IE8 - Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by John, May 6, 2009.

  1. John

    John Guest

    I'm running WinXP SP3 & just upgraded to IE8. Was logged into Facebook,
    clicked Edit Account and IE8 displayed "Internet Explorer cannot display the
    webpage" error page. This action has worked fine using IE7 in the past, but
    now I see this error regularly.

    Clicking "More Info" list a bunch of irrelevant suggestions.

    Clicking diagnose problem brings up a dialog box "Welcome to Network
    Diagnostics..." and the browser tab immediately displays the desired web page
    w/ no problems.

    Sure looks to me like IE8 is whining about non-problems. How to I get IE8
    to go directly to the desired URL and not show this annoying message?

    I appreciate your help, -John
    John, May 6, 2009
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  2. Yep...

    Nanny Software.
    D. Spencer Hines, May 6, 2009
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  3. PA Bear [MS MVP], May 6, 2009
  4. John

    TaurArian Guest

    You receive an error message in Internet Explorer: "Internet Explorer cannot
    display the webpage"

    You cannot browse specific Web pages when you use Internet Explorer 8

    You cannot view a secure Web site in Internet Explorer 8

    Advanced solutions: Some Web sites may not be displayed correctly or work
    correctly in Windows Internet Explorer 8

    Some Web sites may not be displayed correctly or work correctly in Windows
    Internet Explorer 8


    TaurArian [MVP] 2005-2009 - Update Services
    Disclaimer: The information has been posted "as is" with no warranties or
    guarantees and doesn't give any rights.
    TaurArian, May 6, 2009
  5. John

    Don Varnau Guest

    Facebook should work OK with IE8. Try clearing the Temporary Internet Files
    and deleting all cookies (or find and delete any cookies from facebook.)
    Hope this helps,
    [MS MVP- IE]
    Don Varnau, May 6, 2009
  6. Hi, my name’s Feran and I’m working with the Internet Explorer Outreach
    Team to provide assistance and help answer questions people might have
    about Internet Explorer.
    If you are having viewing issues in IE8 try the Compatibility View
    feature. It is a broken page icon located next to the refresh button on
    the toolbar. Clicking the icon may help resolve your issues.
    If that does not work, you can try uninstalling IE8 (as posted earlier)
    and then reinstalling it again. This has solved similar issues for other
    I hope this helps!
    Internet Explorer Outreach Team
    feranm_ie8team, May 8, 2009
  7. John

    PFNikolai Guest

    I was able to fix this problem by deleting my files, cookies, and
    history but had to also make sure that I did not preserve data on my
    Favorites. To do so using IE8 I did the following:
    1) click Tools > Internet Options > Delete...
    2) uncheck Preserve Favorites
    3) check Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, and History and click
    4) when finished, click OK, close Internet Explorer, and then open it
    PFNikolai, May 25, 2009
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