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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Henry, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    host = computer

    I use "host" because this is a term to represent a node in a network
    diagram. A host could be a workstation, PC, mid- or mainframe, NAS
    (network attached storage), network printer, wifi netbook, etc.
    Which means you have many more startup items loading when you log into
    your old Windows account - and it could be one of those that is
    interferring with your use of IE (and possibly deliberately as a
    "feature" of that startup program).
    Run: msconfig.exe

    It doesn't remove any startup items. Instead it can only disable them
    (entries in the normal locations are moved to holding locations
    elsewhere so they don't get loaded from the normal locations).

    You already said you already tried starting Windows in its safe mode.
    For msconfig, that's the equivalent of disabling all startup items
    (diagnostic mode). This time, in msconfig, under the General tab,
    select the Selective Startup mode. Leave all items under it enabled
    except disable (deselect) the Load Startup Items option. This is the
    same as if you went under the Startup tab and deselected every item
    listed there (but deselecting one option is faster than deselecting
    lots of startup items). Then reload Windows.

    If IE8 and the site behave okay when you have disabled all startup
    items (well, those that msconfig can manage) then one of those startup
    items is causing the problem. You re-enable them one at a time, reload
    Windows, and retest. When the problem reappears, it's caused by the
    just previously re-enabled startup item.
    VanguardLH, Apr 23, 2011
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  2. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I'm sorry but I thought you were talking about my host file. I get confused
    I did that and got System Utility box. I checked Selective Startup mode and
    I unchecked Load Startup Items and left Process system.ini, Process Win.ini,
    Load system services checked and Use original boot ini dotted.

    I got the message "you must restart for some of the changes made to take
    effect", I clicked OK and my computer re-started. On restart the System
    Utility box re-appeared with everything as before except the Load Startup
    Items box was checked and grayed out. I click OK and I got the system restart
    box again, and when I clicked OK the system re-started and I got the System
    Utility box again and this went round and round and I never could get to the
    end. I was obviously in some kind of loop. On one of them I clicked don't
    restart and then tried IE8 with and I couldn't get video's
    just as before.
    I understand the above but I can't get out of the startup loop.

    Henry, Apr 23, 2011
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  3. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    If you make ANY changes in msconfig.exe, it figures it has to restart
    your computer to reload Windows to effect the changes you made. So
    don't make any changes. In fact, simply loading msconfig without making
    changes and then clicking on the OK button will have it restart Windows.
    On Windows reload, you'll see a warning dialog saying msconfig made
    changes. Well, you know you just did that. I forget the exact dialog
    but you simply want to tell msconfig that, yes, you made changes to the
    startup and you don't want to be told about it.

    After making changes with msconfig, and when it has you restart Windows,
    and after the restart, you'll see the following dialog when you login:

    Check the box "Don't show this message again"; otherwise, on the next
    reboot, you'll see this warning again. After selecting not to see the
    warning again and clicking the OK button, yes, msconfig will reappear.
    Just exit it (don't do another restart). You already made changes and
    did a restart. You don't want to do it again after the restart. You
    want to test after the restart, so exit out of msconfig after the

    After disabling all the startup items, doing the restart, clicking
    "don't show this again" in the prompt after restart, and after exiting
    msconfig after the restart, now go look at Task Manager's Processes tab
    and you should see a lot less processes are running. Now test IE8.
    VanguardLH, Apr 23, 2011
  4. Henry

    Henry Guest

    Again you are exactly correct as usual.
    The process tab had fewer items and all but Avast were un-checked.

    I ran IE8 and and it would *not* play videos. I bet you're
    running out of patience with me.

    Henry, Apr 23, 2011
  5. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    Is the only entry in your 'hosts' file the one for localhost
    (, or are there other entries?

    File = c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts

    I'm not sure this is relevant but I'm running out of ideas of where to
    look for the problem. If it had redirects for sites (to point at where the site obviously doesn't exist) then you can't get to
    those sites or their content. However, I believe you said that you
    created a new Windows account where the problem didn't happen yet the
    'hosts' file should be used by all Windows accounts.

