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Discussion in 'Internet Explorer' started by Ildhund, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Ildhund

    Ildhund Guest

    In IE7 on XP, the Options > Programs tab allows me to select either
    Outlook or WAB as the contacts manager. Since I don't use either of
    these, I wondered whether IE8 gives the option to use Windows Live
    Contacts instead.

    When I view an RSS feed of postings at a web forum in Windows Live
    Mail, the header bar shows the email address of the poster, unless
    it finds the address in my Contacts list, in which case it gets
    translated into the contact name. Does the same happen if a feed is
    viewed in IE8 and the address is in the selected contacts list?
    Ildhund, Apr 13, 2009
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  2. [Forwarded to WLMail-specific newsgroup via crosspost]

    Have you selected WLMail as the E-mail default?
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Apr 13, 2009
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  3. I'm afraid all of this does concern Windows Live Mail as your available
    options in IE Tools | Internet Options | Programs reflect Windows, not IE,
    settings. As such, your best assistance will be found in the
    WLMail-specific newsgroup.

    If WLMail is your chosen Email default here (and in Set Program Access and
    Defaults and in WLMail Tools | Options | General) and "Windows Live
    Contacts" isn't an available option for IE Tools | Internet Options |
    Programs | Contact list, the answer to your first question at least must be
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Apr 13, 2009
  4. Ildhund

    RalfG Guest

    Hmm, should have installed IE8 in XP the other day while I was thinking of
    it. The following applies to Vista but might not for XP. I'll check into IE8
    in XP later.

    Windows Live Contacts and Windows Contacts use different file formats,
    ..VCF/.Contact. Windows Contacts can be made the default handler for .VCF
    files but I don't see any option to make Windows Live Contacts the handler
    for .Contact files. Unlike Windows Contacts, WLC does not appear as a
    separate program.

    Running IE8 in Vista, instead of selections for 4 (or whatever) default
    programs the Set Programs button sends you to Vista's Default Programs
    applet (also in Control Panel). From there you can select from all of the
    available defaults for any of the listed programs . For example Windows
    Contacts has 5 possible defaults, Windows Live Mail has 4 + 4 for News,
    Windows Mail has 3 with News having a further 4 defaults. Windows Contacts
    is among the programs listed here but Windows Live Contacts is not. Windows
    Live Mail contains the handler for Windows Live Contacts files and it can be
    made default if you don't want Windows Contacts to open .vcf files.

    Sorry, I don't use RSS so have no idea how email addresses from those would
    be handled.

    RalfG, Apr 13, 2009
  5. Ildhund

    Ildhund Guest

    I'm obviously not making myself clear. I don't have IE8 yet - I'm
    waiting to find out whether there's any way I can force it to
    install on my boot drive and not on the partition that contains my
    %programfiles%. In IE7, which I do have, the only options I have for
    contact managers at Options > Programs are Outlook or WAB. IE7 came
    out before Windows Live Mail, so it's perhaps not surprising that
    IE7 is not aware of Windows Live Contacts (WLC). IE8 comes long
    after WLC became a reality, so I thought it was worth asking whether
    IE8 is aware of WLC. And, as far as I am aware, you don't have to
    have WLMail installed to have WLC - they pertain to WLMessenger as
    well. All it takes to answer my question is for someone with IE8
    installed on an XP box where there are also Windows Live Contacts to
    check whether WLC is an option for contacts manager. There must be
    somebody like that around!

    Having said all that, I never did discover the purpose of specifying
    a default contact manager in IE7. Translating email addresses into
    names could be one function, I thought.

    Ildhund, Apr 13, 2009
  6. Ildhund

    Ildhund Guest

    Thanks for a long and considered response, Ralf. Windows Live
    Contacts have changed (in February) format again and now exist only
    as records in an ESENT database, as opposed to the individual XML
    files known as .Contact (or .WindowsLiveContact if encrypted). And
    as regards WLC not figuring as a separate program: nor do Outlook
    contacts, but IE7 at least appears to make it possible to use, say,
    Windows Live Mail as the default mail handler and Outlook as the
    default contact manager.

    My response a few minutes ago to PA Bear gives a bit of background
    to my query.

    Ildhund, Apr 13, 2009
  7. IE8 will install to/in the same Program Files subfolder as IE7 (which is
    usually located on the boot drive).

