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Discussion in 'General Windows Vista Discussion' started by treekc3, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Jul 20, 2009
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    Hi, I'm hoping somebody can help me. I have windows vista home premium (32 bit, I think). When an internet page opens up things are ok for a while. Then suddenly, I get lots and lots of popups. IE scans and says I need to close the internet. I click close program, but it does not close :confused: . Then DEP appears in my system tray and when clicked, it just gives details of what it is and does. I do not understand this. This happens no matter what site I am on, just once the IE is open it's popup heaven. I downloaded super ad blocker and this seems to stop the majority of them but obviously not enough. My husband said yes to doing a survey on a site called choozz, after I have told him countless times NOT TO CLICK YES IF UNSURE ETC. I tried to unsubscribe to this SITE!!! but it obviously hasn't worked. Any way, when I clicked on the button to unsubscribe it said it didn't work and it might take a few days. That was about 2 weeks ago. We also have Norton, Spybot, Adware and now, Superadblocker. I really do not know how to solve this problem. We are by no means computer buffs so please be gentle with us:D. I'm not sure if I have given enough info, PLEASE HELP:confused:
    treekc3, Jul 20, 2009
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