    Without having access to dig around on the host, I've pretty much run
    out of ideas of where to look. Since creating a new Windows account
    eliminated the problem, you may have to simply move to the new Windows
    account. However, I suspect whatever you did to your old Windows
    account you will end up doing to your new Windows account and screw it
    up, too.

    Moving to a new Windows account means losing all the customizations from
    the old account. There is a way to copy user profiles from one Windows
    account to another but it takes some forethought plus you might end up
    bringing over whatever is the problem from your old Windows account.
    VanguardLH, Apr 23, 2011
  6. Henry

    Henry Guest

    That is the only entry.

    I looked at the Hosts file in the new account and it only had the localhost entry.

    I know this is dangerous, but I'm desperate and you're the most intellegent
    person that has tried to help me. Would you like control of my computer to
    poke around and see what you can find? I know there's a way to do it in WinXP
    but I can't remember how. We have to do it by email and I have to give you a

    That's what happened when I transfered profiles as discussed many posts back.

    To see a screen shot of what I see when I go to go to:
    Again, I think I did that when I transfered profiles before.

    Henry, Apr 23, 2011
  7. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    Not really. You don't know who I am. If the host gets screwed up and I
    can no longer remote into it then you're worse off than before. You
    need to find someone that get hands on with the host to dig around;
    however, make sure to save a partition image as backup before letting
    someone else putz around inside your host.
    You said, "I made a Dummy Account and opened IE8 in that account".
    That's not the same as transferring one user profile atop of another.
    You created a new user profile with the defaults.

    Do you still have the "dummy" account defined in Windows? When
    transferring (copying) one profile atop of another, you cannot be logged
    on to either the source or destination profile's account, plus you need
    to be logged on under an admin-level account to do the profile copying.
    So you have the old Windows account. Is that separate of the
    Administrator account (which you should NEVER use except in an
    emergency)? If so, you should have: old account, dummy account, and
    Administrator account. Is that correct? If so, we can try copying your
    old profile into the new profile and see if the problem moves over into
    the new profile or not.
    VanguardLH, Apr 23, 2011
  8. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I don't know if it was a guy from Microsoft or you that had me do this many
    posts back. I had three accounts, all administrator accounts. They were the
    old account (which is my main account), a new account and a dummy account. I
    logged off of the old account and the new account and then went to the dummy
    account and went to Documents & Settings and copied every folder and file one
    by one from the old account to the new account except for any file with
    ntuser in the name. I then went to the new account and opened IE8 and went to and the video's would not play. I can only guess that I
    copied over the error from the old account to the new account. If I went to
    the dummy account, where nothing had been transfered to, IE8 work OK.

    As I said that's exactly what I did.
    No, the old account is my main account which is an Administrator account so I
    don't understand your last sentence.

    No, I have old account (my main account), new account and dummy account all
    of which are administrator accounts.
    It does.

    Henry, Apr 23, 2011
  9. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I don't know how to log on to the account labeled Administrator. Is there
    a way to log on to the account labeled Administrator? I know I shouldn't
    but I'm curious.
    No, I went to a dummy account and transfered all the folders and files under
    Henry to the NewAccount except those with the name ntuser. So apparently I
    did the wrong thing.
    Ok, I understand the above paragraph but I've never been given the choice
    to log on to the Administrator account.