    Your options in IE Tools | Internet Options | Programs will not change when
    you install IE8.

    Installing WLMail or any other WL application does not remove/delete WinXP's
    (and OE's) Address Book.

    AFAIK, IE7 and IE8 should be aware of WLMail and show it as a choice in IE
    Tools | Internet Options | Programs | E-mail.

    PA Bear [MS MVP], Apr 13, 2009
  8. Ildhund

    RalfG Guest

    I installed IE8 in XP so here's a brief rundown of the program defaults:
    (not in any particular order)

    HTML editor - no change
    Internet call- no change
    Email- includes Windows Live Mail option
    Newsgroups- includes Windows Live Mail option
    Calendar- does not include calendar from Windows Live Mail
    Contact List - does not include Windows Live Contacts

    RalfG, Apr 14, 2009
  9. Ildhund

    ...winston Guest

    Lol..not everyone has WLM and IE8 installed on XP(sp2 or sp3), thus I suspect the number of responses will be limited. <g>

    It's an XP item. Those options are not present in Vista/IE7/WLM/Outlook thus I doubted it will be in XP/IE8/WLM

    Installing IE8 on an XPSp3/Outlook 2003/WLM2009 system did not yield any different options than you have. I doubt that Outlook 2007
    would be different.

    In Vista, one also doesn't choose a default contact manager.

    Windows Contacts with the extension(*.Contact is the only available option)

    Outlook Defaults file extensions are
    - hol, ibc, ics, msg, vcf, vcs, mailto and urls(MailTo, Add RSS FEED, Add RSS FEEDS, Sharepoint Folder, Internet Calendar), and
    StartMenu link)

    Calendar follows similar(Windows Calendar or Outlook for ics or url for WebCal)
    ...winston, Apr 14, 2009
  10. Ildhund

    Ildhund Guest

    Thanks for investigating for me. I wonder why these two features of
    the Windows Live Essentials family that the Live people are so keen
    on seem to have been ignored by the IE team.

    Ildhund, Apr 14, 2009
  11. Ildhund

    Ildhund Guest

    Thanks. I can't deduce from your first para what would happen if I
    uninstalled IE7 so that I reverted to IE6 and then installed IE8.
    Would it 'install to/in the same Program Files subfolder as IE6'
    (which *is* located on the boot drive)? (And would I have to
    uninstall SP3 first?)

    RalfG has answered my other queries.
    [Crosspost to MPWLMD removed]

    Ildhund, Apr 14, 2009
  12. As IEXPLORE.EXE must be located on the boot drive, IE8 will also install
    in/to %system%\Program Files\Internet Explorer <=this folder.

    As you have not revealed your full WinXP version, I must post general

    If SP3 was installed after IE7 was installed, you'd have to first uninstall
    SP3 before you'd be able to uninstall IE7.

    If you install IE8 and then install SP3, you'd have to first uninstall SP3
    before you'd be able to uninstall IE8 (should the need arise).

    About IE7 (and higher) and Windows XP Service Pack 3
    ~PA Bear
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Apr 14, 2009
  13. Ildhund

    ...winston Guest

    My guess would be the other way around, the WLM Team has to adopt to a flagship product like IE.

    Secondly, the programs tab is not present in IE7/IE8 on Vista and with Win7 on the horizon it would seem that coding to adopt a
    unique XP-IE feature at this stage is not on either teams plate.

    ms-mvp mail

    ...winston, Apr 14, 2009
  14. Ildhund

    Ildhund Guest

    Thanks again for sticking with me. When I installed IE7 on WinXP -
    it's so long ago, I can't remember what SP state XP was at the
    time - it got put on my E: drive where my other programs live. Are
    you *sure* this won't happen again? At the moment, I have two
    versions of iexplore.exe - one in C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer
    and the other in E:\program files\internet explorer.

    Ildhund, Apr 14, 2009
  15. Ildhund

    Ildhund Guest


    For completeness' sake, the other one is 7.0.6000.16827
    Do shout when you've had enough.

    Ildhund, Apr 15, 2009
  16. C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE (v6.0.2900.2180) <=this one
    is from WinXP SP2 and was replaced (functionally) by E:\Program
    Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE <=this one when you installed IE7.
    v7.0.6000.16827 tells me that MS09014 (KB963027) has been installed since
    its release on 14 Apr-09.

