IE8 Freezing / Locking up

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Kentman, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Kentman

    Kentman Guest

    I am having a major problem with IE8 freezing / locking up when navigating.
    This is driving me mad. Have to completely reset/reboot machine each time.
    I have even rebuilt the machine twice and the problem still there!

    This is my machine build:

    ASUS P6T Deluxe
    12 GB Ram
    Gigabyte 1GB 4850 Radeon Graphics
    Wireless Nic

    Vista 64 Ultimate SP2
    AVG 8.5.339

    I have read throught this forum and tried all the various fixes i.e disable
    Flash/Schockwave etc........

    I had the same problem on a previous machine with a similar build:

    ASUS P5Q-E
    8 GB Ram
    Gigabyte 1GB 4850 Radeon Graphics
    Wireless Nic

    Vista 64 Ultimate SP2
    AVG 8.5.339

    I have now gone bak to IE7 and all seems to be fine.

    Any ideas?

    Kentman, Jun 3, 2009
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  2. Kentman

    rob^_^ Guest

    Hi Kent,

    Did you disable your AntiVirus program when you did the IE8

    Where did you get the IE8 Updates from?

    Downloaded from the MS IE8 site?
    Accepted in a Windows Update?
    Downloaded from another site - there are branded versions available from
    Google, AOL, Yahoo.

    What information is in Start>Control Panel>Problem Reports and Solutions

    rob^_^, Jun 3, 2009
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  3. Kentman

    Kentman Guest

    Hi Rob

    Thanks for you reply.

    In answer to your questions:

    1. No I did not disable AVG when updating to IE8. Should I have done so?

    2. Updated from Windows Update site.

    3. I have no information in Start>Control Panel>Problem Reports and Solutions!

    When I was rebuilding the machine I have used a MSDN keyed version, Technet
    keyed version and standard off the shelf retail version from the Microsoft
    Employee shop. All builds these have the same problem.

    I have 2 Dell Desktops and 3 Dell Latitude Laptops all running Vista 64
    Ultimate SP2 with IE8 and AVG 8.5.339 and have no problems at all with these
    machines. All these machine were updated from the windows update site.

    I have tried Windows 7 RC 64 Ultimate on the ASUS P6T Deluxe and it is fine!


    Kentman, Jun 3, 2009
  4. Kentman

    rob^_^ Guest

    Hi Kentman,

    Hope this helps. Ping back when your OK.

    IE8 System Requirements

    HOW TO solve IE8 installation problems

    I would strongly recommend disabling your anti-virus application and any
    anti-spyware applications (other than Defender) before installing (or
    uninstalling) an IE upgrade. If you're running a third-party firewall, I
    would recommend disabling it and then enabling the Windows Firewall before
    installing (or uninstalling) an IE upgrade.

    Tip: Reboot twice after installing IE8 Final.

    Tip: Make certain that your anti-virus application, any anti-spyware
    applications (other than Defender), and your third-party firewall (if any)
    is supported in IE8 Final before you decide install it.

    No-charge support for Internet Explorer 8 installation, set-up and usage
    (only) is available via the phone based on your locale through 31 December
    2009. Customers must be running Windows XP or Windows Vista in a non-domain
    environment. US & CA Residents: 866-234-6020.

    Courtesy of my colleague MVP Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
    MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Client - since 2002
    rob^_^, Jun 3, 2009
  5. Kentman

    Kentman Guest

    Hi Rob

    Thanks again for your reply.

    Followed your suggestions:

    1. The P6T Deluxe meets all the requirements for IE8.

    2. Followed the the first method fix in KB 949220.

    3. Uninstalled AVG 8.5.339

    4. Updated to IE8 via Windows Update site.

    5. Rebooted twice.

    6. Tested navigation and it is still Freezing / Locking up! (Note no AVG
    installed on machine)

    7. Swore alot!!!!!!!

    I walked away from it for a few hour and thought about the hardware
    involved. I connected the P6T Deluxe to my wireless router via the onbaord
    ethernet connection and the problem went away. I also tried a Linksys USB
    (WUSB54GR) Wireless NIC and have not had any problems with freezing or
    locking up. Re-installed AVG 8.5.339 and again still no problems.

    The wireless PCI NIC (Linksys WMP54G Ver.4.1) I use must be the problem. I
    remember that you have to use a third party driver (RA LINK RT2500) for this
    NIC as Linksys do not do a driver Vista x64. I can only asume that this
    third party driver is the root cause to all my problems. I have now removed
    this card and the drivers from the machine.

    As I have answered my original post, I would like to say many many thanks
    for your help and suggestions in trying to resolve this problem.


    Kentman, Jun 3, 2009
  6. Kentman

    rob^_^ Guest


    Thanks, and thank you for the feedback on the fix that you have found. We
    will all learn from your experiences.

    rob^_^, Jun 3, 2009
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