    I just made a new account and so under control panel/Advanced/settings
    I have four accounts:


    I will try your method of transferring profiles but should I log out of Henry
    and MewAccount first or just switch user before I start and which account
    should I be in when I transfer the profile? The way I did it I must have
    gotten from a guy named Joe at Microsoft and he said I had to log
    out of the two accounts for what he called the profile transfer.
    Thank you for hanging with me as long as you did and I'm sorry I didn't
    understand everything and had to be such a pest. Please answer the above

    Henry, Apr 24, 2011
  10. Henry

    Henry Guest

    When I go to control panel/Advanced/settings the only account it will let me
    transfer is the Administrator account, all the rest are grayed out. Is that
    supposed to be?
    Henry, Apr 24, 2011
  11. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    Account switching (if you meant you use the Fast User Switching mode)
    does NOT log you out of the accounts. You are still logged into both of
    the accounts between which you are switching. You can NOT be logged
    into an account that is being copied from for its profile and you cannot
    be logged into an account that is having a profile copied into it.

    Why can't you login as Administrator? Are your using the Fisher-Price
    "Welcome Screen" front-end to Windows showing you the accounts you can
    click on, like the one shown at:

    Or do you get the classic login dialog where you enter your username and
    password for the account? In the Welcome Screen, the Adminstrator
    account gets hidden once another admin-level account is defined. I
    believe there are hacks to make it reappear but that's another Google
    search. What happens when you hit Ctrl+Alt+Enter twice?

    This does the registry hack for you by showing an option to show the
    Administrator account on the Welcome Screen. The following article
    talks about the registry edit that TweakUI does as an option:

    You said you now have the following accounts:


    Which ones are in the Administrators group (i.e., which ones are
    admin-level accounts)?

    I'm not sure why you would want to copy over your old profile (other
    than to retrieve the customizations from there into the new account).
    You said that just copying the old account's files in its profile folder
    caused the problem to migrate to your new account. Well, migrating the
    old profile into a new profile will also migrate the problem into the
    new account.

    By the way, have you ever purged IE's TIF (temporary internet files)
    cache folder, including cookies? Under Internet Options -> Browsing
    History section, Delete button, are all the options selected (checked)
    except for Preserve (which should be unchecked to purge temp files and
    cookies for those domains, too)?
    VanguardLH, Apr 24, 2011
  12. Henry

    Henry Guest

    That answers my question.
    Yes this is what it looks like when I start or change accounts.

    I never have to enter a user name and password since I'm the only user.
    Why would I want the Administrator account on the Welcome Screen?

    Henry, NewAccount and Dummy are administrator accounts. Administrator is a
    seperate item.
    A couple of posts back you said I should copy over my profile. Did you mean
    my Administrator profile to the NewAccount?
    I just did and when I got to the Delete button, the Preserve was checked so I
    un-checked it and clicked the other items and clicked on delete. Should I
    check delete browsing history on exit?
    Henry, Apr 24, 2011
  13. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    That's not why you don't have to enter the login credentials. When you
    click the account in the Welcome Screen, you have to enter its password
    - UNLESS you left if blank. Obviously you cannot enter a blank password
    (spaces are not a null password). Since no password is defined for the
    account, a password cannot be prompted or entered. So after installing
    Windows, you created your account but never bothered to specify a
    password for it.

    Without a password on an account, anyone walking up to your host can
    login on that account (kids, house guests, friends, enemies). Also, you
    won't be able to run events in Task Scheduler since it needs a password
    to authenticate you have permission to run an event under a particular
    account. As I recall, there can also be problems with networking of
    shared resources if you try to connect with an account with no password.
    For Windows XP Home, you have to reboot into Windows' safe mode to get
    into the Administrator account. For Windows XP Pro, hitting
    Ctrl+Alt+Del twice (while at the Welcome Screen) would bring up the
    classic login dialog where you enter the username (account) and
    password. One of the first customizations I do after installing Windows
    XP Pro is to get rid of the Fisher-Price "Welcome Screen" (along with
    Fast User Switching) so I'm always using the classic login dialog where
    I enter username and password.
    So you don't have to reboot into Safe Mode (for Windows XP Home) or use
    Ctrl+Alt+Twice (at the Welcome Screen) to get into the Administrator
    account. If you want to keep it hidden then it's safely out of the way
    - as long as that isn't the account under which you have been regularly
    logging into in the past (without having to enter login credentials).
    That was back when I you said that a new account didn't have the problem
    with IE8 and videos. You created a new profile. Copying the profile
    from old to new account would bring over the customization; however, you
    said with you merely copying the profile's files that the problem
    migrated to the new account to where you copied the files. That means
    some config file is causing the problem. I'd look at what files were
    associated with IE in those files you copied from the old account's
    %userprofile% folder.

