IE8: Black menu and favorites bar

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Bernhard Fischer, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Bernhard Fischer

    Dan Dare Guest

    I realise the problem of ‘black toolbar’ in IE8 has been going on for a long
    while but up until now I have not experienced this. About a month ago I did a
    clean install of XP on my PC and had no problems. Just this week I did a
    clean install of XP on another PC belonging to my stepmother but I had
    exactly the same problem.
    It’s actually a Dell PC without a recovery disk so really it’s far from
    being a clean install because of all the rubbish Dell put on this recovery
    partition but that’s another story and I use the free software ‘Decrapifier’
    to remove the unwanted programs and this works well.
    I tried everything to try and fix this problem but the only permanent fix
    was to revert to the ‘Windows XP’ theme - I was trying to use a ‘Windows
    Classic (modified)’ theme. This was not a satisfactory solution as I hate the
    default theme. I was unable to revert back to IE7 because I had installed SP3
    in its entirety and the uninstall option is not available if you install IE8
    as part of SP3 – I hadn’t realised this at the time! So my only solution was
    to start again and do a clean install. This time when I was prompted to
    install SP3, I ‘unchecked’ the IE8 update but left all the others checked.
    This went well and I continued on with all other updates until the PC was
    fully up to date with all updates except IE8. This meant that I was still on
    IE6 and this was working fine.
    I now wanted to prove a point here so I created a ‘restore’ point and then
    installed IE8. Once completed this seemed fine until I did a total ‘Shutdown’
    and then a ‘reboot’ from cold and the problem of the black toolbar was back!
    Because I had chosen to install IE8 as a separate install I was able to
    ‘uninstall’ and I did this and the PC then reverted back to having IE6 and
    all okay again.
    I now chose to ‘Hide’ the IE8 update reminder as this obviously kept coming
    up as it is classified as a critical update. Once I had hidden the IE8 update
    I was given the option of installing IE7 so I decided to go ahead and
    install. This was fine and so decided to keep IE7.
    It’s still a bit of a mystery to me as to why an install of IE8 on one PC is
    fine and not on another. The specification on my PC is much higher than the
    Dell PC which has the problem but I wouldn’t have thought that would make any
    If anyone else has come up with a theory on this I would be interested in
    hearing it.
    Dan Dare, Sep 20, 2009
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  2. Bernhard Fischer

    eelrey Guest

    I had the same problem and couldn't get any answers. By cheer chance, I log
    off instead of rebooting, and log back on , and viola Ie8 was repaired. I've
    done this twice and it has worked for me. Try it, it could solve your
    problem. Good luck
    eelrey, Sep 26, 2009
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  3. Bernhard Fischer

    fastfreddy Guest

    I got this from another site and this fixed my problem. I had the same
    problem after updating to explorer 8.

    I was able to find the culprit on my PC. It was a service provided by
    the ATI video card (Ati Hotkey Poller). By disabling this service the
    black menu bar seen in IE8 when using the "Windows Classic style"
    theme was fixed. Go to MSCONFIG, "Services" tab and uncheck the "Ati
    Hotkey Poller". There may be a place in the ATI software where you
    can disable the Ati Hotkey Poller but I haven't got that far in the
    troubleshoot process. I do know that it is the sole service
    resposible for the black menu issue in IE8 on my PC. If this works
    for you please post it to as many threads as you can so that word gets
    around. I spent hours with a good Microsoft support guy finding this
    and know there are many others with the same problem who can benefit
    from my good fortune. If you don't care about which display "theme"
    you use the "Windows XP style" theme doesn't have this bug, only the
    "Windows Classic style" theme does. (Display area from Control Panel)
    fastfreddy, Dec 12, 2009
  4. Bernhard Fischer


    Sep 19, 2010
    Likes Received:
    favorites bar turning black

    i have the same problem on my comp for windows xp it seems like for me it started after i updated my drivers for my graphics card upon looking for a fix the one fix i got is to go to control panel then to accessibility options then click the display tab then where the high contrast is there is a box to check check it then apply in doing so your comp will turn black but dont worry you just uncheck it and apply then its fixed for a time but for me if i run my security scans adaware ccleaner avg the problem comes back i have to do that every time my faverites bar turns black so its not a permant fix so im still looking for a permant fix someone pls find one !!!!
    dragg, Sep 19, 2010
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