IE8 Open Tabs?

Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by charliec, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. charliec

    charliec Guest

    I have IE8 and noticed that many tabs are left open when I leave a page, particularly if I
    get to an open IE8 by clicking a shortcut from some other program. Is it possible to set
    IE8 to open new tabs in the current open tab instead of opening new ones?

    Thanks for any insights.
    charliec, Nov 11, 2011
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  2. There are several settings on how to handle links and pop-ups in the tabs as
    the links and pop-ups are encountered.

    Click TOOLS>INTERNET OPTIONS, under the General Tab, there is a section for
    Tabs, click the SETTINGS button. Place or remove the checks, select or
    deselect the radio buttons, fill the drop down boxes, for the various
    options you want. Click Apply. Depending on the boxes you have checked our
    unchecked, you may need to restart IE.
    Jeff Strickland, Nov 12, 2011
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  3. charliec

    charliec Guest

    Ok, I went there and on the Tabs Section under "When a new tab is open, Open:", I changed
    it to "Your First Home Page". Hopefully that will do it and not open many tabs. I'll see
    how it goes.

    charliec, Nov 12, 2011

  4. That's not the setting to do what you asked. When YOU open a new tab, that
    setting will send you to a new instance of your own First Homepage instead
    of taking you to a blank page. Personally, I like this setting and this is
    how I have IE set because I don't like a blank page for some reason. My
    First Homepage is Yahoo, and I prefer this to the others. I like the search
    engine that it has built in. I run IE with no add-ons because I don't like
    the performance loss when I am not utelizing the feature that the add-on
    brings. I prefer to start whatever the add-on does when I actually want it
    to run. I have fiber optic internet, so I have more than enough speed to
    start anything I want when I want, and am never bothered by stuff bogging my
    machine down.

    But, back to you...

    That setting does nothing for handling links that you have clicked on. You
    want to make selections from within WHEN A POP-UP IS ENCOUNTERED:, and OPEN

    Beyond the annoyance of opening tabs, I'm not sure what the problem is. Just
    select the tab you are not interested in anymore, and click the X in the
    corner of the tab to close it and not close all of IE. You can also click
    the X on the top of the window and close IE and all open tabs, all at the
    same time. I frequently go through and close individual tabs.

    Think of tabs like doors in your house. You move from one room to the next,
    and open a door. When you leave the room, you close the door. You do not
    take the door off of the hinge, nor do you nail the door closed because both
    of these options pretty much kill the purpose of having a door in the first
    place. When you go into a new room, and there is a door to look behind, you
    don't blame the door for remaining open, you just close it when you are
    Jeff Strickland, Nov 13, 2011
  5. charliec

    charliec Guest

    Thanks Jeff - appreciate your response.

    Let ask you a couple of questions: In Tools/Internet Options/Tabs/Settings, what do you
    have set for the following;

    - When a new tab is opened: open: "where?"
    - Open links from other programs, in: "where?"

    Thanks for any input

    charliec, Nov 13, 2011
  6. charliec

    Mayayana Guest

    This is all really just a matter of taste, but have you
    considered disabling tabs? I do that with every browser.
    I set for links to open in the same window, then right-
    click "open in new window" when I want that. Personally
    I find that more manageable, and the windows are always
    visible in the taskbar with part of the window title. I find
    that with tabs it's just too easy to leave them open and
    lose track of them.
    In essence it's really the same thing. I suppose one could
    say that it's really a choice between tabs in your browser
    window or tabs on the taskbar.
    Mayayana, Nov 13, 2011
  7. When a pop-up is encountered,
    Let IE decide

    Open links from other programs
    A new tab in the current window
    Jeff Strickland, Nov 13, 2011
  8. Easy to lose track of them? Really? I have six tabs open at this moment,
    they are clearly displayed across the top of the window. I move among these
    tabs easily. I open additional tabs as the session demands, then close them
    again, keeping the main tabs that I use open. I frequently have a dozen tabs
    open. It's easy to keep track. Each one is labelled with its contents.

    To be perfectly honest, I resisted Tabbed Browsing for a long time. My
    brother tried to get me hooked on FireFox mostly because it had tabbed
    browsing years ahead of IE. I was not impressed. I eventually caved, and
    made the nump from IE6 to IE8, created several home pages that all open in a
    separate tab when IE starts. I cannot imagine life without tabs now. I still
    do not like FireFox, but tabbed browsing is a necessity for me. Tabbed
    Browsing is not even remotely the same as opening several instances of IE,
    and then jumping among them. Tabs, several of them, takes far few resources,
    so you can have many of them open and not feel the impact. I occasionally
    have internet radio on one tab while I do other tasks in other tabs at the
    same time.
    Jeff Strickland, Nov 13, 2011
  9. charliec

    charliec Guest

    Thanks for the reply. But, I think you miss read my 1st question: It was "When a new tab
    is opened: open: (where)? Not "When a pop-up is encountered". So, what setting do you
    have for "when a new tab is opened..."?

    charliec, Nov 14, 2011
  10. charliec

    Mayayana Guest

    | Tabs, several of them, takes far few resources,
    | so you can have many of them open and not feel the impact.

    It may seem that way, but the main bulk is the
    browser window. The frame isn't much. And I haven't
    been in a situation where I had to worry about
    resources. I only have one pair of eyes and one
    mind; I can only read one webpage at a time.
    So unless I'm in the heat of research I don't see
    a need for more than 1, 2, or maybe 3 active
    browser windows. That's just sloppy housekeeping.

    Come to think of it, I can't think of anything that
    I would prefer to have in multi-document-interface
    mode, other than a graphic editor. I like having open
    windows arrayed on the taskbar.

    But, to each their own. I was only offering a reminder
    that one doesn't *have* to use browser tabs, simply
    because they're in fashion.
    Mayayana, Nov 14, 2011

  11. When a new tab is opened,
    Go to the first homepage.

    This is a new question though, it does not address your original post.
    That's what I was saying earlier. It's okay to ask a new question, I just
    wanted to be sure you knew you asked your original question, then moved to a
    different -- if related -- topic. That's all...
    Jeff Strickland, Nov 14, 2011
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