[IE8]How can I close the last tab like closing other tabs?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Anderson, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. Anderson

    Anderson Guest

    Hi all,

    Sometimes, I want to close all tabs quickly by clicking the "x" button on
    each tab. But strangely, the last tab does't have a "x" button so I cannot
    close it ! Is there any way that I can close all tabs without closing the IE8

    By the way, how can I make the "New" tab button in a static place in the
    toolbar instead in the tab band?

    Any help is appreciated.

    Best regards,
    Anderson, Apr 30, 2009
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  2. Anderson

    Don Varnau Guest

    I haven't heard of a way to do either of these things. I don't believe that
    either is possible.

    [MS MVP- IE]
    Don Varnau, Apr 30, 2009
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  3. No because there always has to be one tab open for the window to stay open.

    Use Ctrl-t and you won't care where it is.
    Robert Aldwinckle, Apr 30, 2009
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