IE8 Install Fails - IE8.log Included

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Sam Holbrook, May 27, 2009.

  1. Sam Holbrook

    Sam Holbrook Guest

    IE8 install fails with error code 0x3f5.
    I tried to get a msixxxx.log file using KB958052, but the LoggingOn.reg
    did'nt add the keys to the registry and manually add the keys still did'nt
    produce a log file.
    Any help getting IE8 to install or any updates to KB958052 to produce a log
    file would be great.
    the IE8.log file follows:

    0.547: 2009/05/26 17:37:15.093 (local)
    0.547: c:\56f9a0293187dd5f9b233d8bf2bd58\update\update.exe (version
    0.641: Hotfix started with following command line: /quiet /norestart /er
    0.657: In Function GetReleaseSet, line 1240, RegQueryValueEx failed with
    error 0x2
    0.704: IECUSTOM: Scanning for proper registry permissions...
    1.422: IECUSTOM: Scanning for proper registry permissions...
    1.688: IECUSTOM: Unwriteable key HKCR\.xbm
    1.704: IECUSTOM: Scanning for proper registry permissions...
    1.985: IECUSTOM: Unwriteable key HKCR\.xbm
    2.125: IECUSTOM: Backing up registry permissions...
    2.125: IECUSTOM: Unable to backup DACLs HKCR\.xbm
    2.125: IECUSTOM: Finished backing up registry permissions...
    2.125: IECUSTOM: An error occured verifying registry permissions. ERROR:
    2.125: DoInstallation: CustomizeCall Failed: 0x3f5
    2.125: IECUSTOM: Restoring registry permissions...
    2.125: IECUSTOM: Unable to restore DACLs HKCR\.xbm
    2.125: IECUSTOM: Unable to restore DACLs HKCR\.xbm
    2.125: IECUSTOM: Finished restoring registry permissions...
    2.125: The configuration registry key could not be written.
    2.125: Internet Explorer 8 installation did not complete.
    2.125: Update.exe extended error code = 0x3f5

    Sam Holbrook, May 27, 2009
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  2. Sam Holbrook

    Leonard Grey Guest

    You need to temporarily disable your security software when upgrading to
    Internet Explorer 8.

    "IE8 Tips, Caveats and Helpful Links"

    "Release Notes for Internet Explorer 8" - Read before installing

    "How to Solve Internet Explorer 8 Installation Problems"

    This is the approach I used to successfully upgrade Windows XP SP 3 to
    IE 8. I exercise essentially the same preparation and care with all
    software installations, and I have never had a problem. Follow these
    suggestions and you are virtually assured of success. (I don't have
    Vista, so the approach might be different for someone who does).

    Remember: These are my /suggestions/. You do what you think is best.

    1- Read about the new features of IE 8 on Microsoft's website (and
    elsewhere on the web).
    2- Read the Release Notes
    3- Make sure your computer is 100% free of malware.
    4- Make sure your computer is otherwise problem-free. Upgrading to IE 8
    is not a fix for problems you are currently experiencing.
    5- Make sure all your software (including Windows itself) and drivers
    are up to date.
    6- Make sure all your security software, as well as any other software
    you frequently use and websites you frequently visit, are compatible
    with IE 8.
    7-, Backup your personal files (documents, photos, spreadsheets, etc.)
    as well as your e-mail, address book and Favorites; and create a restore
    point. (If you're familiar with disk imaging, backup your hard drive.)
    8- /Consider:/ (1) uninstalling all third-party toolbars and toolbar
    buttons; or (2) resetting Internet Explorer to default settings. When
    you reset Internet Explorer settings, all add-ons and customizations are
    deleted, and you basically start with a fresh version of Internet Explorer.
    9- Download the IE 8 installer from the Microsoft website.
    10- Close all open applications, i.e., applications with an icon on the
    11- Disable your security software. Turn on Windows Firewall.
    12- During IE 8 installation, agree to "Install updates."
    13- Reboot /twice/ after installing IE 8.
    14- Turn off Windows Firewall. Re-enable your security software.

    Leonard Grey
    Errare humanum est

    Leonard Grey, May 27, 2009
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  3. Please state your full Windows version (e.g., WinXP SP3; Vista SP2) when
    posting to this newsgroup.

    HOW TO solve IE8 installation problems

    No-charge support for Internet Explorer 8 installation, set-up and usage
    (only) is available via the phone based on your locale through 31 December
    2009. Customers must be running Windows XP or Windows Vista in a non-domain
    => US & CA Residents: 1-866-234-6020
    => Other locales:

    My personal recommendations include:

    => Install IE8 manually, not via Windows Update/Automatic Updates!!

    => Uninstall all third-party toolbars (e.g., Google; Yahoo; Windows Live)
    and third-party Windows Themes before installing IE8.

    => Close all open applications (i.e., anything with a taskbar icon) before
    installing or uninstalling IE8.

    => I would strongly recommend disabling your anti-virus application and any
    anti-spyware application's "system protections" (other than Defender's)
    before installing (or uninstalling) an IE upgrade. If you're running a
    third-party firewall, I would recommend disabling it and then enabling the
    Windows Firewall before installing (or uninstalling) an IE upgrade.

    => Create a Restore Point manually before installing IE8. [Do NOT use
    System Restore to remove/uninstall IE8; instead, see Then use the Restore Point prior to
    reinstalling IE8 per these recommendations. Norton users will need to see]

    => Reboot twice after installing or uninstalling IE8.

    => For best chance of success with IE8, make certain that your anti-virus
    application, any anti-spyware applications (other than Defender), and your
    third-party firewall (if any) are supported in IE8 Final before you decide
    install it.
    ~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
    MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Client - since 2002

    PA Bear [MS MVP], May 27, 2009
  4. Sam Holbrook

    woho Guest

    I have WinXP SP3 and failed to install IE8,
    got the error code 0x3F5 each time.

    I tried everything you recommended: turned off McAfee,
    uninstalled Spybot, Google toolbar/desktop, donwloaded
    the update package onto desktop and installed with that,
    did not have any app running. None of these made
    a difference.

    I had done the same update on 2 other laptops with
    SP3 and had no problem. The problem is only with
    the desktop, which has an Athlon 64 CPU, and the
    other 2 laptops have Intel mobile Pentiums. They all have
    1gb of ram and plenty of hardisk space, and almost
    identical softwares. There are no 3rd party firewalls.

    There were some other MS updates that failed
    because of the AMD CPU and I remember having
    to do something extra to get them to work. I wonder
    if this is another case of that.

    woho, Jun 27, 2009
  5. Repost:--
    ~Robear Dyer (PA Bear)
    MS MVP-IE, Mail, Security, Windows Client - since 2002
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Jun 27, 2009
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