IE8 Needs to be capable of downloading other applications safely

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Timothy Casey, Jun 27, 2009.

  1. This is a pair of suggestions pertinent to a two-fold problem with IE8
    regarding download capability.

    Problem #1:
    IE8 does not differentiate between program launches and program downloads.
    This needs to be remedied, because a simple user error is the only
    difference between hitting the Save button and the Run button. This fault
    increases the risk of infection due to user error. By offering a setting
    option to disable only the Run button for all applications accessed outside
    the Intranet zone, this risk can be controlled.

    Suggested solution #1:
    By default, the run button should be disabled for programs downloaded from
    outside the intranet zone and the save button should be enabled for for
    programs downloaded anywhere outside the restricted zone. This is possibly
    is a windows rather than an IE fault, as the registry setting that
    determines whether or not internet-based programs may be launched is the
    same setting that determines whether those programs may be downloaded.
    Correcting this setting to allow the additional option of enabling downloads
    while disabling any internet-based launch, may resolve this problem.

    Problem #2:
    IE8 cannot download files over an unstable connection. This is because IE8
    is not capable of resuming a download once a connection times out. This
    additionally results in occasional display problems for websites and may
    become more of an issue due to increasing interference in radio and
    satellite telecommunications as sunspot activity approaches it's next eleven
    year peak. All browsers based on the latest Gecko engine can resume a
    download after a connection failure or timeout, so based on best industry
    practice definitions, this problem may raise merchantability questions about
    Windows in certain markets.

    Suggested solution #2:
    Pay a visit to, copy the applicable open source code sub
    or function for Firefox's download manager and paste into IE8's source code.
    By the time your programmers finish 'correcting' this source code to be
    compliant with your team's coding practices and standards, it probably won't
    be covered by GPL any more because it won't be the same source code.

    Good luck!
    Timothy Casey, Jun 27, 2009
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