE are you seeing hundreds of sites listed?
    VanguardLH, Apr 21, 2011
  13. Henry

    Henry Guest

    You said Restricted Sites security zone and I said I didn't have a security
    zone option but I did have a Sites option and that's where I went and saw
    hundreds of sites listed.

    Henry, Apr 21, 2011
  14. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    "Restricted Sites" *is* the security zone. Under Internet Options ->
    Security tab, there should be 4 security zones listed:

    Local intranet
    Trusted sites
    Restricted Sites

    The "My Computer" security zone is not normally shown as a selection
    unless you do a registry edit to show it in the Security tab panel.
    All of these security zones can have a sites list for them (except the
    Internet security zone).

    The Security tab shows you the security zones. You pick one. Then you
    can click on the Sites button to add/delete/edit domains listed for
    that security zone. So by saying you could click on a Sites button
    means you *did* select a security zone. Whether or not it was the
    Local internet, Trusted sites, or Restricted Sites security zone
    depends on what you selected before clicking on the Sites button.

    If you don't see a Security tab under Internet Options or some of the
    security zones are not shown under that tab then either you, someone you
    let onto your host, or malware has edited the registry to remove access
    to those objects.

    Under the Internet Options applet, do you see a Security tab?

    Under the Security tab, what security zones are listed?

    After selecting the Restricted Sites security zone and clicking on the
    Sites button, are any listed? If so, are doubleclick.(com|net) or included in that list?
    VanguardLH, Apr 21, 2011
  15. Henry

    Henry Guest

    Those are what show for me.

    Local intranet
    Trusted sites
    Restricted Sites
    These are all listed along with, I'm guessing, hundreds of others.


    Internet is set for Medium, but there is a Custom Level button that will
    allow you to dot various items.

    Local Intranet is set to Medium-low and clicking sites "Automatically detect
    intranet network" is checked and all of the other boxes are grayed out. Under
    advanced websites is blank.

    Trusted sites is set to Medium and under sites I had added

    Henry, Apr 21, 2011
  16. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    No version of Internet Explorer or Windows has come with a preset list
    of sites under any security zone. YOU add those sites. That means you
    used some security or privacy program or a feature of it to add those
    sites to the restricted list. Because they're restricted means many
    HTML features are disabled there.

    You will have to decide whether to purge the sites list for the
    Restricted Sites security zone or to continue blocking that content
    (most of which are ads but can be any media type, like videos).
    VanguardLH, Apr 22, 2011
  17. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I deleted the ones you had me check for as shown in my last post and shut
    down IE8 and reloaded IE8 and it didn't make any difference. Still no
    video's. Are you saying I should delete everything in the site's list for
    Restricted Sites?

    Henry, Apr 22, 2011
  18. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I made a Dummy Account and opened IE8 in that account. When I went to the
    security zone, there was nothing listed in it. I then went to and the video's played just fine. I then went back to the
    security zone and there was nothing listed in the box.

    I then went to the security zone in my regular account and there were
    literally hundreds of sites listed. Unfortunately, they have to be removed
    one at a time. I removed all of them and re-booted and started up IE8 and
    without going to any site I looked in the security zone and there were eleven
    entries. Where do they come from in my regular account?

    I went to and the video's would not play. I reset IE8 and it
    didn't make any difference. No video's.

    What next? Henry
    Henry, Apr 22, 2011
  19. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    The sites list is under the following registry key:


    All security zones share the same registry key. The value for each data
    item specifies under which security zone an entry is categorized. Each
    site is listed as a registry key which has a "*" data item whose value
    specifies under which security zone that site belongs. The easiest way
    to delete the entire list is to delete the parent Domains key.

    Select the Domains registry key and delete hit (hit the Del key). Then
    recreate that registry key: right-click on its old parent ZoneMaps key,
    select New -> Key in the context menu, and create a new subkey named
    Domains. Rather than use the registry editor, you can alternatively use
    the command-line reg.exe utility to make registry changes (run "reg /?"
    at a command line to see its help). Load a command shell (cmd.exe) and
    at the command prompt run:

    reg.exe delete "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains"

    reg.exe add "HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\ZoneMap\Domains"

    You need to add double quotes around the keyname (to delete and add)
    because of the embedded space in the "Internet Settings" key; else, the
    program would think you were specifying more parameters after the first
    space (parsing in commands is done on space character boundaries).

    Remember that you are deleting all sites in all security zones by
    deleting all the subkeys (one for each site). If you have any sites
    listed under other security zones other than Restricted Sites, you'll
    lose those sites, too, from their security zones and you'll have to
    reenter them.

    Using the Restricted Sites security zone is just one way to block
    behavior from the listed sites. The content isn't blocked from those
    sites but they are choked as to what HTML functions they can performed,
    like not being able to runs scripts. Blocking script execution can be a
    cause why the content won't get delivered.

    You said you disabled Avast. You may have to uninstall it along with
    all your other security/privacy programs, especially any you don't
    understand how they work. Clean up your host and then retest. Then
    reinstall and educate yourself on each security/privacy program you
    install but do so one at a time.

    Besides Avast, what OTHER security/privacy software did you install on
    your host? A 3rd party firewall or using the Windows firewall?

    Have you looked at the Processes tab in Task Manager to ensure that you
    aren't running something in the background that might interfere or
    interrogate your web traffic? Do you recognize the processes that are

    You said you rebooted into Windows' safe mode and retested. Did you
    really boot into safe mode? I ask again because you said creating a new
    Windows account and using IE8 there did not incur the content blocking
    problem under your old Windows account. The startup items for your new
    account might not match something you load under your old account. That
    is, your old account may have a startup item that missing for your new
    account and that causes the interference.
    VanguardLH, Apr 22, 2011
  20. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I had deleted them one at a time and some wouldn't stay deleted. I used your
    reg statements and they worked just fine. Now when I go to IE8 restricted
    sites/sites the window is blank and it stays blank.
    Avast and my malware programs are active in the new account and IE8 works OK
    there so I'm not sure if I should uninstall and reinstall or not.

    I don't know what this means. I only had one entry in my host file and that
    was Local Host.

    On my computer I have Avast, SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes'Anti-Malware and
    SpywareBlaster. What do you mean "on your host?"
    I have the firewall on my router and Windows firewall only.
    In Task Manager in my regular account, I have many many processes listed and
    I have no idea what some of them are.
    When I look at Task Manager in the Dummy Account, there are not very many
    processes listed.
    I rebooted to SafeMode with networking so I could try IE8 and it did no good.
    IE8 still wouldn't play video's from

    I keep talking about because if we can get that fixed the
    other sites and URL's I think will follow. YouTube and work
    just fine.
    What happens if I delete the startup items in my regular account to match
    the items listed in the startup items in the Dummy account? Will I not be
    able to use some programs?

    Thanks, Henry
    Henry, Apr 22, 2011
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