    Since copying over the old profile's files into the new profile had the
    problem moved to the new account, there isn't any point in migrating the
    old profile to the new profile. Yeah, you'll bring along the
    customization you did for the old account but you also end up bringing
    along the problem with IE8 and videos.

    Which account is the "old account" under which you've been repeatedly
    logging under for normal use of your computer? Administrator? Henry?
    Only if you always want to purge the TIF when you exit IE. I just
    wanted to be sure you weren't using old web page files for the site.
    Also, some sites change what they store in their cookies but neglect to
    delete the old cookies which means they can't use the old cookies under
    the new scheme and this can cause problems if the site is using the
    cookie data to alter behavior of the site.

    After you purged the TIF folder (and checked it was completely empty),
    did you try the videos at the Marketwatch site?
    VanguardLH, Apr 24, 2011
  14. Henry

    Henry Guest

    VanguardLH wrote:

    I left it blank on purpose. This computer is in a private home with only my
    wife and I and I dislike entering passwords.
    I never use Task Scheduler.
    I've never had a problem with our LAN. Four computers, two wired and two
    I normally have only one account, (Henry). So I never have a Welcome Screen
    Did you mean Ctrl+Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Alt+del. In any case without a Welcome
    screen it's a moot point. When I go to the switch user screen, neither of
    them do anything.
    The new account worked fine with IE8 only when it was first made. After I
    transfered the profile from the Henry account to the new account, IE8 would
    not show videos at Marketwatch.
    I'll do that. Maybe your way of transferring profiles will work. I'll try
    it after the holiday.
    Henry. I never see the Administrator account and before you telling me about
    it I never knew it existed. Thanks.
    It was completely empty and yes I tried and the video's
    didn't play. So that wasn't the cause.

    Thanks again for you help and a Happy Easter to you and yours.

    Henry, Apr 24, 2011
  15. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    Migrating the old profile to the new profile (i.e., old account to new
    account) brings along all the profile's files, too. You said when you
    merely copied the old profile's files into your new profile that the
    problem appeared. Start looking at what folders are in the profile from
    where you are copying to see which ones might be associated with IE or
    with some security program.

    You've pretty much narrowed it down that some config file causes the
    problem but for what isn't known yet. You'll have to wipe the files you
    copied in the new profile and then start copying just one folder at a
    time from the old profile to see when the problem reappears. Now you
    need to narrow it down to which file for which program in the old
    profile when copied to the new profile causes the video problem.
    VanguardLH, Apr 25, 2011
  16. Henry

    Henry Guest

    I logged off from Henry and from NewAccount and went to Dummy Account. I
    transfered only Documents, Favorites and Desktop. IE8 works just fine now in

    The problem I have is now all of the shortcuts etc. are not showing and I
    have to make them and I have many of them. Ugh!! :-(

    Once I get the NewAccount as I want it, can I delete the Henry account and
    rename the NewAccount to Henry or is the new profile tied to the name

    Thanks for all your help.

    Henry, Apr 26, 2011
  17. Henry

    VanguardLH Guest

    There is no link between Henry and NewAccount so, yes, you can delete
    the old Henry account; however, deleting the account in User Accounts
    does not delete the %userprofile% folder. It just removes the account
    from the SAM database.

    Renaming NewAccount to Henry will not change the %userprofile% path that
    got assigned to it when you created the account. So although you rename
    NewAccount to Henry, the %userprofile% for the account will remain
    C:\Documents and Settings\NewAccount.
    VanguardLH, Apr 26, 2011
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