    Assuming you do NOT have two (2) instances of WinXP installed, one on the C:
    drive and one on the E: drive:

    QED: If your "other programs [Program Files folders] live" in the E: drive,
    why does C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer <=this folder persist in that

    QED: Is MSIMN.EXE located in C:\Program Files\Outlook Express <=this folder
    or E:\Program Files\Outlook Express <=this folder?

    QED: Is your Windows Live progam(s) folder(s) located on the C: drive or the
    E: drive?

    PA Bear [MS MVP], Apr 15, 2009
  17. Ildhund

    Ildhund Guest

    Your assumption is correct.
    Q1: Don't ask me. That's where IE6 lives, along with all the program
    folders for programs that don't respect %programfiles%.
    Q2: The first. The IE7 install clearly created a folder called
    'outlook express' (note the lack of capital letters), but it is and
    has always been empty. I've not used OE as far as I can remember. It
    has the same version number as IE6.
    Q3: My Windows Live apps are all in E:\program files. (Just to
    confuse the issue still further, my WLMail store folder is on the D:
    Q4: (I know there wasn't a Q4, but what the h***) wmplayer.exe is in C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player.
    wmplayer.exe 11.0.5721.5145 is in E:\program files\windows media
    Q5: Why on earth did I get myself into this mess? A: It's not really
    a mess - it's worked just about flawlessly. The only problem I can
    remember is that media files on websites sometimes find wmp10 when
    they're looking for wmp11. Since I rarely visit such sites, it
    hasn't bothered me. My C: drive, which looked plenty big enough when
    I bought this machine, proved to be just too small at 15GB. The
    Adobe apps I have installed require 3.6GB just for the program
    files, let alone all the other garbage they scatter throughout my C:
    drive. I now have almost all my docs on an external drive, keeping
    D: more-or-less free as a scratch drive for the Adobe apps.

    I can't find the install log for IE7, otherwise I'd have had a look
    to see what it made of my setup.

    Ildhund, Apr 15, 2009
  18. The IE7 installation log is located %windir%\ie7.log <=here.
    PA Bear [MS MVP], Apr 15, 2009
  19. Ildhund

    rsilverman13 Guest

    I am going to ask a stupid question, and if this is inappropriate sorry, but
    tough luck!
    Why do you have both IE 6 on C: drive, and IE 7 on your E: drive?

    I know you have a small disk on c: 15 gigs, but why two browsers and both

    I would remove IE 7 from E: and install it over IE 6 on the C: drive. When I
    deal with MS system junk like IE 6,7,8 it seems to work together better on
    the main drive.

    If you have a good reason for two iexplorers 6 & 7, ok, but i sure cant
    figure out why, I dont have a good reason. Stick with IE 7 and until you get
    IE 7 working dont even think of IE 8.

    I also see that you did the same for media player??? one on C: mp 10 and e:
    mp 11
    you must be from the generation that thinks more is better, and dont want to
    mess with the old and are just installing a second program on you new drive
    E:? I cant understand why???

    I would have started over and installed the new hard drive E: the bigger
    drive and renamed that C: and renamed C: to E: and reinstalled all my system
    on the bigger hard drive. Most new disks have programs that will allow you to
    replace your new drive with everything on your old small C drive and even
    change the drive letters for you.

    Now you have a mess and want to put IE 8 on there (i guess an extra hard
    drive) too! Please rethink why you have two programs and now want 3 programs
    of IE on your computer! IE 6,7, and want 8. Same with media player 10 and

    BTW media player 11 now works on most sites. there was a late web update on
    that from many of my main music and video places.

    rsilverman13, Apr 15, 2009
  20. Ildhund

    RalfG Guest

    Well, there is a Programs tab in IE8... it just doesn't have the same
    contents under Vista that it does under XP.

    IE's Programs options have always been limited to select software. For
    instance MS Works has a perfectly fine Calendar that isn't selectable in IE,
    nor are most HTML editors. Windows 7 does not come with a mail or news
    program at all so that part of the issue at least becomes moot. IE8 is the
    default browser bundled in Win7.

    RalfG, Apr 15, 2009
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